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Boat anchorages in Croatia

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Boat anchorages in Croatia


Croatia has hundreds of harbours, marinas and jetties and luckily is also blessed with many more sheltered anchorages for boats of all lengths and depths. Areas, where you are permitted to anchor, should be clearly marked in pilot books and guides provided by the charter base.

Whether you are spending the night at anchor or merely stopping for lunch and a swim, there is a bay or cove that can accommodate you.

Some are large, sweeping bays with laid mooring buoys whilst other are just a little niche in the coastline where you can safely ‘park’ your yacht!

Whether you are looking for a bustling waterfront or total peace, quiet and seclusion, even at the height of Summer it is possible, in Croatia with its indented coastline and hundreds of islands and islets to find somewhere to layover without rafting four yachts deep.

If you anchor in one of the nature parks please note that whether you use the mooring buoys or not you will still pay a fee for entering the park and wherever you use the buoys or jetties elsewhere in Croatia, a fee, usually charged per meter, will be collected. It has to be said, though, that out of peak season we have experienced nights at anchor where no-one has come to collect a fee from us.

There are some that quibble over this system, and cite other destinations within Europe where this is free, however, we find that this difference in holiday cost is reflected in the yacht charter price itself – Yachts in Croatia can be somewhat cheaper whilst also being newer than their Greek, Italian, Turkish and Spanish counterparts.

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Here you can find:

  • anchorages
  • marinas
  • petrol stations
  • restricted areas
  • buoys
  • bays and beaches
  • mooring concessions

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