All The Important Facts about Yacht Charters in Croatia

When it comes to asset owning in Croatia, having a boat is one of the major investments people living in Croatia strive to do in their lifetime.  But then you don’t need to have a boat to enjoy a yachting experience. With the available yacht charters in Croatia, people have a side variety of options to pick from. After talking with the relevant people and gathering enough facts about the Croatia Yacht charter, you might feel you are ready to go ahead with the whole process of getting yourself a yacht charter for an epic holiday vacation. But then why would want to opt for a yacht charter in Croatia? A yacht charter provides families and smaller groups of people an exciting freedom and wonderful opportunity to explore the Adriatic like the 21st Century Columbus.

Below is a list of some of the best Yacht charters in Croatia.

  1. Croatia Yacht Charter

This is a Croatian based yacht company and also functions as a yacht broker company. The company offers a wide pool of yachts that are available for rent. Interested clients can enjoy sailing using the smaller sailboats, spacious powerboats, motor bare boats, catamarans, motor sailors or the power mega yachts. The Croatia Yacht Charter makes your cruising in the Adriatic more adventurous. The main services that are offered at the Croatia Yacht Charter are:

  • Yacht Charter: this is the main objective of the company, some of the boats are owned by the agency while others are in the Croatia charter management program.
  • Yacht brokerage: the company has many years’ experience and expertise in dealing with sell and purchase of second-hand boats.
  • Charter management: depending on a client’s needs and personal preference, they can make an appointment for their charter to be inspected and maintained by the company.
  • Yacht maintenance: this is a service available for yacht owners in Croatia who are too busy to take care of their yachts. Your boat is given regular maintenance checkups and services.
  • Crew: since most of the clients are not experienced yachtsmen and women, the company provides an experienced crew that will assist the client in their trip.
  • Yacht charter domain for sale: an online platform created to help yacht owners sell their yachts.

The Croatia Yacht Charter covers the following regions in their charter: Split, Dubrovnik and Sibenik.

The other advantage of this yacht charter is that they are approved by the HGK and the HTZ. Apart from that, they advise their clients to make payments via bank transfers, since that kind of transaction is very secure and the client won’t be charged any fees.

Contact Information:

Croatia Charter –
Address: 21000 Split, Croatia

Direct Tel: + 386 40 873 520
Office Tel: + 386 40 873 520

Mob/WhatsApp/Viber: +386 40 873 520

Croatia Charter – Plavetnilo travel agency
Address: Trg Hrvatske bratske zajednice 3, 21000 Split, Croatia

Direct Tel: + 385 99 216 5500
Office Tel: + 385 21 474 464
Fax: + 385 21 474 409

Mob/WhatsApp/Viber: +385 99 216 5500

  1. Catamaran Charter Croatia

The Catamaran Charter Croatia is known to have a wide variety of catamarans for their clients to pick from.  The catamarans are provided depending on the customer’s personal preference with regards to sailing time and budget. The catamarans are also high quality and are available for all the areas in Croatia. Additionally, clients have the privilege of renting a catamaran with a sailboat, skipper or a bareboat for 7 days. The company is part of the larger Blackbird Charter group. The company prides in being the best Croatian catamaran charter thanks to the additional services that they provide to their clients. With this charter sailing and adventure in the Croatian coastal region has been made affordable to everyone and not only for the filthy rich people. They have very affordable packages and discounts.  The catamarans are available for personal or cooperate renting. One of the reasons for choosing the Catamaran Charter Croatia for your next catamaran sailing adventure is because:

  • They offer super-fast online booking service.
  • Their payment system is very secure.
  • A lot of catamarans to choose from.
  • Very affordable and clients enjoy the full value of their money.


Address (main office Croatia): Split, Croatia

Uvala Baluni BB, Split, Croatia

Phone: +386 40 873 520

Telephone: +386 40 873 520
Skype contact: skippercity


Address (main office Croatia): Kvaternikova 1, Split

Uvala Baluni BB, Split, Croatia

Phone: +385 98 511 165

Telephone: +385 98 922 3721
Skype contact: globe-yachting


What about those clients who have little or no knowledge with regards to sailing and still would like to visit Croatia and enjoy a yacht experience? Below we explain to you some of the simple terms that will help you in picking out the best yacht experience with the Yacht Charter in Croatia you will pick.

