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Sibenik yacht charter

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Where the Adriatic begins!!


Sibenik (Šibenik) cuisine is a typical Dalmatian which main ingredients are herbs and olive oil. Autochthonous product, cheese from ‘mišina’ (skin), made by the ancient milk fermentation method, formed in a natural form of a ball and matured in a lamb skin. To keep its strong, refine and unforgettable taste, fragrance and flavours it is delivered to the market in the same lamb skin. It goes the best with homemade bread baked under baking lid and aromatic red wine.

Baby lamb made under baking lid or grilled with Swiss chard and boiled potatoes is a specialty of the entire coastline and the islands, sausages are homemade by traditional recipe, and the most often prepared grilled with olive oil, and with cabbage, potatoes or Swiss chard. ‘Soparnjak’ is a very old dish from the hinterland of Sibenik (Šibenik), with a long tradition of preparation. This is actually a strudel with Swiss chard, olives, olive oil and figs rolled and roasted under baking lid.

Tuna has a special place among seafood dishes. Its fresh, soft meat grilled or made as carpaccio goes great with toasted bread and homemade white wine. Other sea flavours and scents that Šibenik cuisine can be proud of are shells, especcially mussels, crabs – shrimps, calamari and octopuses, which can be stewed savory, in brodetto, grilled or prepared under baking lid. Octopus salad or octopus under baking lid with potatoes is a dish of a perfect taste, aroma, flavor and appearance. Homemade white wine, bread and salad grown in the garden go great with fragrant sea food. There are many other specialties. It is your task to dive all of your senses in the Mediterranean Šibenik and its surroundings.


Do you know that the inventor of the parachute, Faust Vrančić, was born in Šibenik? Unique because of its fortresses and towers such as Sv. Mihovil [St. Mihovil], Sv. Nikola [St. Nicholas], Sv. Ivan [St. John] and Šubićevac, Šibenik is most famous for the cathedral of Sv. Jakov [St. Jacob] that was built in the 15th century.

Constructed by the masterful hands of Juraj Dalmatinac and Nikola Firentinac, and because of its original architecture of large stone slabs, this cathedral was entered on the UNESCO list of world heritage and voted at the same time to be most beautiful sacral building in Croatia. Not far from Šibenik, hidden between two of the most beautiful waterfalls of the river Krka, there are two buildings that are almost as famous: the orthodox monastery of Sv. Arhanđela [St. Archangel] and the Franciscan monastery on the island of Visovac with a rich treasury of art, books and a variety of other valuables.

Attractive sailing destinations:


National park Kornati is one of the most indented island groups on the Mediterranean , a unique cluster of 150 islands, islets and cliffs spread over the central part of the Adriatic Sea . It is the bluest corner of the Adriatic where the blue colour of sea stands out even more in contrast with white-greyish rocky ground which prevails on the islands.

With its exceptionally clear sea, torrents of sunshine, numerous inlets, bays and small ports Kornati are a must destination for boaters on their wanderings over the Adriatic and the right choice for modern Robinsons. Since 1980 NP Kornati protects and guards the prettiest part of Croatian Adriatic Sea from the man and for humanity. Boundaries of the park enclose two thirds of the island group and cliffs carrying the common name of Kornati.

The park covers an area of approximately 218 million m 2 out of which 3/4 are sea and 1/4 islands, islets and cliffs. One of the most impressing natural phenomena on Kornati are cliffs on the stretch of islands of Donji Kornati, which are facing open sea. Since ancient times cliffs have been called crowns (crown – korona) and that is probably the etymology of the name Kornati. The highest cliffs of Kornati are on the island of Klobučar (80 metres), on Mana (65 metres), on Rašip veli (64 metres) etc. Underwater extensions of these cliffs go as 100 metres deep.

Kornati islands include 89 uninhabited islands, islets, and reefs, for a total area of 217 m2, and are famous for the cliffs. It seems that the number of islands is even bigger because an old saying says: “As many days in a year, as many Kornati islands”. The biggest part of the Park is in fact its main island, Kornat, and the entire archipelago was named after it. The greatest fans of the Kornati islands are the boaters who find there what they seek the most: a sunny labyrinth of sea and islands, and the peace of the untouched nature.

