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Boat rental Croatia


Boat rental Croatia: Split, islands of Kornati, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Pula, Trogir and Sibenik.

Rent a boat in Croatia

Boat rental in Croatia with SkipperCity Catamarans, Sailboats, Motorboats, RIB, Multihulls. We provide a wide range of boats.

Croatia is the pearl of the Adriatic as it offers plenty of marvelous landscapes. Halfway between Central Europe and the Mediterranean, Croatia offers thousands of islands that you can discover if you rent a boat and sail under a delightful climate. Croatia is an ideal destination for yacht charter with beautiful corners to anchor.

On land, you will find a cultural mix, an impressive nature allowing you to spend an unforgettable vacation. The weather is ideal between April and October; it is the season for boat rental as the sailing conditions are excellent.

Hire a skippered catamaran or a sailing boat to discover the Croatian coast and enjoy the incredible anchoring points or a catamaran for more comfort, more stability, and a small dinghy that will allow you to access many hidden places that the coast offers. If you opt for the day charter, a motorboat is a perfect option for more sensations and fresh air. You can follow several routes through the area of Pula or sail through Zadar to go to the island of Ugljan recognized for being an island with unparalleled vegetation. Do not forget to head towards Split and Dubrovnik with their transparent water coves and its UNESCO classified medieval town.

Our sailing boats can be rented in Croatia with our skipper, but also as a bareboat (without our skipper). Find your sailboat in the fleet of Crobos Yachting, our sailing boats fleet is located in beautiful Croatia in several marinas along the Adriatic coast. Sailing boat charter.

Croatia is bordered on the west by Italy / across the Adriatic Sea— north by Slovenia & Hungary— east by Serbia / Yugoslavia— south by Bosnia and Herzegovina. Most of the west coast is on the Adriatic Sea, one of the main tourist destinations for beach and sea in Europe. Croatia has three geographically distinct ecosystems–mountains mostly in the north and inland from the Adriatic Sea–West Coast–plains in Croatia’s eastern portion.

The tourism industry is very diverse and provides boat rentals in Croatia, swimming, beach activities in the mountain seaside resorts-climbing /hiking/health. The Croatian coastline is ideal for chartering yachts. You can stop as many times as you like or sail as long as you want with so many islands and small ports. Croatia has an impressive 5,800 kilometers of coastline, 4,000 miles.


There’s something about Croatia that year after year draws more and more yachtsmen. The Mediterranean beauty of its towns and villages is undeniably part of its appeal–but perhaps the most beautiful part of its nautical offering is good seas, clear waters, long and rugged coastline with countless bays and coves reflecting the vision that comes true for every real sailor.

With warm days approaching, we invite you to start planning your sailing holiday in Croatia and to take advantage of the successful spring discount for many of our ships at the moment!!!

Enjoy a quiet holiday in Croatia.

The ideal place to rent a boat in quiet waters.
Croatia is a museum of nature, surrounded by rocks, cliffs, and fortifications. The Adriatic Sea’s mild temperatures and calm waters make it famous for its therapeutic advantages.

All this creates the ideal backdrop for renting a boat and spending a quiet holiday at sea with your family or friends to discover some of its thousands of islands. These include the Dalmatian Islands, one of the sailors ‘ best-loved routes that fell in love with Croatia.

Bareboat Charter Croatia

You’d like to be a captain and the skipper in charge of your chartered yacht, then Croatia’s bareboat charter is ideal for you. But if you decide to cruise a bareboat, please make sure that you have the license you need for the boat you want. Your confidentiality is one of the advantages of sailing bareboat at your speed. A bareboat charter gives you the freedom in all the best spots to explore hidden bays and snorkel.
Sailboats / Motorboats / Catamarans / Gulets

Crewed charter Croatia

If you’re chartering one of the larger yachts, usually over 50 feet long, you’re likely to have at least two crew members on it. The crewed yacht is the only guest in your floating home. If you are chartering a crewed yacht, where possible, your crew will satisfy all your orders. A professional captain will navigate your customized itinerary, and you will be served with breakfast or other light meals.

Skippered charter is a perfect opportunity on board to get spoiled. Your captain and hostess will recommend roads, secret bays, the best marinas on the islands you’re visiting, and restaurants.

Early booking offer

Our company offers early booking discounts where, if you make a reservation in advance, you can save from 5 to 45% of the posted price. Most of these offers are valid until December 31, or sometimes until January 31, depending on the boats you choose to charter. Such incentives will only occur if you pay 50 percent of your charter price immediately after the contract is signed and 50 percent from 4-6 weeks before your charter date. We highly recommend that you book your holiday in advance, so you can take advantage of our discounts as well as getting a variety of choices among the boats.

Brief Croatia Boat Rental Guide

Croatia is a country that offers mountain and beach landscapes where it is an enjoyable and complete experience to spend a few holiday days. In recent years, it has become one of Europe’s most popular beach destinations and offers activities for all. Not just the capital, Zagreb, but many coastal towns such as Split, Zadar, and Dubrovnik will make you fall in love.

What to do in Croatia?

Because of the richness of its habitats, leisure opportunities in Croatia are limitless. Besides, the Croatian government is working to make the country a major tourist destination, so visitors are treated very well.

History has left thousands of visiting places in Croatia. Maybe Dubrovnik is one of the most famous for the walled town, where the buildings of the twelfth century are well preserved. There is, of course, a reason why Dubrovnik is known as the Adriatic’s Pearl. Due to its monuments, such as Diocletian’s Palace or the medieval city, Split is also a beautiful city.

