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Skippered boat rental in Croatia

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Skippered Yacht Charter Croatia


Dreaming about sailing holidays in Croatia and have no license or sailing skills or you just need a guide?

Thinking about discovering Croatian coast, swimming in the salty and crystal clean sea and having relaxed atmosphere?

Then choosing skippered yacht in Croatia or skippered catamaran in Croatia is the best way for your sailing holidays.

Who should choose skippered yacht charter?

Skippered boat can be chosen by a family or group of friends who would like to leave all the responsibility to a skipper. Your skipper’s sailing license is not obligatory.

Sailing skills are not necessary but those who would like to participate in daily sailing can simply learn from skipper.

Sometimes we even have advanced skipper requests for regattas so even the experienced crews sometimes choose someone who will be master of boat in purpose of having more pleasure in chartered term.

Skipper on board your boat

Our skippers are professional, experienced with skippering boats in Croatia.

They are all Croatians but also speak a few languages, ages between 25-50 and registered for skippered charter (license and open company for tax purposes).

Some of them have long experience, starting as kids in sailing clubs in Croatia and choosing skipper job as a life profession.

 Skippers responsibility is to do technical part of check in/out on the boat, advise the crew about route, moorings and weather conditions.

Sometimes skipper can not provide the route that you imagined because of the weather conditions but in favor of your and boat’s safety.

We will make every effort to ensure matching the right skipper with the right group.

Choosing sailing route while on skippered yacht charter

You are welcome to have your own idea about route and discuss it with the skipper.

If kids are on board the skipper will adjust the route and maybe make  routes shorter.

Skippers fee

Skipper cost is around 150-250 € per day (25% VAT included) and it is custom that skipper has meals with the crew.

Payment of skipper will be done with your charter invoice or during your check-in in our base office.

Skippered yacht charter benefits

Skipper takes care of technical parts of the boat, moorings and safety of crew.

Skippers usually know all the best mooring places, best restaurants and have their own info sources from local people.

Skipper’s knowledge can be a treasure that can make your active holiday easier and more relaxed.

Advice when booking skippered yacht or sailing boat

If you choose a skippered yacht charter it is best to book a boat with a cabin for skipper too, so everyone can have their privacy.

How to book skippered yacht, catamaran or sailing boat?

First think about the base which will be the most suitable for your flight plan.

We can offer 5 best starting bases: Split, Sibenik, Zadar, Dubrovnik and Trogir.

All these bases are close to airports which are very well connected with Zagreb, Rome, Frankfurt, London, Barcelona, Oslo, Stockholm….

Transfer from airport to base can always be ordered.

How to book?

If you have already chosen Dubrovnik or Split area as your destination and already know what type of boat you are looking for (sailboat, catamaran or motorboat) then start searching for boat on our web pages or send us inquiry.

If you need advice on choosing suitable boat please contact booking directly or use our online form.

Booking office is open from 08:00-20:00 hour (Mon-Fri) and you will receive an answer no later than in 24 hours for all your requests.

Necessary documents – skippered boat and safety deposit

As skipper will have valid sailing license and VHF license, your crew just need to have passports or IDs.

Safety deposit: All boats are insured and even with skipper on a board, safety deposit must be left in case that damage is done because of the crew fault (for example broken window).

Refundable deposit: Charged by credit card (preferred) or in cash. After returning the boat and technical check out with skipper, deposit amount will be unblocked (returned to the client).

Safety deposit are for the part that insurance does not cover, for example lost dinghy, or broken window. If the damage is smaller than safety deposit (for example lost fender approx 200 HRK) we will unblock your card anyway and charge amount of real cost (for example fender 200 HRK). If it is skipper’s fault than skipper’s insurance covers damage.

All damages should be reported immediately to boat owners support number.

Skippered charter

If you don’t have enough yachting experience, don’t have necessary licenses or if you simply want to relax on your vacation and not to worry about anything, you’ll hire a skipper, and maybe even a hostess or cook (depending on your needs, preferences and how much room on board you have).

Having a professional skipper on board can make your sailing experience much more pleasant and enjoyable.

If you don’t have enough sailing experience or if you have some doubts about your skills don’t hesitate to rely on a professional.

He’ll drive the boat and take care of it, but he’ll also give you some sailing advice, suggest routes, answer most of your questions, show you some fine restaurants and help you find your way in a (probably) unknown area.

Because of their size, power and price, larger yachts can be chartered only with skipper or crew, and there is usually a separate crew cabin.

However, if there isn’t one on board, keep in mind to save a berth for skipper. Besides sleeping arrangements for skipper, you are also responsible for the food for the crew so don’t forget about that when buying groceries or going out to the restaurant.

All these things also go for the hostess.

She’ll cook and keep the boat clean, but she can also give you various useful advice and suggestions.

Skipper and hostess take care of the boat, while you relax and enjoy your vacation.

Some guests sometimes forget what their jobs are, and treat them as personal servants, which is, of course, not true. You can read more about the jobs of skipper, hostess and other crew members in The Crew section.

