7 days boat charter Croatia

Regular charter period in Yacht Charter Croatia is 7 days, from Saturday to Saturday. Check in is on Saturdays in the afternoon and returning from the rental on a Saturday morning. Time that remains between the handover on Saturday, serves to check and clean the boats, as well as to prepare boats for the new hire. If repairs are needed on the yacht or replacement of inventory, is being carried out in the period between check-out and a check-in for new guests. In that short time from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon, employees of all charter companies give their best to prepare boats for the new charter.

Apart from the rental of 7 days, you can Rent a boat in Croatia for a long period of 14, 21 or more days, but charter usually begins and ends on Saturday. Of course, we can offer shorter charter periods, leases of 10 days or weekend charter in Croatia, but it must be arranged in direct contact with boat owner. Such kind of short charter period is possible mainly in the low season, and depend on the availability of charter boats.

Sailing – this is what we do

A week to explore Croatia’s sailing destinations – sounds like a dream, right?

Recruit your friends or family and climb on board our bountiful armada with adventurers just like you. Is it time for an adventure?

You, your friends and family will be visiting Croatia’s sailing hotspots and sailing to breath-taking islands. You’ll seize your summer the way you’re supposed to – you’ll see, explore and learn about a country that’s becoming one of the most visited countries in the world.

Our yachts come with experienced Croatian skippers who know the Adriatic like no other. Local knowledge is unbeatable and as locals, we’ll show you why. Assemble a crew of party pirates and book your spot before it’s sold out!

Set sail for 7 days from your yacht charter

Spend a week sailing along the picturesque coast of Dalmatia from your yacht charter marina. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the historic treasures, lovely beaches and sun-drenched vineyards on the islands of Central Dalmatia. Get insider tips, anchorage recommendations and more with our 7-day sailing route.

What to see and do

Visit medieval towns, discover the Dalmatian islands, relax on pebble stone beaches, bathe in the warm Adriatic Sea, savour Croatian seafood specialties and try fine wines in local Konobas.

Who is this for?

Families, couples, explorers and all novice and experienced sailors.