Boat Types for Charter (rent) in Croatia

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Boat Types for Charter (rent) in Croatia

Catamarans, Sailboats, Motorboats, Gulets and Luxury Yachts available for charter / rent in Croatia

Our primary activity is yacht charter in Croatia.

We have in our offer all types of boats, from luxury yachts, catamarans to gulets. A something for everybody, depending on your possibilities and preferences. If you require absolute comfort and luxury, and you can afford it, mega yachts are the right choice for you. Motor yachts offer you not only comfort at sea, but also excitement of speed and freedom of movement.

More experienced yachtsmen looking for an active holiday charter sailboats, and larger groups and families with children often charter catamarans, which are specific in many ways.

Gulets are a special category of boats and guarantee you to have a unique experience of cruising on old-fashioned wooden yachts. And if you don’t want to share your yacht with other passengers, you can charter a a gulet, wooden yacht of high category.

Regardless of the ownership, all boats that we offer are in excellent condition, quality maintained and complete all conditions necessary for chartering. They are situated in marinas along the entire Croatia coast.


Catamaran Yacht Charter Croatia. Catamaran Rental Croatia
Catamaran Charter Croatia

Catamarans in Croatia are a special type of boats. Since they have two hulls they are more stable and spacious than monohulls. They provide excellent sailing sensation in addition to great comfort.

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Sailboat Yacht Charter Croatia. Sailboat Rental Croatia
Sailboat Charter Croatia

Sailboat charter in Croatia is usually for more experienced yachtsmen. They are the choice of those who look for more active time at sea and who consider sailing sensation to be more important than comfort.

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Motorboat Charter Croatia. Motorboat Rental Croatia
Motorboat Charter Croatia

Motorboats in Croatia from our charter offer are fast, comfortable and don’t require great navigating experience and skills. If you are looking for good times and comfort at sea, they are the right choice for you.

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Luxury Yachts

Luxury Yacht Charter Croatia. Luxury Yacht Rental Croatia
Luxury Yacht Charter Croatia

Mega Yachts in Croatia are luxuriously furnished and fully equipped. The crew takes care of absolutely everything on board; all you need to do is relax and have fun.

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Gulet Charter Croatia. Gulet Rental Croatia
Gulet Charter Croatia

Gulets Croatia charter are a special category of motor sailers. This type of boat is built like traditional Turkish trading ship, varying in size from 14 to 35 meters (up to 20 berths) and it is very popular for tourist charters.

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There are two terms used; boats and yachts. The term boat implies smaller vessel, less luxurious, hence less expensive. These are usually for bareboat charter, for they are simple and easy to navigate with. However, one can still choose the skippered charter, nevertheless the length of the boat.

All the luxury ones are called the yachts. Their mighty name implies the prestigious and stylish navigation, usually skippered or crewed. Still, there are some available for bareboat charter as well, only those are among the smaller ones of this kind.

Furthermore, all the boats / yachts can be divided into motor boats, sailing boats, catamarans, gulets and luxury yachts. Each of the group has a subgroup of its own. Thus, the motor boats can be divided into those with one engine, with two or more engines, fly bridge or open. Sailing boats also have so many varieties, cruising boats, racers. Not to mention luxury yachts and gulets.

The boat choice depends on several factors. The number of passengers is among the important ones, for it will affect further procedure. Take into consideration that all the cabins can accommodate two people. It’s up to you whether to take the matrimonial one, twin bedded cabin or bunk beds. Some cabins, usually twin bedded, provide the third additional berth as well, while some can be convertible into matrimonial ones.

One of the crucial factors is the budget that one disposes of. Sailing yachts prices are generally more favorable, while motor yachts require more expenses. However, these are completely different charter types, hence the difference in prices.

The experience and the competence in navigation will also influence the choice. The more experienced you are, the easier the choice will be. The vessel equipment is also very important, for it affects the price and the quality of the service. Some items can be added upon request, though not necessarily included in the price, therefore have to be extra paid.


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