The greatest adventure on sea

No matter how far inland we live, there’s something about the sea that calls to us. It’s wide. It’s deep. It’s blue. It’s a canvas upon which we can paint adventures we otherwise can’t do on dry land.

Okay, so you probably don’t have your own private yacht waiting to spirit you away to distant shores. But we do. Plenty of ‘em. Climb aboard and explore the Croatias Islands, the Adriatic with a small group of fellow adventurers and a skipper who knows your destination’s every isolated cove, pristine beach, and secluded coastal village. Billions of years ago, we emerged from the sea.

Isn’t it time you went back?

Europe’s best-kept secret. (Shhh!)

Shielded from inland eyes by the sweeping Dinaric Alps, the rolling coastline is speckled with pristine beaches, green slopes and some of the most charming towns and cities Europe has to offer (which is really saying something). Rugged beauty abounds on the Dalmatian Coast.

Come find this underexplored paradise before word gets around.

Why Sailing in Croatia?

Not so long ago, the mention of Croatia would have drawn blank stares. Today, travel magazines are tripping over themselves to proclaim Croatia the next big thing. Fact is, the country’s status as an Adriatic playground was on recess during the Balkan civil war. The azure waters and countless coves of the Dalmatian Coast remain a yachtsman’s dream, while UNESCO-protected Dubrovnik ooze romance as much as ever. Best of all, Croatia has finally shrugged off the shroud of war, restoration is well underway (if not already complete), and travelers are quickly returning.

Activities when sailing in Croatia

There are lots of optional activities besides sailing like swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, bike riding, scooter riding, cave-exploration and hiking the beautiful Dalmatian Coast.


Explore historic UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Dubrovnik and Hvar. Dubrovnik has been an important Mediterranean port for centuries and is famed for its beautiful architecture and Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque churches.