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Bali 4.8


It is not by chance that the name “Open Space” was given to BALI 4.8 as it’s enormous motorized tilt-and-turn door fully opens room in seconds. Additionally, the new forward door provides access to the bows and forward cockpit with its lounge space and large sunbathing area, so you will not need to use the outer side decks if you don’t want to.

Firstly, optimal ventilation and panoramic views of the outside are provided by the broad, completely retractable front window and sliding side windows. Secondly, another new feature, inherited from 5.4 for improved privacy, is access to the aft cabins (or, depending on the layout, central cabins) that open into the aft cockpit through two wide hatches. With a warm environment, the companionways provide easy and safe access to cozy cabins where you can relax.

The new Bali 4.8 for charter will come as a new model of one of the Catana / Bali shipyard’s most common multi-hull models, the Bali 4.5. The new Bali 4.8 catamaran, with an imaginative, comfortable interior and silhouette, will set the bar in the 48 ft class. With complete side glass, you can have more natural light in the saloon but even in cabins.

In addition to known developments such as the rigid forward cockpit with lounge area and sunbathing area; the new platform linking the two sugar scoops with large bench seats and lockers; the large tilt-and-turn door and sliding windows; and a scenic, relaxing area on the coach roof, the BALI 4.8 offers new access to the forward cockpit through an internal door and cabins.

What is new?

There will be one outstanding feature of the new Bali 4.8 charter catamaran, the fantastic design we saw on other Bali catamaran versions. The beck will open to having the wide-open space living area to relax and enjoy your charter holiday. The sash bow window will allow the forward cockpit direct access to link the aft with the saloon and the bow.


Developer Xavier Faÿ
Manufacturer Chantier Catana
Designer Xavier Faÿ
Length 14,82 M
Maximum Beam 7,88 M
Hull length 14,28 m
Maximum beam 7,88 m
Draft boards up 1,35 m
Light displacement 15,3 T
Displacement at maximum load 22 T
Max sail area upwind 173m3 max
Engines 2 x 45 hp up to 57 hp
Fuel 600+400 L*
Freshwater 600 + 400 L*
Refrigerator + Freezer 615 L*

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