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In our collection, you can find luxury sailing boats of different sizes and models which you can hire on either crewed, bareboat or with a skipper. We have some of the finest sailboats for charter in Croatia. A lot of people seek to explore the Adriatic on board a beautiful sailboat. Both experienced sailors and sailing newbie who wants to enjoy the experience of sailing charter a sailboat. Our sailing boats are available on every marina along the Croatian coast.

The different types of sailing boat in our collection include Beneteau  First, Comet, Dufour Gib’sea, Elan, Etap, Feeling, Hanse yachts, Hunter, Jeanneau yachts, Jeanneau Sun Odessey, Oyster, X yacht, Salona, and so on.

Sailing boat Rental

why you should charter

One of the most requested charter in Croatia is sailing boat charter. The sailing boat provides an unforgotten experience while sailing around the Adriatic Sea. There are various models of sailing boats in our fleet ranging from small sailing boats which can accommodate two to four people to luxurious sailing boats which can accommodate ten to twelve people. Our sailing boats for charter are fully equipped with all the necessary equipment needed to provide great comfort and enjoy sailing in the open seas. The sailing boats consume less fuel which makes it more fuel efficient and economical than all other charter boats.

If you are an experienced sailor and you want to go on an adventure at the sea them you should charter a sailing boat on bareboat. But chartering a sailing boat on bareboat means you need to have a valid boat driving license and the required nautical experience. You can also hire a sailing boat with a professional skipper who will be in charge of driving the boat. He can also teach you the basics so you can get familiar with driving a sailing boat. If you looking to enjoy your sailing vacation in total relaxation without the need to bother about anything on the boat, then you should charter a sailing boat with a full crew.

Sailing boats but a little space in their cabins but they are very comfortable with their spacious cockpit and saloon areas. All sailing boats in our fleet have all modern equipment and their equipment are user-friendly, adaptable to all crew members. You can also hire other equipment such as gennaker, spinnaker, safety nets, racing sails and so on for your sailing pleasure. Sailing boats are great for a family vacation, romantic getaway, sailing with friends, team building, sailing holidays and so on. Sailing boats are powered with powerful diesel engines which come in handy when the wind becomes unfriendly and making sailing difficult.

We have over 2000 sailing boats in our fleet for charter in Croatia and you can choose from the multiple sailing boats to meet your specific needs.

About sailing boat Rental in Croatia

You can browse through all the sailing boats available for charter in the database. The sailing boat comes in different sizes and models which can be chartered on bareboat or with a full crew to enjoy sailing in the Adriatic Sea. Sailing boats for charter in Croatia include Beneteau  First, Comet, Dufour Gib’sea, Elan, Etap, Feeling, Hanse yachts, Hunter, Jeanneau yachts, Jeanneau Sun Odessey, Oyster, X yacht, Salona, and so on.

Our fleets of sailing boats are available at locations twenty minutes away from landing and you can be on board almost immediately. Such destinations include Dubrovnik, Istria, Sibenik, Split, Kvarner, Zadar and other areas.

At skippercity, we provide the itinerary for our sailing boats but clients are free to also come up with their own itinerary so they can have a fun-filled sailing holiday in Croatia. The standard charter duration for sailing boats is one week, but clients can decide to have an extended sailing vacation on our sailing boat which should be first discussed with us. Contact us to through email or phone to book your desired sailing boat at the best-guaranteed price.

With a proven portfolio and a variety of the some of the finest boats, skippercity is the number one choice for getting a sailing holiday experience of a lifetime. Whether you seek a boat for you and your family or a gathering of friends, skippercity provides the best sailing boats for a wonderful sailing experience for your Croatian sailing holiday. Our crews and professional skippers are readily available for hire to ensure you have an amazing sailing experience. But if you possess a valid boat driving license and a proven nautical experience, you can charter a boat on bareboat.

