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Crewed Yacht Charter Croatia


If you do not have the sailing experience and the required licenses to pilot your own yacht and still want to enjoy sailing on a yacht on the Adriatic Sea, You should consider booking a crewed yacht charter in Croatia. Croatia is the center for exclusive boating excursion and a crewed yacht charter leaving from one of our several locations along the coasts can be the beginning of a relaxing holiday experience.

Each of the crew has their specific roles and duties to carry out on the boat. The crew is made up of the captain, skipper, cook, hostess, sailor and also security guards. There are different reasons why you should consider hiring a crewed charter on your Croatian sailing holiday.

Why to Book a Crewed Yacht Charter in Croatia

There are several reasons to book a yacht with crews for your sailing holiday. The primary reason has to do with the yacht itself. At, our sailing vessels are all made up of state of the art gullets, catamaran, and sailing manufacturers.

Our yachts range from yachts that sail using traditional methods and yachts using more powerful engines that move very quickly. They are geared for comfort and speed to meet your specific need and enhance your holiday experience; they all use modern computer navigation system to ensure maximum safety. They feature high ceilings, spacious galley and bar area, air-conditional suite cabins with a comfortable bathroom and a cushioned lounge seating on the deck wide enough for everyone onboard. The even-keeled slow movement of the yachts reduces the chance of sea sickness and a relaxed interior that offers plenty space and privacy.

Another reason for considering a crewed yacht charter for your sailing holiday in Croatia is the freedom from the hassles and stress. In addition to the comfortable interior and executive exterior of the yacht, chartered yacht are crewed by qualified and professional sailors and crew members. The crewed yacht charter gives you the feeling of supreme luxury as you travel in the open sea; they take care of everything on board so all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your sailing vacation. The crew will make sure all the necessary precautions and processes which include docking, safety, cleaning, cooking,  are taken care of, and may also provide suggestions for places to visit, routes to take and so on to ensure you get maximum Croatian sailing experience. With the crewed charter, you will stay interested, eat well and sleep well, and without worrying about anything at all.

Another benefit that comes with crewed yacht charter in Croatian includes the ability to make your own itinerary. While your crew may be able to offer suggestions on where to go, you may also wish to plan everything ahead of time. Whether you are fond of having concrete ideas of everything you would like to do or you want to leave all the details or your journey to every moment’s desire, a crewed yacht charter may well be your perfect holiday. A crewed chartered yacht can take you to various coastal towns to explore the different ruins, islands, landmarks and traditional treasures; it can also take you to awesome nature destinations in one the many Croatia national parks or it remains out in the open sea for the entirety of your sailing holiday. Our yachts are fully at your disposal to take the Adriatic journey you see fit to give you the sailing holiday of a lifetime.

You can bring friends, family or an entire work group with you onboard a crewed yacht charter in Croatia as we have the yacht that can accommodate up to 16 people onboard. A charter gulet or yacht trip can be a brilliant setting for team building activities, romantic getaway, birthday and wedding anniversaries, and our yachts have comfortable cabins that 16 people in the yacht would not feel overcrowded.

Then again, if you are traveling on a smaller budget, you can charter a yacht with a few cabins on one of our crewed yachts. You may be placed with other individuals, families or couples onboard our crewed yacht charter and it will ensure you enjoy a yacht charter in Croatia for much less money

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The crew consists of

  • Captain: This is the highest ranking officer onboard the vessel, responsible for driving and navigating the yacht.
  • Skipper: when a small boat is involved, he may be the only crew onboard responsible for navigating the yacht and also helping out the guests.
  • Sailor: He helps out around the vessel, keeping it neat and tidy, helps the guests or skippers when necessary, and also responsible for the safety of the yacht.
  • Hostess: They take care of the kids if they are onboard; they take of cleaning, washing, provision of food and also cooking when there is no cook onboard.
  • Cook: They take care of the food, dishes and also cleaning the galley.
  • Security guard: They ensure the safety of the yacht and everybody onboard. Crew

You can enjoy your Croatian sailing holiday in a grant style and also learn a thing or two in the process. offers a fantastic range of crew to ensure you have an unforgettable holiday experience in Croatia. If you ever want to enjoy the holiday in Croatia and also get the opportunity to sail in one of the executive yachts in the world, ensures you enjoy seeing nature and see the waves in the sea, take in fresh new air, to travel safely with expert trainers without having to think about any single thing aside from enjoying yourself to the fullest. Check out our crew on standby to find out more.


