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Skippers licenses in Croatia

For bareboat charter in Croatia it is a necessary to have a valid skipper’s license and  license to operate radio station according to the Croatian regulation. Croatian citizen often need a boat skipper license category B,  while others must have a license that is on the list of recognized certificates issued by the Ministry.

Also you can get skipper license in Croatia or hire a skipper for charter.

Croatian licenses
There are several categories of  Croatian licenses issued by the Ministry of Sea, Transport and  Infrastructure. You will obtain international skippers license.

1.) Boat Skipper category A
– is authorized to operate with boats up to 7m  with engine power up to 15KW
– navigation area III and IV
2.) Boat Skipper category B
– is authorized to operate pleasure boats up to 30GT or charter boats up to 30GT without professional crew
– navigation area III and IV
3.) Boat Skipper category C
– is authorized to operate with any kind of boats up to 30GT
– navigation area I, II and all world’s seas
4.) Yacht Master category A and B
– is authorized to operate with any kind of boats up to 100GT for A category and up to 500 for B category
– navigation area on all world’s seas

Exams for boat skipper categories A and B are quite simple and accessible to everyone.
The exam can be passed in each port of authorities in Croatia. Exams are usually organized once in week. The exam covers only the theoretical part and last few hours. The exam price and fees, are determined by Ministry of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure. All licenses issued by Croatian ministry are acceptable in whole world as Croatia is a member of European Maritime Council.

Following documents are required for exam:
1. completed form for access to exam and fee of 40,00 kuna
2. two recent photographs 2,5 cm x 3,5 cm
3. copy of ID card  and/or passport copy
4. confirmation of payment  for exam

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