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Gulet charter Croatia


What are gullets?

A traditional wooden boat specially made for cruising comfortably at seas is called a gullet. Gulet offers two alternatives; sailing quietly at sea with a favorable wind as well as the chance to navigate with a powerful engine. Gulet is built for comfort and they also have air conditioned cabins, some of which have master bedrooms, or with twin or double beds. The cabins are spacious enough to accommodate you and your belongings which include showers and toilets. They have lots of deck space for sunbathing with sunbathing mattresses at the bow, a large saloon area with yacht bar and an outdoor dining and lounge area at the stern.

The gullets have professional crews who will do everything to ensure you enjoy every bit of your cruise.

About gulet charter in Croatia

Gulet cruising stands out from all other cruising because of the comfort it gives the guests, the privacy and also the best service possible. It also gives guests the opportunity to provide their own itinerary. Gullet comes in various sizes, quality of the boat, and service of the crew in accordance with their price.  Some gulet are small in size and also provides smaller cabin space while some gulets are larger in size providing more suitable accommodations, bigger saloon area, luxury cabins and in any case one master cabin, but they all have air condition and private toilets, many water sport equipment including jet ski, ski, banana, canoes, and so on.

Some gulet have a spacious deck with sunbathing mattresses and dining tables, while other have smaller yet spacious sufficient to offer an enjoyable cruise. Gulet comes in three to eight cabins which accommodate six to sixteen people on board. Our team of experts will assist you in selecting the best gulet to suit your needs according to your preference and the number of guests you intend to bring on board.

Sail around the Dalmatian island in the beautiful, traditionally built wooden boat popularly known as a gulet, identical to a ketch motor in addition to another luxury yacht. Gulet is chartered with the full crew on standby to take care of everything on board giving you the opportunity to have so much fun. Most of the cruising on a gulet is mostly chartered crewed but there are quite a few cabin charters on pre-order. You can check out cabin charter in the charter type directory above and click on cabin yacht charter.

The gulet charter in Croatia starts with a welcome drink and a full crew, right after, guest will be taken on a tour around the boat, before raising anchor for taking off to one of the multiple beaches, bays or towns around the Croatian coastline. We have a fantastic itinerary set for our guest but the guests are free to come up with their own itineraries. With over a thousand along the Croatian coast, there are many amazing destinations as well as beautiful towns which guests can visit and also plenty of time for guests to do some sightseeing. Guest can visit the magnificent Dubrovnik, Split, Brac, Hvar, and so many others.

The size of a gulet ranges from 25m and six to eight cabins with each cabin having its own toilet and shower room. Whoever our guest are, either a family or a group of friends, everyone is bound to have a fantastic time. Every gulet usually has a minimum of 3 crew member who is there to assist you in any way with one expert who can prepare wonderful Croatian cuisines. Your day on a gulet cruise starts with breakfast from a buffet either hot or cold served by the skipper of the crew. Snacks, soft drinks, cocktails, tea, and coffee will be served all day while you savor on the mouth-watering taste of helping at your destination for the day. You can enjoy the gulet cruise, however, you see fit either by fishing for tuna, water skiing, swimming in a cove, sunbathing on deck or any other activity.

Gullets are wooden custom motor yachts, built in traditional Mediterranean style with nostalgic look. Gullets for charter in Croatia usually have 4 to 10 rooms and can accommodate up to 20 persons. They are made to give maximum comfort and full customer service, similar to the hotels. They come with half board, full board or all inclusive service. Motor Sailers are characterized by a spacious deck with plenty of space for sunbathing, comfortable cabins with bathrooms, a large lounge and space for dining, etc. Sailing under Gullets sails is a romantic and unforgettable experience on the Adriatic! Adriatic Cruise of your dreams can begin….

Gullet Charter in Croatia presents an ideal choice for big families, groups of friends, business partners, as well as for a variety of celebrations and anniversaries. If during the rental period you have a celebration or specifically want to celebrate at one of the gulet, ship’s personnel will do their best to make it unforgettable! Croatia Gulet Charter comes exclusively with a full crew as captain, cook, deckhand and/or other.