A captain is the highest ranking officer onboard on a vessel. As they various categories of the vessel, so there are various categories of captains; one thing for sure, a captain is the highest ranking officer of the crew and this never changes. Bear in mind that if you rent a boat with a crew, the captain has the final say over all ship matters.

The job of a captain is to drive the yacht, make sure everything on board runs smoothly and also take handle all the necessary paperwork. You should always discuss the route with him but you should without question obey the captain when there is any danger or a bad weather.

All assignment on the boat is divided amongst the crew but the captain does not perform any manual labor. The captain navigates the yacht and also advice on the itinerary.

The captain provided by are certified professionals who possess all adequate licenses depending on the rented boat and sailing area in Croatia.


Sailor is the foremost crew member on a large yacht. Since the captain is in charge of taking care of all the paperwork and also navigating the yacht, the sailor is the foreman who performs manual labors like cleaning the deck, keeping the yacht in good condition, help with docking, refueling and so on.

Besides all these, the sailor carries out the captain’s orders and also helps in the navigation of the yacht. The sailor is responsible for the looks of the yacht and also makes sure equipment function properly. Although it is the job of the entire crew members to ensure the safety of the passengers and the yacht, the sailor assumes the post of a guard if there are no guards onboard. Therefore the sailor is the one you turn if you encounter any problems onboard or with the yacht, although this unlikely to happen.

Security guard

The security guard is not always a principal member of the crew, but they are readily available upon your request. The role of the security guard is pretty clear as his job is to ensure the safety of the guests, boats, and crew. This is mainly important when you are anchoring in islands or marinas where there are a lot of people or someone tries to tries to enter the yacht out of curiosity and without any evil intentions. Although these cases are very rear, some clients and guests do not at ease and secured without the presence of a security guard.

Though such fears are irrational for most clients, for very rich individuals and celebrities, it is ok to have security to take care of your properties and family. The likelihood of someone trespassing on your yacht is very tiny because at all time there is a crew member onboard.

If you feel the need for security guard onboard so you can feel totally safe and relaxed, offers the finest security of its yacht charter in Croatia.


A skipper is in charge of driving the yacht. He also does other jobs like making smaller repairs during sails, maintain the boat and transfer the boat from one marina to another between charters, handles paper works in marinas and so on when they are no other crew on board. He ensures the safety of guests, gives other useful advises during sail and points out interesting places to visit or things to do. He answers questions about the yacht and shows you some things about navigating a boat.

Skippers spend quite a lot of time on the boat and always has plenty things to do onboard. Our skippers are very professional and respect client’s privacy. Skippers at bring out all the fun and ensure you enjoy a pleasant and joyful sailing holidays in Croatia.


Primarily, hostesses take care of tidying and cleaning inside the boat. If there is no chef onboard, they are also in charge of preparing the foods. There are many works to be done on the yacht to ensure everything is in order and every task is delegated properly amongst crew members. So the job of the hostess varies depending on whether she is with other crew members or alone onboard. provides hostess who can be in charge of keeping the yacht neat and tidy, groceries shopping and cooking and so on if you hire one hostess. When there is a skipper onboard, the hostess and the skipper will take care of everything to ensure the guest have a pleasant and unforgettable time onboard. If she is part of the full crew she is usually not in charge of groceries shopping or any other physical work.

Our hostesses are very educated and well informed with recent events, they constantly communicate with the guests to answer questions and explain things regarding local rules and traditions to ensure the guest have a wonderful sailing holiday in Croatia.


The job of a cook is quite clear. He prepares the food and takes care of the beverages and food provisioning. A good meal is definite to making everyone feel better and; our cooks are educated professional and very good at their jobs, they prepare quite a lot of local and international dishes to make such guest have a full belly to get more fun. They prepare the meals according to the demands of the guests.

Our cooks are super friendly, you can communicate with them about the meals you want and the groceries you don’t like or are allergic to, to avoid any health risk.

The cook is in charge of providing the yacht with the necessary groceries and food supply. As a guest who charters a large yacht, you may want to hire a cook also. No groceries will be bought on board without your approval. always put in the top professional cooks to ensure guest have a remarkable experience onboard our yachts.

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