Support to Ukraine

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Support to Ukraine

Due to the seriousness of the situation in Ukraine, SkipperCity wants to express solidarity and support to all our clients, partners and friends that have been highly affected by this rough war!

SkipperCity team is willing to help any Ukrainian in any possible way, so please feel free to contact us directly at any time to discuss how we can assist you during these hard times! Any ideas are welcome, we are here for you!

We are supporting the Ukrainian people in their hour of need.

We are also banning and not serving any Russian until this killing stops! No exceptions. If you are Russian, you represent your country and you should try to find a way to stop this nonsense.

They say sport and politics should not mix, but the way the landscape has changed over the past week means we simply cannot ignore the horrific situation in Ukraine.

This war is Putin’s war. As we’ve seen, many Russians are against the invasion of Ukraine and, despite the near-certainty of being arrested, they have protested in large numbers. The aggressor is Putin, not the Russian people, which is what made our decision so difficult.

But the message needs to be sent strongly and clearly across the board that Russia invading Ukraine is far beyond what is acceptable and we need to make a stand.

Everyone should do something, in a however small a way, to deter Putin from the path he has taken.

Stay safe!

Slava Ukraini!!!