You can browse through our fleet of sailing boat to choose your desired sailing boat or you can get in touch with our team of professionals who are readily available to assist you in selecting the sailing boat that best suit your needs. Sailing boats in our fleet are brand new, well maintained and equipped with the latest technology. All our boats are licensed and registered with the Croatian maritime affairs ministry, so you are insured whenever you come on board any of our boats.

Sailing boats of 15m come with 5 cabins, while they are some with 3 or 4 cabins. They offer comfort and wonderful sailing vacation in luxury and in style. The price of hiring a sailing boat of 15m in the peak seasons range between 3,400 – 39,000EUR. You can get smaller sailing boats with 4 cabins, sometimes 3 or 5 cabins ranging between 2,990 – 8,800 EUR. Other sailing boats with 3 or 4 cabins range between 2,000 – 7,500 EUR. This is approximately the price of a standard one week vacation in the peak season.

 Advantages of sailing boats

  • Comfort
  • Fuel efficient
  • Motion comfort
  • Tacks easily
  • Attractive at sea

Its disadvantages include;

  • Bigger rigs
  • Slower
  • They heel

Catamarans in Yacht Charter Croatia sail on the same principle as a monohull, but they have a lot more advantages, as stability, security, speed and comfort. Because of its 2 hull and 2 keels, catamarans are extremely stable, secure and fast.

Due to the fact that Catamarans in sailing have minimal slope, they are an ideal choice for people who do not tolerate the sea and its rolling. Because of this stability, you can do all while sailing on Adriatic. Due to the large sail area, catamarans are generally much faster than the sailboats. Because of its twin engines, handling is much easier.

Even they are very large, they have a shallow draft ideal for anchorage in beautiful bays on Adriatic. You can easily enter in places where most sailing boats cannot, closer to the beach and coast where is less crowded.

Catamarans or multihulls are highly demanded for Yacht Charter in Croatia. We suggest booking at least 6 months in advance, because of high interest.
Another advantage of catamaran is the roominess and comfort. It has a large cockpit, large central lounge, a lot more places than the sailboat. We can say that Catamarans for hire in Croatia are blend of comfort and pleasure of sailing. Because of its twin hull catamaran provides more privacy and exceptional views from the elevated salon. On the other hand, it brings a higher charter price and related services, more expensive berths in marinas and harbours.

We offer more than 500 Catamarans for charter in Croatia, known manufacturers such as Lagoon, Nautitech, Leopard, Privilege, etc.

If you want to actively spend time at sea, taste the indescribable feeling of freedom while admiring the natural beauty of the Adriatic Sea, and you find sailing experience more important than absolute comfort, then chartering a sailboat is a right choice for your perfect holiday. In addition to high performance, sailing boats from our offer have comfortable cabins, well equipped kitchen and a spacious lounge for a relaxing stay at sea. Besides being more economical, they also consume less fuel and thus contribute to environmental protection, while providing an outstanding feeling of merging with nature: whether you are sunbathing, enjoying the starry sky or listening to the calming humming of the sea.

Since they are not as fast as motor boats, sailing boats are ideal for exploring the Croatian coast and cruise among more than 1,000 islands. Also sailing boats provide a great pleasure and exciting experience of sailing. It requires skill and experience for managing, especially if you prefer to sail at all times, rather then using an engine, and is therefore ideal for experienced boaters.

Managing a yacht in all directions regardless of wind direction, will sorely provide the desired dose of adrenaline. If you decide to rent a sailboat with a skipper, you can also experience the sport pleasure of sailing while gaining the skills to raise the sails and tie knots, or simply leave sailing to the experienced skipper while you relax and admire the waves and the sea.

Among the many yachts from our offer choose a model suitable to your lifestyle: from fast performance sailing boats for lovers of adrenaline and active sailing to spacious cruiser for a peaceful sailing. We offer you a wide choice of sailing boats from 2-6 cabins, of renowned brands: Beneteau, Jeanneau, Bavaria, Elan, Dufour Gib Sea, Hanse Salona, Grand Soleil, Feeling, Sas…

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