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Why charter a Power Catamaran in Croatia

Move around quickly and see more of your chosen destination on your charter catamaran sailing holiday – that is the most important reason.

If you’re on one of our power catamarans, you don’t have to be a sailor to enjoy island hopping. Power catamarans are easy to manoeuvre and the ideal choice for your sailing holidays, as they provide comfortable accommodation while you explore some of our most popular cruising grounds.

Power catamarans have so many benefits, including:

Higher speeds

Power catamarans are much faster than sailing yachts. Power catamarans can reach up to 22 knots depending on the sea conditions, which gives a great sense of freedom to enthusiasts. Sailing yachts have achieved approximately 10 knots and are entirely reliant on sea and wind conditions, plus crew skills.


The extra 10 knots you’ve got mean that you can make the most of your leisure time. You can cover distances in half the time a sailing yacht takes, making power catamarans the perfect option for island hopping and short distances.

Relaxed holiday

Two hulls are better than one if you’re looking for a great dining experience onboard, relax, chill, and enjoy the view.

Without a mast, power catamarans are the perfect pick-up for a charter boat since you don’t have to worry about your sails. This means that you don’t have to call your guests to be all hands on the boat, so you can relax and let the engine work on your power catamaran charter.

Public Areas

You spend much of your holiday on the upper deck, the flybridge, where you have the main cockpit and all the controls. The helm has two tables, the flybridge also has ample seating areas and a refrigerator to share the experience with your crew, and a cold drink is always within reach.

Control of the water on a well-equipped, high-performance Power catamaran.

With Power catamarans from 37′ to 51′ in size, an unforgettable holiday awaits you onboard the best cruising platform that suits the needs and tastes of your charter party. Enjoy a spacious layout, modern facilities, and ease of manoeuvre when cruising from point A to point B quickly and comfortably.

Power catamaran charter

With twin hulls and large lounge areas and cabins and an engine, a power catamaran is ideal for those who love stability, fuel efficiency, and space of a catamaran but want the speed and comfort of a motor yacht at the same time.

The dual-hulls of the power catamaran displace much less water than the regular monohull yacht, achieving excellent fuel efficiency. They’re also holding the boat a lot more on the water, so there’s a lot less flipping to reduce seasickness. Power catamarans also have easy access to the sea, which is useful for water sports and getting on and off your tender.

Imagine island-going around the idyllic Greek cities or cruising up and down the coast of the French Riviera; our brokers will find you the ideal power catamaran for your holidays so that you can discover these wonderful destinations.

With its quiet cabins, large entertainment venues, and up-to-date amenities, our fleet offers you the freedom and speed to fly comfortably between islands and favourite stops.

Reason to choose Yachtco

The professional planning team will help each step of the way so that you can find the journey of your life. SkipperCity crew is committed to ensuring that your luxury charter is one of your best holidays.

We offer the finest selection of power catamarans in an idyllic charter destination – Croatia. Tailored to your tastes by a professional crew, your charter can be as relaxed or adventurous as you wish.

In 2020, charter guests had new luxury power catamarans available as the brand-new Sunreef 80, Fountain Pajot 67, and Lagoon 64 were all launched and entered the charter market. They will be eligible for charter in the Greek Islands, the Italian Riviera, and the Mediterranean Sea in 2021.

Like their sailing counterparts, power catamarans are ideally suited to chartering because, as the saying goes, they offer massive space, pace, and grace.

They have major advantages over equivalent sizes of monohulls. They have a broad beam (width) that provides a large central dining and entertainment platform, versatile social areas at the bow and trunk, and two hulls (or sometimes three) for adequate private cabin space.

In addition to their maximum volume, the power cats are fast. They can fly up to 25 knots (28 miles per hour/47 km per hour) and easily cover large distances with safety, stability, and seaworthiness.

They even boast a shallower nature so that they can explore remote inlets and moorings along the beach, which means that you can go where other charter vessels don’t dare to go!

These superlative charter yachts will be in high demand, so get in touch to book your favourite dates for the ultimate luxury charter experience.

What is Power Catamaran?

The simplest answer is that a power cat is a catamaran with a diesel engine(s). As such, in terms of propulsion, the power catamaran is very similar to the motor yacht.

However, in terms of construction, the power catamaran is very similar to a sailing catamaran, although it does not have a mast or a sail. Both power catamarans have two hulls and a low profile position. These boats sit closer to the water and to have wider platforms due to dual hulls.

Even when sailing at high speed, power cats have an unprecedented degree of stability. As far as monohull yachts are concerned, power catamarans are more agile and capable of hitting higher speeds. This is because there’s less drag on the catamarans. It might seem unbelievable, but even though the catamarans are faster, they are still more powerful.

Since drag waves are reduced, power catamarans don’t have to work hard to bring power through the water. As a result, relative to equivalent-sized monohull yachts, a power cat may have cost a little less to charter.

The whole space below the catamaran deck stretches across both hulls. And because the power cat beam is generally wider than the normal monohull, it’s interiors tend to be much more spacious. Therefore power catamarans typically provide guests with a larger lounge and more privacy below the deck.

The wider beam also means more deck space, and because power cats don’t have sails, you’ll find much more space than a sailing catamaran. Most of the charter catamarans have spacious sundecks, spectacular aft decks, and many panoramic sky lounges.

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