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How to rent a boat in Croatia

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How to rent a boat in Croatia


If you are interested in Boat Rentals, whether it is for a Bareboat (you rent it and drive it yourself), skippered yacht charter in Croatia or a Crewed Charter, we can take care of your needs. To get started, we explain many of the standard boat rental terms below. If you want to make it easy, just fill out inquiry form and we’ll be happy to send you all available boats and more info on how to rent one – our service is free!

In a few steps, this is how to charter a boat easily and quickly:

  • Take a look at all the boats in our fleet
  • Decide on type of boat (motorboat, catamaran, sailboat, luxury yacht or gulet)
  • Decide on sailing area (Split, Sibenik, Dubrovnik, Zadar,…)
  • Send us a request form (type of vessel, charter period, number of people or number of cabins)
  • We will send you a detailed list of available boats with all the charter details, as soon as possible
  • After confirming which vessel you want to reserve, we will send all the necessary documentation (contract, general rental terms, estimate of costs).
  • Within 7 days of receiving the documents, you must return them, signed, with a copy of payment confirmation (50% of the total amount)
  • Upon receiving the documents and payment, we will send you invoice for the received payment.
  • The balance must be paid one month before collecting the vessel. We also require the following information: crew list/name and surname, date of birth, nationality and personal identification number or passport number, a copy of your skipper’s license (if you are renting a boat without skipper), mobile phone number, exact time of arrival at our base, and other details of additional services you require, such as transport from the airport, hotel reservations, etc.

How to charter a boat


A detailed, step by step guide that will help you charter a boat in Croatia

  • Step one: choose your destination
    • split
    • dubrovnik
    • zadar
    • šibenik
    • trogir
  • Step two: select your boat
    • sail boat
    • motor boat
    • catamaran (multihull)
    • gulet
    • power catamaran
  • Step three: do you need a skipper?
    • yes
    • no
    • not sure
  • whats your budget for the boat
  • how many people
  • select your desired time
  • how long do you want to sail

Whether you are a skilled seafarer or this is your first sailing trip, our YACHT CHARTER GUIDE is designed to help you get the most out your experience from start to finish. Make sure everyone on board has a healthy, happy holiday. Learn how to look after each other at sea, and inform yourself of any necessary medical and legal requirements. Good preparation and planning is the key to great sailing holidays!



What are your requirements for the perfect holiday? First of all establish the travel basics. Where do you want to travel, with how many people, with what type of boat, and with how much money?

  1. Where: Your Travel Destination
  2. When: Travel Dates
  3. What: Bareboat or Crewed Charter
  4. Who: Headcount
  5. How: The Best Yacht for Your Charter



Which option best suites your needs? At this stage, you don’t even need to decide on which type of boat to charter. In fact, if you don’t yet have a boat preference, viewing the layouts of individual yachts might help you to determine the specific boat that will best fit your needs.

We’ll help you to decide which charter boat will best fit your requirements.



In charter terms, “bareboat” refers to the hiring of a boat without a crew. Bareboat charters are for qualified sailors wishing to skipper a chosen vessel themselfs.

Crewed charters are bareboats with any one or more of the following hired crew members: captain, cook and/or hostess.


You can hire the crew or charter a yacht with captain only (skippered yacht). Whether you are bringing your Skipper aboard or hiring a crew or captain only, feel free to book a bareboat yacht. Bareboat, Skippered or Crewed Yacht.

Booking a boat for charter is a simple procedure.


All you have to do is pick a boat and starting marina and contact our booking department. They will send you an offer, and when you determine all the details (boat, marina, dates) you will receive our General Charter Conditions and an invoice, after which you make payments as agreed in the contract. Just so there are no mistakes, please read these few lines on how to book a boat.

Choose a boat and starting marina (sailing area). When choosing a starting marina keep in mind traffic connection, type of charter (one-way or standard) as well as boats availability. On our web site you will find information about all boats we have in our offer and a list of marinas in which they are available; for most of boats we can organize transfer to some other base but it is charged extra. Also, due to time limitations we are not always able to organize transfer, but every situation is specific so you should contact our booking department for detailed information.

You choose your boat according to your wishes, financial abilities and the number of passengers – don’t forget you need to save a berth for skipper and/or hostess if you want to hire them.

Also, don’t forget to mention if you want some additional equipment or service (sports equipment, outboard engine, spinnaker…).

Browse through our offer of boats for charter and send us your inquiry about a specific boat. if you are uncertain about what boat you want, send us an e-mail with all important information (type of boat, starting date, number of passengers, number of cabins, sailing area, whether you want skipper or additional equipment…) and our colleagues will contact you with several offers. You can also fill out a booking form.

