Best price guarantee

This is our guarantee and our promise to you:

Your reservations are made at the lowest prices on the market.

If you discover the same boat on any other website for a lower price… will provide you with the same price!

Best price guarantee must find the following conditions fulfilled:

1. You have an active reservation on … Do not cancel your reservation!!

2. Contact customer service after you have completed your reservation.

3. The lower price must apply to online booking and still be available at the time of our review.

4. The lower price should also comprise the same booking conditions as those on on This means:

  • This should apply to the same boat, i.e. same registration code and same name.
  • Same date of registration and cancellation of accommodation.
  • Same conditions regarding the hire of a skipper.

If we are unable to offer you a lower price due to the failure to meet one of the three (3) conditions above, you will retain your existing booking, including the terms of cancellation issued by the owner of the boat (partner).

Our best price guarantee does not apply in the following cases:

1. for reservations via a website that does not disclose the vessel you will be situated in until the reservation process has been concluded;

2. if you make the reservation through or in combination with:

  • discounted rates for members of an association, society, etc.
  • discounts for frequent stays,
  • points / rewards / loyalty discounts,
  • other programs based on ‘rewards’ or special promotional offers available through vessel providers.