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Yacht charter Croatia


Yacht Charter Croatia

Over 1,000 islands are home to yacht charter in Croatia Stretching across the Adriatic Sea, Croatia. Croatia is the ideal destination for a yacht charter throughout the year with its typical Mediterranean food, virgin forests, and sandy beaches. Not by chance, over the past few years, Croatia has become the hottest sailing destination in Europe. You can charter a yacht with SkipperCity to make the most of your trip to Croatia. You can choose from a wide variety of sailboats, catamarans, luxury yachts, motorboats, Ribs, and jet skis.

Your trip will take you to the picturesque islands of Bisevo, Vis, Budinovak, Hvar Stiniva, Dubrovnik, Split, and Zagreb. There’s something for everyone, from breathtaking Roman architecture in Split to a rich culture and cuisine in the countryside and the Dalmatian Archipelago–don’t miss the opportunity to visit Diocletian’s Palace. Consider the delicious wild cherries of Croatia, the asparagus of Lovran, the famous olives of Punat, the scampi of Kvarner, and the local pasta of Tdehe. Croatian wines, particularly Krk’s Vrbnička žlahtina, Trojšćina Susak, and Kastavska Belica Kastav, will love enology buffs.

Visit Croatia by boat

The second-largest city in Croatia, Split, is a real gem worth exploring by sea. The old town, with its historical monuments and small, paved streets, will take you away. In the vicinity, too, there are many destinations to be discovered: Brač, Hvar, Lastovo, Trogir, and Vis, all islands of exceptional beauty. You can sail to Zadar as well and walk around the picturesque center of the city. Visit the Kornati National Park to discover its 147 islands if you opt for a yacht charter in Croatia. A paradise on earth, this part of Croatia is home to unique flora and fauna. A perfect destination for nature lovers, which provides opportunities for various outdoor activities such as walking, snorkeling, and swimming in the sea.

And then there is Dubrovnik, as this beautiful city is also called “the Mediterranean pearl.” You can marvel at the generous walls of the town and the old harbor where you can dock in Croatia if you hire a ferry. The old town will take you back to another era, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sailing enthusiasts in most sailing destinations, including Pula ACI Marina, Brac, Split, Dubrovnik ACI Marina, Rijeka, and Trogir, love Croatia for its modern boating infrastructure and marinas. There are also a lot of remote coves and bays to explore with your family or friends to enjoy a boating trip. Many visitors choose to rent a sailing boat, a catamaran, or a motorboat to offer an unforgettable honeymoon trip to their significant other.

You will visit Croatia’s vast multitude of islands with a charter yacht. You have a wide selection of different ports and many amazing sights to see. There is also an extensive range of motor or sailing yachts available for rent, and the prices are the lowest in the Mediterranean. Lovely, Croatia is a mix of beautiful scenery, fascinating history, and excellent infrastructure.

What are the desirable features of a Croatian yacht charter holiday?

First of all, there is the Adriatic Sea’s incredibly bright climate. The shoreline is predominantly rocky and is made up of pebble beaches, so the sea is usually not clouded by swirled sand. This adds the beautiful Venetian architecture that comes from the long period of time when Dalmatia and its ports were under the rule of the Italian city state-mainly between the 16th and 18th centuries. The blend between unspoiled nature and architecture of the Renaissance makes this part of Croatia so attractive.

The coastline of the Croatian Adriatic is 1,777 km long. It’s only 526 km from the southernmost to the northernmost point as the crow flies, but it’s one of Europe’s most indented shorelines. This means that Croatia also has a total of 5,835 km to list the shores of the islands. It, therefore, represents three-quarters of the total coastline of the Adriatic.

Of numerous small islands, there are a multitude of bays and archipelagos. 48 Permanently inhabited, most of them housing a charming medieval town. To be precise, there are 718 islands and islets along the coastline, 289 rocks, and 78 reefs. That’s why Croatia is also named the’ land of a thousand islands’ quite accurately.

Besides this, there are some of the most new ports. The yacht charter fleets are well managed, and for very little money, you get a high-quality level. With about 3500 bareboat charter yachts, you can choose to use more than 150 charter companies. Croatia is the world’s largest cruising charter region. A safe harbor is always within reach, and the atmosphere is mild. The winds are gentle, making them ideal for family sailing holidays. And if you’re chartering a yacht in Croatia, you can also enjoy the light and safe local cuisine, the view of the lush green offshore vegetation, or some of the attractions in the Krka National Park, such as the massive waterfalls.

Some of the most important figures for yacht charter in Croatia:

  • Location: Northeastern Mediterranean Sea, on the East Adriatic Coast
  • Capital: Zagreb
  • Length of coastline: 1,777 km
  • Coastline including islands: 5,835 km
  • Largest islands: Cres, Krk, Brac, Hvar, Pag, Korcula, Dugi Otok, Mljet, Rab, Vis, Losinj
  • Population: ca. 4,225,316
  • Climate: Mild, Mediterranean
  • Country code: +385
  • Main charter bases: PulaZadarSukosanBiogradSibenikTrogirSplitDubrovnik

What are Croatia’s charter destinations?