When our booking department receives your inquiry, our colleagues will send you an offer for one or more available boats to your e-mail. You will receive boat info, several photographs and an equipment list. if you should have any questions about the boats don’t hesitate to contact them. Once we have sent you the offer you have a few days to decide – we can “save” the boats for you only for a few days so it is important you don’t delay your decision, especially if the booking season is under way.

Keep in mind that it is better to contact us as early in the year as possible, because the longer you wait the bigger the chance the boat you want on the dates you want will already be booked. When you finally decide which boat you want, make sure to confirm that in writing – a simple e-mail confirming the boat, charter date, starting marina and number of passengers is enough.

When we receive your booking confirmation we will send you an invoice and charter agreement. General Charter Conditions are also published on our web site and we strongly recommend you read them.

You are obligated to pay a part of the price immediately upon receiving your invoice, and the rest maximum 30 days prior to departure date. Once we receive the full amount we will send you a boarding voucher about two week before charter date (don’t forget to bring the voucher with you on board). And that completes the booking process. Don’t hesitate to contact us for all additional information.

Bareboat Rentals


Bareboat renting is where you rent a boat and your group acts as the crew and drives/skippers the boat. You are free to plot your course and set the itinerary anyway you want within the defined sailing regions where you rent.

In order to have a successful Bareboat Rental, at least one person needs to be able to competently skipper and navigate the boat. In Croatia this person will need to have a certificate or yachting license before the owner or fleet manager will rent you the boat.

Renting a boat “Bareboat with Skipper”


Many people who are good sailors still want the added security of hiring a skipper during their rental, who helps plot the itinerary, anchor and moor the boat, raise the sails (if you have them) and generally manage the boat. Even if you are a skilled sailor, you may not be familiar with the waters, or you may want to be able to spend more time with your family instead of navigatig the boat. If you want to rent your boat “bareboat with skipper” we will be happy to locate a qualified skipper who will help you out (and usually become a great friend during the charter!)

Crewed Boat and Luxury Yacht Rentals


Crewed Motor Boats allow you to have the boating vacation of your dreams in comfort and style!! These yachts range from 40 feet to over 300 feet long, and carry an ever increasing number of water toys and creature comforts including spas, masseusses, gyms, broadband internet, high definition video, renowned chefs… you name it and someone has it on their yacht!

The Crewed Motor Boat you choose depends on many factors – number of cabins required, style (classic, modern, sexy, etc.), and amenities desired. There are so many choices, we as a quality charter yacht broker can help you through the decision process so that you find the boat you need. We’ve probably been on the boat and met the crew, so we can give you first hand advice.

Sailboat Rental – Sailboat Charter


Sailboat Rentals are becoming one of the major categories of holiday vacations – an amazing alternative to a hotel – with good supplies of rental sailboats in Croatia. There are excellent sailboat cruising areas such as Split, Zadar, Sibenik and Dubrovnik, to name just a few. If there is wind, anchorages and beautiful scenery, we will generally have rental sailboats there!

SkipperCity has literally thousands of quality charter Sailboats ranging from 30 to 100 feet (and more), and from all the major boat manufacturers such as Beneteau, Bavaria, Dufour, and Jeanneau.

Catamarans vs Monohull


If you’re looking for a sailboat, do you want a Catamaran or a Monohull (traditional sailboat with one hull)? We often recommend Catamarans for families because they’re more comfortable and have some other nice features that are good for holiday vacations: in general, Catamarans have more “living space”, are easier to navigate in shallow water, provide great forward views from the salon, have an big “trampoline” sun decks and are easier to get in and out of the water on.

For a more about the benefits of Catamarans for Sailing Holidays, see our Catamaran yacht charter guide. We also have an article on Crewed Catamaran Charters – if you’re looking to be pampered!

Brief Croatia Boat Rental Guide


Croatia is a country that offers mountainous and beach landscapes, where spending a few holiday days is a truly pleasant and complete experience. It has become one of the most popular European beach destinations in recent years and offers activities for everyone. Not only the capital, Zagreb, but many coastal cities like Split, Zadar and Dubrovnik will make you fall in love.

What to do in Croatia?


Recreational options in Croatia are endless due to the diversity of its landscapes. Moreover, the Croatian government is working to turn the country into a major tourist destination, so that visitors receive a very good treatment.

History has left in Croatia thousands of places to visit. Dubrovnik is perhaps one of the most well-known for the walled city of Ragusa, where the twelfth century structures are preserved. Of course there is a reason why Dubrovnik is known as the Pearl of the Adriatic. Split is also a very attractive city thanks to its monuments, such as Diocletian’s Palace or the medieval city.

If you choose boat rentals in Croatia, the alternatives offered by the sea are varied. You can enjoy sailing along the edge of the cost of the thousand islands and islets that this country has. In addition, the waters of the Adriatic are rich in marine life, so this is a good place for snorkeling or diving. Regattas are also popular there.

