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Our story

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Our story

How it all started?

It all began in the autumn of 2014 when I was out of job. We were cycling with our bikes around our town in Slovenija with Anja. Soon we stopped at this beautiful church on top of the hill. Church had a small ancient graveyard. The sun was shining, the setting was beautiful and nobody was there – so we decided to stop and sit down for a moment.

Sitting there, we started talking about what to do about my unemployment. There were some crazy ideas, I have to admit, but soon I got an idea.

I asked Anja: “How about we open an agency and start offering sailing holidays to people? I mean, we are doing this for our friends and family, we know how it`s done, we know the language and we know the area. What do you think?”

I was a captain and sailing in Croatia since 2007. At least 2 weeks per year. That was with my friends and family. Soon after we meet, Anja has joined me on our sailing trips to Croatia – so she had a pretty good idea how it looks like at the time.

Anja just listened to me when I was explaining how and when and what. I was expecting a bit of resistance.

After a while she said: “Let`s do it! We will never know if we don`t try. I mean, I will keep my job for a while, so we will have food, but let`s do it.”

And that is how we started.

Next morning I was on the telephone calling everyone with a boat if they are interested in us selling their boats. Soon after we selected company name, websites names, registered a company, design and built our first website. By December 2014 we were all set. And before Christmas we got our first booking. (HURA!)

Since then we are growing nicely. We gained respect among other companies in the field and area. We served more and more happy customers. We got new people joining in to help us with office work. We have new skippers helping us.

So, that`s our story. (For now. I will try to write some more someday.)



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