Larger Gulets have more crew members, but they are always included in the charter price. During Vacation on Gulet in Croatia, crew will take care of all your needs like food and beverage, entertainment, celebrations to the cleanliness of the boat. Due to well- equipped kitchen, you can enjoy the most delicious meals and desserts. Captain will suggest some itineraries in accordance to your wishes. In general Gulets sails for 4 hours per day, according to the agreed route, with break for lunch, swimming, sightseeing, etc. They can be rented with a large selection of equipment for entertainment such as inflatables, jet skis, windsurfing, canoeing, etc. Enjoy the unique experience of Gulet cruising on the Adriatic!

During the afternoon and evening periods, the chef will prepare the best Croatian cuisines for you. Croatia is also known for its wonderful fish dishes and the grilled meats are excellent. Guests are guaranteed to enjoy their sailing experience and as well add a few pounds at the end of their stay.

Close your eye and imagine that perfect holiday with no noise where you get to visit destinations of the different island with each having their own style and ambiance, culture, cuisine, all ideal for people of all ages that is what the Croatian sailing holiday is offering. Croatian waters offer a wide range of water sport, perfect beaches, and many other activities for guest to enjoy. On land, you get to feel the rich history of architecture, from the castle to churches to monuments to the medieval cities. Come and visit the azure water of the Dalmatic seashore and have the best time of your life.

Gullets provide a wonderful sailing experience and a unique way to explore the Adriatic seas in Croatia. Enjoy the fully crewed gulet with open seating dining area and en-suite accommodations, a bar fully stock with your desired wine, cocktail, spirits, and soft drinks, a professional chef to prepare your favorite Croatian cuisine. Hire a gulet from skippercity for you and your loved ones and enjoy an unforgettable level of experience and sail in style.

Originally built for use by fishermen and sponge divers along the Eastern Mediterranean, sometimes also referred to as “caciques” last years gulets proved exceptionally popular among crewed charter yachts in Croatia. Nowadays gulets have changed from their previous purpose and style, improving the safety and comfort in all aspects luxuriously designed especially for charter and blue cruise holidays. Their large, uncluttered decks are ideal for sunbathing and dining. They have implanted all modern navigation systems for safe cruising, raising the sails to create the magnificent atmosphere and the magic of cruising .

Each one is equipped with one or two masts but of the weight, they are in fact more suitable for cruising than for sailing. They have superior seagoing quality and are very comfortable. They offer large living areas, wide sundecks, spacious cabins (mostly with double beds) which comprise toilet with shower, sundeck with furnished lounge area and variety of water toys like water skiis, windsurf, kayak, snorkeling equipment or even ski jets on bigger ones.

The maximum gullet cruising time is usually 3-4 hours per day; this way you have enough time to get acquainted with magnificent Croatian coast and to enjoy the sun and the sea. If deck sunbathing or swimming in the clear waters is not enough you can always use the onboard water equipment like windsurf, snorkel or water-ski (exact equipment varies from gullet to gullet). Dinner and lunch are usually served outdoors, on a large table on the aft deck. In most cases in the evening the gullets anchor in a port of a coast town selected according to your preferences and you can spend your time exploring the old town cores and dining in one of many splendid restaurants.

We offer wide range of gullets from Standard / budget class that offer very good services and good commodity to luxury gullets which can be compared to five star hotels.

Charter your gulet, according to the size of your group, budget and your special desires.

Whatever type of gullet you charter it will be equipped with own professional crew (captain, deckhand, chef and additional crew members for the bigger gulets), private showers and toilet and windows, overlooking the sea. With attentive crew members, you’ll enjoy an unmatched level of service. Enjoy on-board luxuries like en-suite accommodations and open seating dining, Dalmatian cuisine by Croatian chef, and a bar stocked to your specifications with soft drinks, wine, spirits, champagne whatever you desire.
Enjoy unique cruising experience on board one of our gulets in Croatia while leisurely exploring Adriatic

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