The alternatives offered by the sea are varied if you choose boat rentals in Croatia. You can sail along the edge of the cost of this country’s thousand islands and islets. Additionally, the Adriatic waters are abundant in marine life, so it’s an excellent place to snorkel or dive. There are also famous regattas.

Croatian beaches

Croatian beaches are one of the European’s best destinations. We are treated very well, and many of them are undiscovered and unspoiled. Whether you prefer long white sand beaches or enjoy quiet coves, here are some of the best of this country in the Adriatic.
Zlatni Rat
Zlatni Rat beach is situated in Bol, on Brac Island, and is one of the Adriatic’s most photographed beaches. It is known for the line of sand flowing into the sea and the contrast between the green plants, the white stones, and the blue water.
Sakarun is one of the country’s most peaceful beaches. It is located on the island of Dugi Otok, off Zadar’s coast. It has excellent access from the sea and is suitable to make the most of Croatia’s boat rentals. The golden sand and clear blue waters make it a place to relax and enjoy the sun idyllic and calm.
Zrće beach is enormous on the island of Pag, and there are music festivals, and it’s quite busy in the summer.
Zelena Punta
If you’re searching for a wild beach, there’s one of the best beaches in Croatia on the island of Ugljan. Pines meet the sea in Zelena Punta or Cape Green, and the waters take all the colors that represent the most authentic Mediterranean landscape.
Batalo is one of the Adriatic’s most beautiful beaches on the islet of Proizd, north of the island of Korcula. It is accessible only by sea, and boat rentals in Croatia are one of the best options to enjoy its calm and unsurpassed horizon views.

What to eat in Croatia?

Croatian gastronomy, as well as the rest of the Mediterranean, has Italian, Slavic, and Turkish influences. This is the way to achieve a unique mix of flavors. In Croatian cuisine, seafood products are essential, and fish and seafood fished in its waters are of excellent quality.
As part of the Croatian diet, the meat is also prevalent. Roast chicken, pork, or lamb dishes are delicious. And sausages like cevapi or Kulen are also outstanding.

Weather and navigation in Croatia

–Boating season
The Croatian sailing season coincides with the best weather in the Mediterranean and European holidays from May to October.
Temperatures vary in Croatia depending on the area, but typically the Mediterranean climate benefits the maritime part of the country. The average summer temperatures in the coastal cities range from 20 to 27 degrees Celsius, but the higher values maybe around 350. The averages are about 6 or 7 degrees in winter, and charming is spring and autumn.
Autumn is Croatia’s most rainy season, with more than 15 days of rain a month in the coastal area. Practically non-existent in the summer rain, however, with an average of four days of rain in July and three in August. During these months, there are up to 13 hours of daily sunshine, and navigation is excellent under these conditions.
–Sea temperature
In Croatia, the sea temperature usually averages 20 degrees per month during the boating season between May and October. August is the month with warmer water, with an average of about 25 degrees. During winter, the water temperature is about 14 degrees Celsius.
– Wind
The Mistral is the most common summer wind. It is a wind blowing with moderate intensity from the northwest and helping to cool the atmosphere. However, it is perfect for sailing, and if you want to rent a vessel in Croatia, it will be a great ally. On the other side, it blasts the Bora, north-northeast, in the winter months. It crosses very high speeds and is best avoided to avoid problems

How to get in Croatia

– By Plane
Throughout its geography, Croatia has several international airports. You will land in the city of Zagreb (ZAG), but also in nearby towns such as Split (SPU), Dubrovnik (DVB), Zadar (ZAD), Pula (PUY) or Rijeka (RJK). Some European countries offer direct flights, as do Israel and Qatar. You need to make stops if you’re moving from another country in Africa, Asia or Oceania.
Croatia Airlines, Star Alliance’s national carrier, and members operate flights from major European capitals and cities, including Madrid, Paris, London, Berlin, Rome, Amsterdam, and Zurich. In the summer months, availability and frequency of flights to Croatia and Split’s coastal cities are growing.
– By Boat
IIf you choose boat rentals in Croatia, you’re excellently traveling by boat to get to the country and already in a port. From the Italian cities of Venice, Bari, and Ancona, you can travel by boat to Croatia. There are also thousands of internal rows between the mainland cities of Croatia and the country’s hundreds of islands.
By train
There are several countries with train lines to travel directly to Croatia by train leaving Europe. These are the closest: Greece, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, and Germany.
– By Road
Mexico, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia, and Montenegro are countries from which you can take a bus to a variety of Croatian cities. Private vehicles can also enter it. The roads are in good condition and well maintained, but they often have curves, so keeping a moderate pace is advisable. Many European highways or e-roads cross Croatia to connect with the rest of the continent, such as the E60 between Sweden and Turkey, the E70 between Spain and Georgia, the E69 between Prague and Zagreb, or the E71 between Slovakia and Split.

Yacht Charter Croatia / Croatia Sailing

Have you ever felt like sailing the Adriatic shimmering seas? Take advantage of Croatia’s free, serene yacht charter to give and fly to this magical country’s many beautiful islands. Whether you’re looking for a romantic trip to a heart-shaped paradise for two, a fun-filled family holiday on pristine beaches, a place to party in the sun, unspoiled nature reserves with plentiful wildlife or historic harbors full of antiques, Croatia’s sailing holidays can offer all that and more.

In the azure ocean and miles of picturesque coastline, there are hundreds of idyllic islands to explore. Secure on clear blue waters under sunny skies; you will find your little piece of paradise as you sail between green coasts, as so many others have before you. So set sail for adventure on your elegant yacht.

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