Croatia Yacht Charter

When you talk about a yacht charter in Croatia, it simply refers to the process of renting a motor yacht or a sailboat for luxurious or business purposes. The chartering can be for traveling to a variety of islands or coastal destinations. This kind of activity can vacation related or a corporate event. The following two options are available for the Croatia Yacht Carter: skippered and bareboat. Bareboat chartering involves an individual or a group of people renting the yacht, but then they would skipper the boat themselves. In order to minimize accidents, many Croatia Yacht Charter companies offer basic seaman training skills for its clients. The company can also decide to offer a skippered charter to the clients and no other additional crew.

  1. Skippered Yacht Charter Croatia

Being one of the types of yacht charters in Croatia, it’s indeed more popular. Unlike the bareboat chartering, the skippered charter involves renting a yacht with a crew. The captain of the yacht is also known as the skipper. Well, you have the option to pick the number of crew members you need, you can have only the captain and the chef, or a team of 30+ crew members which can include: engineers, captain, stewardesses, deckhands, mates, dive masters etc. Such a yacht charter is more suitable for larger groups of families and compared to the bareboat charters they are more costly. At least you have the advantage of having a team of professionals in case you run into any problem while you are in the sea. In most cases when a client opts for a skippered yacht charter Croatia then they will be provided with extra crew members who will aid the skipper. The team has special nautical skills which are documented.

  1. Bareboat charter

Also known as the demise charter. It’s one of the yacht charters that clients have to pick from. When hiring the yacht, the client as per the agreement will not be provided with any additional provisions or crew members.  As part of the legal agreement between the client and the owner of the boat, the person renting the boat will have the responsibility if taking care of all the items that are in the boat. When you look at the other yacht charters, you will notice that the bareboat charter is very different in terms of legal agreements.  In the bareboat charter, the person renting the yacht has the privilege of taking or sailing to any destination they want so long as they bring the yacht back as agreed in the legal agreement.  It’s considered to be the best option for those who are experienced sailors and would like to go on an adventure.  Remember that the owner of the yacht still retains the possession of the boat.  If the person renting the yacht has no experience in sailing they have the option of hiring their own crew (which is not provided by the owner of the yacht, like in the Skippered Yacht Charter agreement). The charterer in the demise charter is sometimes referred to as the despondent owner since the owner of the boats gives up the ownership of the boat for a specific period of time as agreed in the contract. This is one of the main defining characters of the demise or bareboat charter.

Ways You Can Get Inspired by That Next Luxury Yacht Charter

When you come to think about it, you will notice that in the current age we live in, there is no better and exclusive way you can travel around the world than on your very expensive luxury yacht charter. The feeling is just intense, if not to die for. Imagine all the beautiful sceneries. This can be one of the many investments that you will never come to regret. With your luxury yacht at your service, the number of exquisite destinations you can visit are close to limitless. Take, for example; you wish to realize your long dream of visiting the Monaco F1 Grand Prix live from the deck of your Superyacht or visit the medieval streets of Dubrovnik. All these dreams come to be a reality with that luxury yacht at your disposal and waiting for you to give a command.

So, let’s just say you have a yacht, and you’re looking up some few things you can do on that next yacht charter, this is the right place for you. Here, you can find all the best ideas for the destinations for your next luxury yacht charter outing. Some few suggestions you can look into and get some inspirations of some of the best destination ideas that you might consider looking into.

  1. Hire a yacht for all the top events

There are some things you will only live to experience once in your life. And that is if you get the chance to do so. So, hiring a yacht for that world-class event that you plan to attend may just be the best opportunity you’ll ever have to enjoy exceptional comfort on the best luxury yacht your money can get you into. Why not take the opportunity and explore all the beautiful sceneries you’ve always wished you explored at one point in your life. Go around the world and have a tour to remember.

You can take your hired luxury yacht charter on a four day trip to the Monaco F1 Grand Prix. This event ranks among the most prestigious shows you can attend while on your global tour around the world.