You will travel to the following major harbor towns for your Croatian yacht trip, such as Zadar, Sibenik, Split, Biograd, Sukosan, Trogir, Pula, and Dubrovnik. You can cruise around the islands or sail your bareboat charter yacht along the Dalmatian coastline. To give you an example, the distance from Dubrovnik in the south to Zadar is 155 nautical miles. If you’re going to Split, you can choose from three marinas. Just southwest of the historical center, the ACI Marina Split has 364 moorings up to 80 m for yachts.

The Mariana Lav is situated 8 km southeast of the city center in a luxury hotel complex and hosts 74 ships up to 40 m in length. Ultimately, there are 400 berths for yachts up to 100 m away from the Marina Kastela, 7 km from the airport. The 7 km south of Zadar Marina Sukosan has an impressive 1400 moorings and provides several facilities, including several dry docks. There are 750 berths in Biograd’s spacious Marina Kornati in North Dalmatia, and in Sibenik, for example, Marina Mandalina has room for 350 yachts up to a length of 100 m.

You have every hand full with the multitude of islands to choose where to go to Croatia for your sailing yacht trip. There is Hvar, which is perfect for a party but has a beautiful old town to visit as well as an impressive fortress. Korcula has an amazing old town as well as a paradisiacal national park with lush greenery and crystal clear lakes nearby Mljet. Skradin lies with its many huge waterfalls at the entrance to the Krka National Park. You can then sail north to Krk and stop at Brac, Losinj, and many more exciting islands.

The Kornati National Park, with around 140 islands in the northern part of Dalmatia, is another hugely popular destination. It’s the Mediterranean’s densest archipelago. Mooring is allowed only in specified bays, some with mooring boys and several with restaurants. The other mooring option among the park’s islands is the Marina Piskera run by ACI on Otok Piskera’s SW side, which is open from April to October.

What are the weather systems that prevail in Croatia relevant to your boat charter?

The northern Croatian sailing season runs from June to the end of September, as it’s a bit cooler than in the south. It extends from May to the end of October.

The Bora and the Sirocco during the winter (September-May) are the dominant winds in the Adriatic. The Maestral prevails over the summer months. However, in general, summer only brings moderate winds. There are also many elongated islands parallel to the shore that are separated by channels. Therefore, for family charter holidays, the cruising grounds are very secure and completely free. The country’s sunniest part is made up of the outer islands, e.g., Korcula and Hvar. Here is recorded a whopping 2,700 hours of sunshine a year.

Summary of the sailing weather in Croatia with the example of Split:

  • Average wind speeds: 2-4 Bft.
  • Primary season: May – October
  • Month with highest average temperature: August, 29.8°
  • Month with lowest average temperature: January, 15.4°
  • Month with highest average precipitation: December, 113 mm
  • Month with most moderate average precipitation: July, 28 mm
  • Months with most sunshine hours: July, August 13 per day
  • Months with least sunshine hours: December, January 5 per day

What is the price of a yacht charter in Croatia and what charter forms are there?

Croatia’s average yacht charter cost per week is in the area of € 3.000, which is the lowest among the Mediterranean countries in Europe. In high and low season, bareboat yacht charter rates in Croatia vary by 40%. Of course, if you can afford to prepare spontaneously, there are some excellent last-minute charter deals in summer.

Here you will find the world’s most significant yacht charter offer.

Seaboat, catamaran or motor yacht charter, as well as skipper, crew or bareboat charter, are the various options. Then you can rent a day or fishing boat, mostly with powerboats, flotilla sailing holidays, or share a yacht. And last but not least, a luxury yacht hire will make your ideal charter holiday dream come true.

What other highlights, apart from the sailing yacht charter, are there in Croatia?

If you’re looking for sightseeing in Croatia, you might start with Zagreb, the capital. Then there are a lot of fantastic old towns worth your time, of course. Visit Sibenik, Zadar, and Trogir’s historical centers. Or take the cable car up the hill to Dubrovnik with its famous fortifications to enjoy some fantastic views. Split is stunning and has much more to sell than just the palace of Diocletian. And the amphitheater in Pula built by Emperor Augustus is for you if you like ancient sites. The building began around 23,000 people in the year 2 AD.

The National Park of Plitvice Lakes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is Croatia’s largest national park. Thanks to its hundreds of waterfalls, the Krka is the most impressive national park. Watching the 200-400 m wall of water rushing down over 17 steps is undoubtedly one of the most exciting experiences in the country.

There are endless opportunities for water sports. Choose from kayaking, water skiing or wakeboarding, diving, snorkeling, paddling, fishing, etc.

Hvar’s nightlife is legendary. There are plenty of stars flocking to go to dance and party. Pag-esp. Zrce beach-the Croatian Ibiza has earned its reputation. There’s a lot of great clubs with swimming pools, roller coaster and more.

