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We are proud to announce that we can offer you all catamarans for charter in Croatia. SkipperCity is the only place where you can find complete and detailed insight in multihulls for rent in Croatia.

Largest catamaran base in Croatia

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We have the largest catamaran base in Croatia. Weather you need skippered catamaran, bareboat or crewed with captain, cook and hostess, we got it.

We are pleased to offer you catamarans line like Fountaine Pajot, Nautitech, Bali, Catana, Leopard, Privilege, Prout and Lagoon. All over Croatia.

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With skippercity as your charter agent, you get to charter a yacht that compliments your class and style at the best-guaranteed price. We have all quite a number of catamarans available for charter in Croatia. Here are some of the catamaran models available for charter;

Catana, Lagoon 38, Lagoon 39, Lagoon 42, Lagoon 52, Lagoon 400, Lagoon 421, Lagoon 440, Lagoon 450, and Lagoon 500, Fountain Pajot Athena, Fountain Pajot Saba 50, Nautitech 40, Nautitech Open 40, Nautitech 441, and Privilege 465.

Catamarans can be chartered in Croatia from Dubrovnik, Pula, Sibenik, Split, Zadar, Trogir, and many other marinas in Croatia. Catamarans can be chartered bareboat, crewed or skippered.

Catamarans in SkipperCity are chartered on the same principle as the monohulls and they offer more advantages such as comfort, security, stability, and speed. With the 2 hulls and 2 keels, catamarans are exceptionally fast, secure, and stable. With a catamaran, you can enter places where other sailing boats cannot enter, easily. You get to have more fun with a catamaran as you can get closer to beaches and less crowded coasts around Croatia. Catamarans have two large engines that ensure it speed and you can enjoy the speed while sailing at sea. Catamarans have enough room to accommodate up to ten people plus crew with plenty of space for everybody.

Despite its size, catamarans have shallow drafts which are ideal for anchorage at bays. The beautiful vessel is in high demand in Croatia as everyone wants to experience the awesome feeling of sailing in one of them. It is advisable to book in for a catamaran in advance let’s say six months early to be able to get one available for your sailing holiday.  The high demand for catamarans in Croatia has brought about high charter price and a more expensive berth in marinas.

Although the demand brings about high charter price and a more expensive berth at marinas, Skippercity, we offer catamarans for charter at the best-guaranteed price so our clients can enjoy the comfort of a catamaran in style without putting a hole in their pockets. We offer over 900 catamarans for charter in Croatia. Contact us today and get a quote.

Catamaran offers a good and safe cruising at sea with great comfort, luxury, and style. You can enjoy your long vacation on a 14m catamaran. It mostly comes with three to five comfortable cabins. The price hiring a catamaran of this grade range between 5,000 – 20,000 EUR for a standard charter usually one week hire. Bigger catamaran mostly has four cabins, but there are other models with tree or five cabins. They provide comfort, luxury and are quite economical. The price of a standard charter usually a duration of one week range between 3,000 – 15,000 EUR. Other models with three to four cabins which are great for a vacation for couples, family, group of friends offers great comfort and the price of a standard charter usually a duration of one week range between 2,000 to 25,000 EUR.

Advantages of catamaran charter

  • Very spacious
  • More privacy in cabins and every room
  • Very stable
  • Sails faster
  • Shallow drafts for entering shallow places in the marina and also small bays
  • Safer on water

The disadvantages are;

  • Does not sail too well when faced upwind
  • Too stable to enjoy sailing
  • Anchoring and tracking techniques are different

Catamarans are a special type of boats– multi-hulls. They are made of two hulls connected by the spacious body, which makes them the most spacious and most stable type of boats. They are most popular with families and larger groups because of their spacious interior and easy access. There is relatively a lot of space and headroom in the cabins of a catamaran (beds are longer and wider), and the saloon and the galley are on the same level with the cockpit which offers panoramic view and eases the access inside.

Catamarans are especially practical if there are small children on board –  because of their wide body they are quite stable, they are low and have swimming ladder which allows easy climbing on board from the land and from the water, and they are commodious enough so you don’t feel closed in or claustrophobic. Also, they allow you to approach the coast very close and anchor in shallow waters, small coves and hidden places which is unlike for all conventional sailing yachts with a keel.

Most catamarans have 4 to 6 cabins, which means they can comfortably accommodate 8 to 12 people – perfect for your entire family. Another advantage is that they are easier to navigate than standard sailing or motor boats. A catamaran usually sails faster than a monohull on some points of sail, such as a beam reach and downwind. They are a perfect choice for easy-going, comfortable cruise for you and many of your friends and family.

Catamarans or multihulls are highly demanded for Yacht Charter in Croatia. We suggest booking at least 6 months in advance, because of high interest.

Here are some of available catamarans.: