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Bareboat yacht charter Croatia

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Bareboat yacht charter and boat rental in Croatia

For an outstanding area for Bareboat charter and sailing holiday, visit Croatia. At we offer a first-class selection of yachts from several destinations: Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Sibenik, Trogir,…

For Bareboat charter we offer a wide variety of yachts and boat charter operating from different locations along the coast. You get to book your Bareboat charter with pocket-friendly cost as we offer the best prices.

We have a wide range of yachts you can choose from to suit your need. Get a quote today and jump on our bareboat charter to enjoy a breathtaking and adventurous sailing experience in Croatia.

Yacht Charter Croatia

As the name implies, a bareboat charter is hiring a boat without any skipper or crew onboard. On a bareboat charter, you are fully in charge of the sailing and safety of the yacht and everyone onboard.

To be able to rent a bareboat charter, you must have an outstanding sailing experience and the necessary licenses including VHF license. With proof of this, you can hire a bareboat charter at to enjoy your sailing holiday in Croatia.

Bear in mind when you go on a bareboat charter, at sea, you are responsible for the general safety of the yacht and everyone onboard.

Since one person cannot be the captain, hostess, cook, security and also enjoy him or herself everyone onboard needs to lend a helping hand.

Bareboat Charter in Croatia


A bareboat charter is a situation where you get to a departure marina, charter a yacht for a week or two and then return the yacht to either to the very marina you took off or a different marina that must have been specified in your booking.

This kind of arrangement is called a “one-way charter”. You should endeavor to come early as your specified yacht will be available and check-in is at 17:00 on Saturday. You are guaranteed a superb experience on your Croatian sailing holiday.

To hire a yacht on bareboat charter, Croatian Law states that there must be a licensed skipper on board and the skipper should be someone with a VHF license. has a qualified, fully certified and licensed skipper for all our bareboat charter to conform the above regulations and to ensure our clients gets a wonderful sailing experience whether they are expert sailors or newbie without bothering about having a license or paperwork.

If you are considering a bareboat chart, you should provide a valid skipper license including a VHF license and also a good sailing experience to be able to be qualified for a bareboat charter. You should carry all your documents and licenses on you at all times during your bareboat charter.

If you have sailing experience but do not have a skipper license, you can get it done by obtaining a Certificate of Competency COC which can easily be obtained by an experienced skipper usually in a days’ assessment.

This is the basic level of license by most European countries. If you do not possess the required license and certificates, no charter company in Croatia will rent a boat to you despite the amount of sailing experience you have.

You can check the validity of your certificate here:



For the best bareboat charter experience, you and your crew should not charter a yacht you don’t feel comfortable handling irrespective of the paper you have. Our yachts range from 30 to 52 ft and you should definitely have more experience before hiring a larger boat.

A lot of people want to experience the adventure of sailing the seas alone on a yacht after there must have gone on a skippered or crewed yacht charter before and you can do that at when you show the required license and an acceptable level of experience.

If you are in Croatia for a short period of time and want to enjoy the adventure and sea breeze by hiring a bareboat yacht charter, you can check the map for a brief overview of the route you can take and places to visit to ensure you have a nice time.

You should consider any of our booking destinations closest to your flight pattern where you easily fly.

Choosing a yacht

Once you have established you are indeed qualified to take a yacht on bareboat charter and know where you want to sail, all you need to do is book a bareboat yacht charter from our website or contact us directly at info @

With the above information including the date, you will be on ground to take yacht on a bareboat ride (this helps in scheduling) and the list of crews you are bringing on board and we will get back to you with the available yacht from your location and the prices.

Transfer from the airport to any of our booking offices will bring in extra charges. Boats can be held on standby for you for 3 to 4 day if you need some time to talk to your crew and consider your options. After making payments in advance, a contract will be sent to you and you will be issued a boarding pass after making full payments.

Contact us to get advice on choosing the best yacht/boat to suit your need. Our offices are open between 08:00 – 20:00 Monday – Friday and our agents are always available to respond immediately.

crewed yacht charter croatia

Safety deposit and a refundable deposit

All our yachts and boats are insured. A safety deposit is required just in case there are any damages to the boat. The safety deposits are for parts of the charter that are not covered by insurance.

Refundable deposit: if the amount calculated for the damages is not up to the amount of safety deposit deposited, only the amount of the damages will be charged and the balance will be returned to the client.

An example of such can be broken glass or a damaged window. In the case of bigger damages, the maximum amount will be charged. If you pay with credit card, your credit card will be unblocked after you have returned the yacht back to the marina stated on the contract. You can also pay your refundable deposit in cash.

Non-refundable deposit (damages lost or waivers): this is an amount (140 – 280€) paid into the insurance house + 100€ cash which will be refunded after checking in without damages.

You should report all damages immediately to the support number.

Bareboat yacht charter Croatia

Please take care of the sea while sailing in Croatia

Give other people and the next general the opportunity to enjoy the Adriatic Sea while sailing in Croatia. Here are some of the things you can do to give the next generation that opportunity;

  • Do not throw rubbish into the sea while sailing in Croatia
  • Do not violate the fishing laws
  • Protect aquatic plants and animals
  • Do not discharge wastewater from the boat near the shore and in a protected area
  • Apply to the competent bodies of environmental pollution
  • Fire in the open is prohibited
  • Keep the water safe. Croatia is rich in water but islands are not, so please whenever you can, save the water by not taking long showers or cleaning boats.
  • Tap water in Croatia is safe for drinking so you can refill your water bottles but please do not drink water from water tanks on your sailing boats as that water is not safe for drinking.
  • Save energy as much as you can, try sailing in an area that supports that and avoid water boats and scooters while sailing.

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