What are the options for chartering or renting a Croatian catamaran, sailboat or powerboat?

You will need a skipper’s license or evidence that you have ample sailing experience to sail your bareboat charter yacht in Croatia. The other option is to hire a skippered yacht. Also, you need a radio license, which you can do in a crash course if you don’t have one.

Depending on your needs, we help you choose from over 5000 charter yachts in Croatia. More than 150 yacht charter companies can be found on our website.

All in all, that’s why Croatia’s yacht charter is so famous. We hope that you will now be aware of some important facts when you go on your sailing vacation in this beautiful country. Have a great cruise!

Find the best yacht charter in Croatia. We offer various types of boats, from catamarans and sailboats to luxury yachts and gulets

A boat for everybody to suit your needs and preference. 

If you can afford to spend your holiday on the sea in great comfort and luxury, a mega yacht is just right for you. If you want comfort and also a little bit of speed and freedom of movement, you should go with a motor yacht. Experienced sailors seek active holiday charter and sailboats, while groups and families with children time and again rent a catamaran, which is specially designed in many ways. The experience of cruising on a gulet is incredible on the unique old fashioned wooden boat. If you want exclusively for yourself alone, you can charter a gulet of a higher category.

All the boats in our offer are in perfect working condition, specially maintained and primed for clients. They are available in various marinas across the entire Croatian coast.

The term boat refers to vessels in different sizes small, less luxurious therefore less expensive. These vessels are built to meet different needs. The luxurious boats are referred to as yachts. This name implies class and stylish navigation, and they are chartered in on bareboatcrewed or skippered. They are some smaller luxury yachts that are charted on bareboat; this is exclusive because of the size of the vessel.

The yacht or boats come in different identities, namely motorboat, catamaran, sailboat, gulet, and luxury yacht, and each of these boats comes in different sizes as well as specifications. Please note cabins accommodate two people, but they are also private cabins on some yachts for people who desire that.

To charter, any yacht is depending on factors like the number of people coming on board and the charter type. The vital part of a yacht charter is the finances. But there is always a yacht to suit everyone who desires to charter a boat from us.


Searching for boat?

Skippered Yacht Charter Croatia

Skippered Yacht Charter

If you don’t know how to sail, you have the option of skippered yacht charter. There is a high demand for yacht charter with skipper in Croatia. You can rent sailing boats, catamarans, and motorboats with skipper and cook. In our skippered yacht charter offer, you can choose any boat and hire a skipper who will be responsible for the yacht’s maneuver.

Bareboat Yacht Charter Croatia

Bareboat Yacht Charter

You can charter a boat in Croatia by yourself if you have a license and experience. The bareboat charter is the most popular and attractive of all our charter options. For people with some sailing experience who choose to design their itinerary according to their desires, it is a perfect choice.

Crewed Yacht Charter Croatia

Crewed Yacht Charter

Get spoiled by a fully crewed yacht charter in Croatia on your sailing holiday. Crewed charter is the most customized type of yacht charter in Croatia, which applies to rentals for some big catamarans, sailboats, gullet charter and luxury motor yachts.

Catamaran charter rental Croatia, Split, Sibenik, Trogir, Dubrovnik

Catamaran Rental

Catamarans are a special type of boats, and you can rent catamarans in Croatia too. Catamarans are more robust and comfortable than monohull sailboats because they have two hulls. In addition to great comfort, they provide an excellent sensation of sailing. On the catamaran, you can enjoy maximum comfort. You can hire one with a skipper if you don’t have any experience with sailing catamarans. You can choose from the best-known models such as Lagoon, Bali, Nautitech. If you need plenty of space, stability, and speed for your perfect sea vacation, your option is definitely a catamaran charter. Although both catamarans and monohulls have the same concepts of sailing, it is more balanced and quicker as well.

Sailboat charter rental Croatia, skippered and bareboat from Split Trogir Sibenik Dubrovnik

Sailboat Rental

Sailing in Croatia with a sailboat will offer excellent and memorable moments with more than 1,000 islands to explore. Sailing holidays in Croatia usually consist of bareboat charter or skipper charter (means chartering a boat with or without a skipper). Sailboat charter Croatia is the option of those who are looking for a more active time at sea and who think the sailing sensation is more important than comfort.

Motorboat charter rental Croatia Sibenik Split Trogir Dubrovnik

Motorboat Rental

Motor yachts are fast, comfortable, and do not require great navigation experience and skills. They’re the right choice for you if you’re looking for good times and comfort at sea. We offer favorable rent of motorboats to all of you who enjoy fast movements. You can choose a comfortable Bayliner, Elan, Prestige, Beneteau… Motor Yachts and Power Boats from our charter offer in Croatia should please those who love the pace and are inclined to change their destination daily, or just want to travel away from civilization. These are a perfect way to explore the Croatia coast’s and many Croatian islands and cities.