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Elan GT6


Our flagship GT6 is the next-generation Grand Tourer that delivers the perfect balance of speed and power, comfort and luxury, good handling, and precise control.

Stiff, stable, and weather-proof, high-performance hull and sailplane by Humphreys Yacht Design are optimized for short-lived, medium-range cruises. Three generations of Humphreys / Elan design evolution and comprehensive CFD modeling create a sophisticated yacht that handles like a thoroughbred and delivers exhilarating performance at all sail points over a wide range of wind and sea conditions.

Unique style by Studio F. A. Porsche gives the GT6 a strikingly elegant silhouette with sharp, distinctive lines and elaborately curved surfaces that produce stunning light flares as the yacht moves through the water. Excellent ergonomics and a range of revolutionary design features add a new comfort level to life on board in the cockpit.


Studio F. A. Porsche’s timeless design principles and world-class ergonomics create a distinctly elegant, luxurious, and functional living space inside the GT6. The grand panoramic deck lounge provides a breathtaking 180 ° view, and a cleverly inverted layout makes the most of the spacious, wide-beamed hull possible.

The galley is forward, right on top of the keel, where the yacht’s movement at sea is most comfortable, with minimal healing, pitching, and rolling. This frees up space further behind for a massive full-beam saloon. A spacious owner’s suite with a king-size island double bed makes the forepeak’s best use, and expansive through-hull windows in every cabin give a great view.

There is a wide variety of layout choices and configurations available to customize the rest of the accommodation, systems, and storage onboard to fit you, your crew, and your sailing style best. And in the ships, the exquisite details, the quality fabrics, and the beautifully designed finish intensify the pleasure of being on board.


ENGTH OVERALL 15,2 m | 49,9 ft
HULL LENGTH 14,325 m | 47 ft
LENGTH AT WATERLINE 13,495 m | 44,3 ft
BEAM 4,49 m | 14,7 ft
DRAFT (standard)  2,45 m T shape | 8 ft
AIR DRAFT (Incl Antenna) 21,9 m | 71,9 feet
BALLAST 3.900 kg
WATER CAPACITY (STANDARD) 500 l | 132 gallons
FUEL CAPACITY 300 l | 80 gallons
ENGINE (standard)
ENGINE (option)
Volvo Penta 60
57 HP Yanmar
75 HP Volvo Penta
80 HP Yanmar
MAINSAIL 62,60 m2
JIB 51.14 m2
I 18,09 m
J 5,482 m
P 17,15 m
E 6,15 m


Studio F. A. Porsche

Humphreys Yachts Design

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