You will find ultimate relaxation sailing around these beautiful well indented islands which were rightfully named a national park. With numerous places to anchor, this place has one of the most colorful marinas – ACI marina Piškera.


Vodice is a tourist destination located by the sea in a wide bay area, known for its liveliness and a rich tourist offer. Vodice is proud of its antiquity and tradition. Visit the numerous cultural monuments, which tell the story of the Vodice past, some of them being the church of Our Lady of Carmel (Okit hill), Čorić Tower, the church of St. Cross, the parish church of St. Cross including the bell tower and the church of the St. Ilia the prophet. Vodice are ideal for a vacation rich with activity, they are a recipient of “The flower of tourism” awarded to destinations with especially attractive tourism offer. Located in the center of Vodice is a large marina with more than 400 berths, which is a recipient of the “Blue flag“ awarded for its infrastructure and supporting facilities.

During the day you can go for a swim and sunbathe on the beautiful beaches, of which the most famous are: pebble and concrete Hangar and sandy “Plava plaža” which is particularly attractive to children. If you love sports you can enjoy various activities such as volleyball, soccer, basketball, cycling, diving, fitness in the sea, you can rent canoes or power boat. For those who wish to explore the surroundings and the natural beauty of Vodice, a variety of day trips are offered.

Visit the National Park Krka, Kornati National Park, Falconry Centre, Vransko Lake Nature Park, Skradin, Šibenik, island Prvić and numerous archaeological sites. In the evening, enjoy a walk along the coast, taste the specialties of this region at one of the many restaurants (fish prepared in all various ways, fritters, kroštule, wine ….), or embark on an old sailing ship that will take you for a night tour of the archipelago.

Did you know? – Vodice was inhabited back in Roman times when it was called Araus or Arausa Antonina. Today, the city and its surroundings are rich in water and hence the name – Vodice.


Primosten is a small place located only 27 km from Sibenik. The old part of the place is situated on a small island which was connected to the mainland by a bridge which was later replaced by a mound – this is how Primosten became an island. The place preserved its Mediterranean atmosphere and all the features of a medieval Mediteranean fishing town, which is especially evident in its narrow streets and compacted houses in the old town core.

Visit historical sites such as: the parish church St. Juraj (built in 1485 on the highest point of the former island), St. Roko church (built in 1680, a valuable cultural monument), image of Our Lady of Loret and the Church of Our Lady of Grace (built in 1553).

The place is adorned with long pebble beaches and a beautiful promenade surrounded by old town walls. One of the most famous and most beautiful beaches in Primosten is the Raduca beach. During the summer months numerous festivities are organized in Primosten, such as: Primosten habits, fishing night, folklore and Dalmatian folk music evenings.

For those in search of fun until the early morning hours, there is a disco club, Aurora, which is one of the most popular clubs on the Adriatic. Sports and recreation fans can enjoy tennis, table tennis, mini golf, beach volleyball, jet-ski as well as various water sports. If you would like to get acquainted with the gastronomy of the region and savor different specialties, visit the restaurants “Staro selo” and “Amfora”, as well as the taverns “Jerko” and “Torkul”.


Rogoznica is a quiet Mediterranean town, whose center lies on a peninsula that is the former island of Koper, connected to the mainland by an artificial mound in the second half of the nineteenth century. Most of the island is covered with forests while the populated area is characterized by old stone houses reflecting the spirit of the old Mediterranean. The town is known as one of the most beautiful and safest ports, which is why boaters like to visit. The locals engage in farming, fishing and tourism.

Be sure to visit the cultural heritage of Rogoznica: church of St. Nicholas, church of St. John of Trogir, the parish church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Heaven, Our Lady of the Chapel and the remains of fortifications built by the French at the top of the town. It is believed that the Rogoznica field was a Greek colony Heraklea. Of natural phenomena, visit the salt lake called “Dragon’s Eye.” Rogoznica is known for its beautiful pebble, concrete and stone beaches where everyone can find their niche.