If you’re lucky enough to land a Superyacht, then you should be eyeing the 2017 America’s Cup Superyacht Regatta that will be hosted in Bermuda. No matter how hard you look for all other alternatives, you will want to pass by the Bermuda event. First, it will be one event to remember for a lifetime. You can even take a trip to Venice, and get ready to be amazed at all the Renaissance and gondolas buildings in the city. Simply arriving at the city in your private luxury yacht is considered to be elegance at its best.

Or maybe you hire a luxury yacht to attend a corporate event like the MIPCOM, the MIPIM, or the Cannes Lions. The luxury yacht is a sure way for you to mix your meeting and business spaces with entertainment. You can have a lot of accessories added to your luxury yacht, like DJ’S for parties, company branding, or even catering advises.

  1. Use Instagram for destination hunting

Instagram is the best social site you can exploit as a melting pot of all the breathtaking photos and luxury lifestyles that you will find all the desirable destinations worldwide for you on your luxury yacht. The process is as simple as hashtagging your searches like #superyachts, #yachts, #luxurytravel, or #yachting. One of these Instagram searches is bound to give you some clue on the next best destinations you plan on visiting in your luxury yacht. There are some yacht-related profiles that you may want to pay more interest to if you wish to make your search short. They include;

  • TheYachtGuy
  • Guillaume Plisson
  • Superyacht Content
  • Jeff Brown Breed Media
  • Superyacht Times
  • Quin Bisset
  • Yacht Interiors
  • Riva Yacht
  • Boatsters Black

Life seems to be all easy as all you have to do is to type a few keywords and voila, you have some of the best destinations in the world that you will simply be dying to get to and live the experience first-hand. Another way you can go about your searches is looking through the yachting blogs online. You will find something worthwhile on some of the blogs, maybe some advice concerning the yacht charter process.

  1. Discover some breathtaking shore excursions

With your new private rented yacht, you and your buddies will have the chance to explore some of the most beautiful untouched coastlines, discover some beautiful marine life, historical cities, and even stay in different locations all day every day, as long as you feel like it. You can cruise to some secluded coastline and have a hell of a party or relax if you wish, nobody will stop you.

The goal here is for you to ensure that your experience is unforgettable right from the moment you step on board that luxury yacht. One of the things you need to look into is looking for the best motor or sailing yacht in any key charter destinations like the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, South East Asia, Antarctica, or even the South Pacific.

  1. Virtual reality for your yachting experience

The best feeling you can have on your luxury yacht is the virtual reality experience of it all. This is simply a powerful storyteller that can offer you a panoramic insight into your life on board a luxury yacht. You will get to experience any yacht charter destination for anywhere you intend to visit before you visit them.

You can have a look at the Condé Nast Traveler’s Koncept VR about the video of the Cayman Islands. You can even opt to download Ascape on Google Play or on iTunes, where you can get a virtual reality experience where you’re “diving” at the Moliere Underwater Sculpture on the West coast of Grenada. The virtual reality experience can offer you the best immersive experience into some of these beautiful destinations, so you know exactly what you will be in for if you decide to go to these breathtaking sceneries.

Of course, when picking the best yacht charter in Croatia its best to look at the company offering the chartering services. After that, you can book an appointment and then discuss what they are offering. Explain to them your needs and preferences as a prospective charterer then see if what they are offering will fit what you are looking for.  Apart from looking at your budget and their quotes, it is very important to consider the different types of yacht charters that are available.  You might think that since you are a group and a few of you have experience in sailing then you can opt for  the demise charter, consider the available options that also come with the skippered charter. Apart from that, does the company offer any basic training before you start your expeditions at sea with the yacht?  Basic training is very helpful, especially when you are dealing with an emergency at sea. Most people think that chartering is very easy and more like a walk on the beach, having the correct prep skills for chartering will make your experience at sea more enjoyable and also help you in taking good care of the yacht.  You can also look at the customer reviews to know the experience of previous customers who used the same chartering company. Read the local reviews of the different yacht charters. With ample preparation, you will have the best chartering experience at sea.

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