Motor yacht charter

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Charter a motor yacht if you like to play with a few hundred horsepowers

Do what you want when you want to…

Charter a motor yacht in Croatia for absolute freedom to sail on your discovery journey. The motor yacht is yours to explore the cruising area at your speed. Being a skipper of your motor yacht gives you maximum versatility every day. Get off early to the next island or get up late and potter round to the next bay. It could depend on the weather, your crew, or just your mood that day. Imagine setting off with new places to visit every day. It’s a perfect multi-center holiday without packing or unpacking!

Be adventurous and discover yourself

Get off every day for another destination-without the clouds and crowds of the Solent! There’s always another lake, another harbor, another island to discover. And when you arrive, go for dinner at the waterfront tavern. You will help the local community, and you will feel like a traveler, not a visitor. There’s still time to dive off your yacht or walk to a market or a cliff-top view. Or relax-no there’s a rush and no timetable.

It is easier to charter.

It’s costly to own a motor yacht, including repairs and mooring costs, and practically, how much do you spend a week onboard? Charter is a sensible choice to please your hearts and minds. Load your motor yacht in any of our great holiday destinations and drive away! Your yacht offers self-contained accommodation with plenty of cabins for everyone. Both yachts have a refrigerator and a cooker on board, and self-catering for breakfast, lunch, and drinks helps keep costs down. At night, party animals will visit local bars, or you can hang out for dinner in a tavern on the water’s edge.

What motor yachts can I charter?

Flybridge cruisers are the ultimate motor cruisers with a sociable top deck for socializing and sunbathing. Sports cruisers are primarily made for speed and sunshine. Power catamarans are so famous for their stability, spacious accommodations, and all-around comfort.

Both cruisers and catamarans offer strength, comfort, and luxury. They also usually cruise faster than sailboats, and most of them are equipped with air conditioning.

We sell a wide variety of motor yachts in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Bareboat charters are open to professional skippers or select a skippered or crewed yacht for an ultimate luxury vacation.

What kind of qualifications do I need?

You should have previous skipper experience of the day skipper level for motor yacht charter. You should be qualified to operate a motor yacht in close quarters, anchoring and mooring under various conditions, and be able to use your navigation and piloting skills to schedule a day’s journey and to know your location at any time. At least one qualified crew can assist you.

Add a skipper to any of our bareboat motor yacht if you don’t have the experience of chartering bareboat or if you want a helping hand with a larger yacht or a guide to a new cruising area.

The skipper is going to be completely capable of driving the yacht. He’s going to inspire you to get involved as a crew, but he’s not a teacher. You’re going to have to assign a cabin for skipper use and give him food and drink.

Motor yachts to charter

A popular choice for luxury charter vacations worldwide crewed motor yachts will offer you the ultimate in luxurious surroundings, comfortable accommodation, and a range of toys, tenders, and amenities, all complemented by superb onboard service.

Motoryachts are designed to provide visitors with unrestricted luxury, often having lavish interiors and fantastic facilities to provide the ideal way to experience high seascape life.

You may want to visit the world-famous events, such as the Monaco Grand Prix, or find a secluded anchorage in the far corner of the globe. Either way, a luxury motor yacht offers a place where you can relax with family or friends.

Your charter broker will help you select the right motor yacht to meet your needs while providing expert advice on itineraries and bookings and the best time to visit your chosen destination.

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