The town has its own marina, marina Frapa, situated in the Soline bay and owns 400 high class boat moorings. Sports lovers can enjoy numerous water sports, hiking and many other activities. Take a walk along the shore in the evening, visiting restaurants, bars and enjoy the fisherman’s night celebration in Rogoznica.

Did you know? … According to legend, fisherman Ivan M. Bogović Tumburko, while catching fish around the Cape Peninsula Gradine in 1722, found a painting showing Mary visiting her cousin Elizabeth. Locals along with then priest decided to build a chapel on that same place. The black measles epidemic in 1887 took up to 40 lives a day in Rogoznica. The faithful decided to put an end to this suffering, leave barefoot to the shrine of Our Lady, and from that day (24 January) people stopped dying and the sick were healed.


Grebastica is a small picturesque town, located 15km from Sibenik, in a bay near the Ostrica peninsula. It is enclosed by the Ostrica peninsula from the north and by land and the Tmara island from the south. Grebastica is surrounded by pebble beaches and Mediterranean vegetation. The place is first mentioned in 1298 as “Grebac”. Remains of the Roman buildings, as well as the stone cover of the Roman sarcophagus found in the local cemetery, next to the church of St. Peter and Mary, testify to the existence of the roman village.

Visit historical sites, such as: St. Luka and Konjusina convent (contains the remains of roman buildings), St. Mary church, St. Peter chape (tomb stones and the cover of a roman sarcophagus are found on the cemetery), St. Peter church (small church located near the church of St. Mary), defense wall known as “bedem” (symbol of the place, located on the Ostrica peninsula), Holy Ghost church (votive church, a token of appreciation of the Grebastica population to God for saving them from the Turkish invasions), as well as numerous other historical sites. During the summer months, Grebastica comes to life, like any other Dalmatian place. Various musical evenings are organized, as well as fishing night, and many other manifestations.

Sports and active vacation fans can enjoy diving, fishing, sailing, hiking, cycling, volleyball, basketball, football and numerous other activities. If you are willing to savor the specialties of this region and savor the gastronomy of Dalmatia, visit the restaurant “Stari Sibenik”.


Murter is a small place situated on the north-western part of the eponymous island which is connected to the mainland by a mobile bridge. The town was formerly known as Veliko Selo and Srimac. It received its current name in 1715. History lovers can visit the remains of the roman buildings (remains of an ancient settlement Colentum) located at the foot of the Gradina hill, as well as the church of Our Lady in Gradina and the parish church of St. Mihovil.

This town is surrounded by numerous islands and part of them create the beautiful National park – Kornati. Be sure to visit this breathtaking national park. You can cruise around the Kornati labyrinth, dive or snorkle, observe the flora and fauna, explore the amazing islands or try to live among Kornat families. Murter is rich with sandy beaches, such as Slanica, Cigrada, Podvrske and many others. During the summer, you can attend classical and fun music concerts and enjoy local church singing.

This is a place which has a rich tourist offer, in which everyone can find something to their liking. Gastronomy enthusiasts can savor the delicacies of the island in the restaurants “Skalinda” and “Runje”, as well as in the tavern “Balarina”.

Although relatively small, Island Murter boasts a rich variety of picturesque coves and beaches dotted along its coast. Island Murter may actually be considered as one long beach, which transforms as you circumnavigate the island from the peaceful, isolated, private, nudist beaches to the more lively, fun-filled beaches resonating to the frantic red-hot pace of summer. Whether you choose to unwind in the peaceful isolated bays or search for a party, one thing is for sure – you have chosen your place in the sun.

Marinas and Bases

ACI marina Jezera
ACI marina Piškera
ACI marina Skradin
ACI marina Vodice
ACI marina Žut
Marina Betina
Marina Frapa
Marina Hramina
Marina Kremik
Marina Solaris
Marina Tribunj
NCP marina Mandalina
Marina Zaton

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