Croatian beaches


Croatian beaches are one of the hottest destinations chosen by Europeans. They are very well maintained and many of them are unspoiled and undiscovered. Whether you prefer long beaches of white sand or if you enjoy in quiet coves, here are some of the best of this Adriatic country.

– Zlatni Rat
Zlatni Rat beach is located in Bol, on the island of Brac, and it is one of the most photographed of the Adriatic. It is famous for the stretch of sand that goes into the sea and for the contrast between the green vegetation, the white stones and the blue water.

– Sakarun
Sakarun is one of the quietest beaches in the country. It is located on the Dugi Otok island, off the coast of Zadar. It has excellent access from the sea, and is ideal for reaching it taking advantage of boat rentals in Croatia. Its golden sand and clear blue waters make it an idyllic and peaceful place to relax and enjoy the sun.

– Zrće
On the island of Pag, Zrće beach is really large and music festivals are held there and it is quite busy in summer.

– Zelena Punta
If you are looking for a wilder beach, Kukljica on the island of Ugljan has one of the best beaches in Croatia. In Zelena Punta or Cape Green, pines touch the sea and the waters take all colors of the reflection of the most authentic Mediterranean landscape.

– Batalo
On the islet of Proizd, north of the island of Korcula, Batalo is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Adriatic. It is only accessible by sea, so boat rentals in Croatia are one of the best options to enjoy its calm and its unbeatable views to the horizon.

What to eat in Croacia?
Croatian gastronomy has Italian, Slavic and Turkish influences, as well as from the rest of the Mediterranean. This is the way to achieve a mixture of flavors that makes it unique. Products from the sea are essential in the Croatian cuisine, and fish and seafood fished in its waters is of excellent quality.

The meat is also very popular as part of the Croatian diet. Dishes of roast chicken, pork or lamb are very tasty. And also sausages such as cevapi or kulen stand out.

Weather and navigation in Croatia


– Boating season

The sailing season in Croatia lasts from May to October, coinciding with the best weather in the Mediterranean and with European holidays.

– Temperature

Temperatures in Croatia vary depending on the area, but usually the maritime part of the country enjoys the benefits of the Mediterranean climate. In the coastal cities, the average summer temperatures are between 20 and 27 degrees Celsius, but the higher values can be around 35⁰. In winter the averages are about 6 or 7 degrees, and spring and autumn are very nice.

– Rainfall

Autumn is the rainiest season in Croatia, and in the coastal area there can be more than 15 days of rain a month. However, in the summer rain is practically nonexistent, with an average of four days of rain in July and three in August. There are up to 13 hours of daily sunshine during these months, and navigation in these conditions is very pleasant.

– Sea temperature

The sea temperature in Croatia usually exceeds 20 degrees in every month of the boating season, between May and October. The month with the warmer water is August, when the average is around 25 degrees. The water temperature in winter is around 14 degrees Celsius.

– Wind

The most frequent summer wind is the Mistral. It is a wind that blows from the northwest, moderate intensity, and helps to cool the atmosphere. In addition, it is ideal for sailing and will be a wonderful ally if you decide to choose boat rentals in Croatia. By contrast, in the winter months it blows the Bora, north-northeast. It reaches very high speeds and it is best to avoid it to prevent problems at sea.

How to get in Croatia


– By Plane

Croatia has several international airports throughout its geography. You can land in Zagreb (ZAG), the capital, but also in cities closer to the coast like Split (SPU), Dubrovnik (DBV), Zadar (ZAD), Pula (PUY) or Rijeka (RJK). Most European countries as well as Israel and Qatar offer direct flights. If you are traveling from another country of Africa, Asia or Oceania you need to make stops.

Croatia Airlines, the national carrier and member of Star Alliance, offers flights from major European capitals and cities, such as Madrid, Paris, London, Berlin, Rome, Amsterdam and Zurich. Supply and frequency of flights to the coastal cities of Croatia and Split increase in the summer months.

– By Boat

If you choose boat rentals in Croatia, a good way to get the country and being already in a port is travelling by boat. You can travel by boat to Croatia from the Italian cities of Venice, Bari and Ancona. In addition, there are dozens of internal lines between Croatian mainland cities and the hundreds of islands of the country.

– By Train

Departing from Europe, there are several countries with train lines to get directly to Croatia. They are the closest: Greece, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic and Germany.

– By Road

Spain, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro are countries from which you can depart by bus to several cities in Croatia. It can also be reached by private vehicle. The roads are in good condition and well maintained but often have curves, so it is advisable to maintain a moderate speed. Many European highways or E-roads pass through Croatia to connect with the rest of the continent, as the E60 between Sweden and Turkey, the E70 between Spain and Georgia, the E69 starting in Prague and ending in Zagreb, or the E71 between Slovakia and Split.

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