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August 16, 2020.
Lepota Jadranska Going for the first time to Croatia, I expected to have "good time", but Skippercity upgraded my experience into "unforgettable good time". First of all, all the process of booking and preparing for the trip was supported by this company, with a lot of attention, tips, recommendations and even planning of route according to our wishes. They really spent time on us! When we got our skipper assigned, we were told he is "one of the best in the world", that's when I thought "yea, right, what a cliché marketing line". After one day with our skipper I thought "this dude doesn't look like a type using cliché lines, something is not matching". After one week I can confirm he is indeed one of the best skippers in the world hahahaha!!!! He took us to beautiful quiet bays, he protected us from tourist traps, he showed us nice hidden places to eat, he gave insight into local culture (big plus having skipper originally from Balkan region, I don't think it would be the same having Aussie skipper on Adriatic), he was very caring and always focused on safety. He also has sharp black humour, that made me (being originally from the East) feel on the boat like at home hahahaha!!!! He was also encouraging when we had doubts and very patient with zero experienced passengers out in the sea. But the most valuable thing about our skipper for me was his honest answers: no bullsh*t, only pure truth. Overall Skippercity left me impression that these guys value more the experience they live with you through your holidays, over the profit, so that says it all. They do what they are passionate about, they are honest and they enjoy making people happy. P.S. we did not visit Mljet island on this trip, so I am thinking of getting on the boat one day again  and seeing bioluminescent plankton hopefully...and I will go for Skippercity for that!
July 19, 2020.
Perfect week! We are a family of 5 (all 18+) that booked a catamaran for one week. Since none of us knew how to sail, we hired a skipper (Miha) that would sail the boat. Miha had excellent knowledge of the area and suggested plans on where to go, such that we won’t have to sail 3+ hours every day and can relax on the boat or explore the islands instead! He also took us to some amazing restaurants, which we’ve never had found on our own! This sailing trip left us speechless multiple times and with lots of beautiful memories! Thank you Miha for being our skipper!
July 12, 2020.
Sailweek in Croatia with SkipperCity Me and my family of 5 people went sailing in Croatia for one week. Our skipper Miha showed us all the best places there are for swimming, relaxing, sightseeing, and many more, including some hidden-treasure-restaurants which you would probably never find without a local in the group. Miha managed to create a perfect mix of being included in our group, whilst also giving us enough space to enjoy time together as a family by ourselves. Thanks for a great time! The booking and communication before arrival was very professional and responses always came quickly. We would definetly recommend sailing with SkipperCity.
Martin Polehla
Martin Polehla
July 12, 2020.
I can just recommend We were looking for last minute boat. Miha from SkipperCity was fast, comunicative. Sent us bunch free boats and gave solid recommendation. I can just recommend the service. Thanks...
August 10, 2019.
Stunning Croatia by Catamaran 9 Canadians looking for something slightly 'off beat' to celebrate a few 60th Birthdays. We picked Catamaran sailing out of Split, Croatia and Wow! Were our expectations ever exceeded! The catamaran was spacious, and very stable and, with an understanding captain in Miha, our contribution to sailing was as much or as little as we wanted (being non sailors, we didn't contribute much!). Miha had a route and plan in mind but was completely flexible in what we did and, being intimate with the area, made some great recommendations. His wife, Anja was our hostess/cook and she was amazing. Easy and nutritious breakfasts, great late afternoon snacks and some unbelievable dinners including fresh caught fish (thanks Miha!) and the best truffle/prosciutto pasta I have ever had in my life! Fantastic trip/adventure. Would recommend to anyone. John E
Steve F
Steve F
August 9, 2019.
Magical Journey After months of reviewing various companies, boats and plans, our group of 9 opted for Yachtco mostly because of the open and upfront discussions with Miha. Boy did we make the right call. With a bunch of us celebrating our 60th birthdays, this truly ended up being the trip of a lifetime. Quaint cobblestone towns, crystal clear Adriatic water, near deserted coves, and copious amounts of food and Croatian pivo and Vino. The area is magical. But the strongest memory of the trip was the guidance, humour, and flexibility of our skipper Miha. We were doubly blessed to have his lovely wife Anja as our cook and hostess; a spectacular cook with a smile that would sink a thousand ships. They really made the difference. Also really liked the model they provided where you pay a deposit for food and drink. They cook to your tastes and you only pay for what you consume. The flexibility meant we could eat in towns whenever we felt like and eat on the boat the rest of the time. It felt fair and flexible. Our next boat trip (and there will be more) will definitely be through Yachtco. Thanks again for the memories.
Itai T
Itai T
December 26, 2018.
We chartered from SkipperCity boats few times, in Croatia and Greece. SERVICE IS ALWAYS BEST and exceed our expectation I would strongly recommend using them for any service. The service is fast, responsiveness and above all reliable. Most important is that many can provide OK service as long as everything is good, but when you have some kind of a problem - this is when you identify who is a real partner and who is not. SkipperCity and Miah from SkipperCity gave us a solution when we had an issue with a charter in December 2018: a charter company in Greece canceled our order at a night before we traveled. it was extremely frustrating as we already traveled to Athens. Miah from Skippercity when beyond our expectation and helped us find another charter company, IN FEW HOURS. She worked late night and very early morning and saved our vacation! I would certaibnly work with them in the future and strongly reommend their service.
September 19, 2018.
Sailing in Croatia with Skipper City After years or talking about it we decided to charter a boat and sail the Croatia Islands. As a group we have sailed Sydney Harbour together for 30 years. But sailing unknown waters was likely to be challenging rather than relaxing so we contacted Skipper City (Miha) on the recommendation of sailing friends. Miha is an excellent skipper. We had a wonderful stress-free week with someone who knows the waters, ports and harbour masters along with recommendations on restaurants and good company. Highly Recommended.
September 19, 2018.
Just do it!....don't think about it My husband and I were in a group of another 3 couples which booked via Skippercity for a Skipper to guide us sailing around for a week just some of the beautiful islands off the Croatian coast. The 4 husband's are experienced sailors 3 of which own their own yachts. But we are on holidays wanting to enjoy the experience, sights, good food and wine Croatia has to offer. Our skipper Miha who was an experienced, easy going delightful Skipper, took all the pressure off. He knew the boat, he spoke the language, the knew the docks and the best places to just stop for a swim overboard. Plus if you are sailing around in close quarters with someone for a week you want to get along with them. Miha was recommended by another group of friends who sailed with him last year and honestly he was great. So if you are just thinking about hiring a Skipper and considering the cost. Don't think about. Just do it! After all its a holiday....Enjoy!
September 18, 2018.
Excellent sailing week in Croatia Everything was clear and very good organised. We had a chance to define an itinerary with our Sipper Jure, who was very friendly, competent and helpful. We fully enjoyed our week and I highly recommend SkipperCity.