If you want to hire a skipper or hostess don’t forget why they’re there for and treat them with respect so you could all have a fun and enjoyable week.

It’s easier than you think…

Not a sailor? No qualifications? Want a chauffeur? Or you just want to learn the ropes?

No problem!

We can easily provide a friendly skipper for your sailing holidays so you can get on and relax!

Take your time meandering from port to port, stopping for a lazy lunch and swim in beautiful bays along the way, before making the most of the afternoon breeze and sailing to your evening destination.

Skippers allow for non-sailors or sailors without qualifications to charter a yacht and experience what we sailors have been going on about for years.

Being invariably local, the skippers are also able to advise you on ports to visit, restaurants to eat and places to swim.

How does skippered charter work?

It’s very easy… We charter a sailing yacht with a skipper who effectively ‘drives’ the boat for you wherever you’d like to sail!

You, your friends and family can get involved as much or as little as you like – it is a great activity holiday for all the family.

Conversely, if sipping a G&T while sunbathing is more your thing then you can leave it totally up to the skipper to do all the work. Simply sit back and enjoy…

Explore some of the most beautiful destinations in the world on your own yacht, at your own pace, with your own private Skipper.

  • Qualified Skipper with local knowledge
  • Skipper takes care of daily running of your yacht
  • Learn from scratch or improve your sailing skills
  • Relax on-board and let your Skipper take control

Who are the skippers?

In each location we have professional, experienced and qualified skippers to sail your yacht for you.

From all the Skippers we know we are able to select the one best for you based on your individual requirements.

Your Skippered Charter Itinerary

When you take a skippered charter it is entirely up to you where you go.

The skipper’s local knowledge will go a long way but he will also be guided by you, your interests and preferences of where you would like to spend your holiday.

How much does a skippered charter cost?

Hiring a skipper is similar to hiring any piece of inventory (with all due respect to our skippers of course!) in that you order them as extra and we add the charge accordingly; and you just have to pay your skipper on arrival at the base.

When hiring a skipper do note that you are responsible for the skipper’s food as well; don’t worry this does not mean taking them out for steak every night, unless you want to of course.

It really just means when making breakfast or lunch, offer some to the skipper and for the evening you can choose to either give them an allowance, invite them out with you or if cooking on board just offer them some as well.

The skipper also needs to have their own cabin, so please bear this in mind when organizing your sailing holiday party.

What are the next steps?

Basically it’s like a villa holiday! You should have a look at the different destinations and choose one you like the sound of.

Selecting a yacht is the same as selecting a villa (six people will need at least three bedrooms – called cabins on a yacht + one extra for the skipper = a four cabin yacht). 

The easiest way may be to fill out our inquiry form or give us a call on +386.40.873.520 and we can advise on the size of boat that would suit you…

Chartering a skippered yacht

Chartering a skippered yacht in Croatia is in many ways different than a bareboat yacht charter. It is a laid back holiday where the sailing experience comes as an interesting originality without the stress and danger that comes with the harvesting of wind’s abundant power.

With power yachts it is similar; the responsibility of handling an expensive and powerful machine is substituted with the luxury of a carefree vacation by skippered yacht charter.

Skippered yacht charter in Croatia

Skippered yacht charter in Croatia or chartering a skippered yacht has many advantages; skippers are mostly familiar with the boat type.

The safety deposits do not change when a skipper is present but you are no longer liable for potential damages that may occur during navigation.

Your deposit covers potential damages caused by you alone: broken plates, glasses, doors, damaged equipment and so on. In the high season, marinas and ports are overcrowded and if you need a berth, the skipper will know when to be at the marina to ensure one.

Even if you don’t get a berth in the marina, the skipper will know alternative ports with commercial berths.

Also, when anchoring out for the night, it is important to know the local winds and where the anchor holds best.

By using a skippered yacht charter the skipper will not only ensure the safety of crew and boat, he or she will also advise in choosing the best sailing route, places most interesting to visit and restaurants that best match your requirements.

If an emergency should arise, the skipper will know what to do and who to contact in respect to your location, to get the fastest response, much more efficient then when using the usual channels.

There are some facts to also keep in mind; a skipper needs three meals a day and enough to drink. He or she needs a place to sleep and time to rest.

If a berth is, for any reason not available, the skipper can sleep in the salon if it can be transformed into a sleeping area by lowering the salon table.

When this is the case, consider the salon his/her private area and allow the skipper enough time to sleep.

When dining out you can invite the skipper to join you, you can ensure that he has a proper meal on board or he/she can go out to eat by him/her self and you can cover the check afterwards.

Marina fees must sometimes be paid right after docking or just the boat’s papers are given to the harbor master and then the fee is paid the next morning before departure.

In both cases, take care that the skipper has enough money to cover the cost or do it yourself at the skipper’s or harbor master’s request.

Regarding the maintenance of the boat; a skipper will clean up after him self but he cannot clean up after the whole crew.

Help him keep the boat clean and you will enjoy it more.

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