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Tavoitteenamme on varmistaa, että asiakkaamme nauttivat parhaista huvivene- ja purjehduslomista Kroatiassa laajalla venevalikoimallamme pienistä purjeveneistä ja katamaraaneista luksusmegajahdeihin.

Tarjoamme asiakkaillemme mahdollisuuden tehdä tilauslentonsa joko ammattikipparin kanssa , miehistössä tai miehistössä äärimmäisen tyytyväisyyden takaamiseksi.

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  • Turvallinen varaus: SkipperCityssä vietämme yksityisyyden huipulle tarjoamalla salattujen asiakkaiden henkilökohtaisia ja luottotietoja asiakkaiden yksityisyyden suojaamiseksi.
  • Ilmainen varaus: SkipperCityssä emme tarjoa mitään ylimääräisiä varauksia tai hallinnollisia kustannuksia purjevarauspalvelulle.
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  • Lisää vuokrattavia veneitä: Tarjoamme yli 30 000 venettä luksusjahdeista guleteihin, katamaraaneihin, moottoriveneisiin ja purjeveneisiin.
  • Lisää palveluita: Tarjoamme huvivenevuokrausta kipparin, miehistön ja ilman miehistöä.
  • Nopea ja turvallinen venevaraus: SkipperCityssä voit varata veneesi nopeasti, helposti ja turvallisesti.
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