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Bareboat and Catamaran Boat Rent in Croatia

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Croatia has quickly become a yachting hot spot over recent years. Its beautiful natural scenery, delectable cuisine and vibrant lifestyle have won over many travellers’ hearts.

Croatia offers something for every traveller, from relaxing on its beaches to exploring historic cities. Additionally, renting a yacht and sailing solo are both options available to visitors.

Bareboat charters

Booking a bareboat charter in Croatia is an ideal way to discover its stunning coastline. Thanks to plentiful marinas, there is an assortment of sailing yachts, motor yachts and catamarans available; along with qualified sales advisors who will assist in selecting the right vessel for your journey.

Sailing around Croatia’s sparkling Adriatic Sea and discovering its idyllic islands at a leisurely Mediterranean pace. Visit UNESCO World Heritage sites and delve deep into its rich history; for instance Dubrovnik was featured as King’s Landing in Game of Thrones; walk its streets while admiring its magnificent medieval walls!

Bareboat charters offer the ideal sailing experience for families and groups who want to go at their own pace, while still customizing their itinerary according to personal tastes. But be wary: Croatia requires certain requirements in order to operate a bareboat charter – including having both a valid skipper license and VHF certificate on file.

Crewed yachts

For those without prior boating experience or knowledge of Croatia’s local waters who still want to enjoy yacht charter holidays, we provide crewed yachts. Their captain will ensure you visit all the best spots while taking care to accommodate all your needs and desires – please see each yacht’s obligatory extras section to understand more about what’s included.

Crewed yachts provide an exclusive cruising experience in the Adriatic Sea. Enjoy thrilling sailing adventures while dining on exquisite Mediterranean cuisine aboard your private luxury yacht. Our fleet offers modern sailing yachts and catamarans, romantic gulets and comfortable motor yachts to take you to premium locations along the Croatian coastline.

Our yachts can be chartered from 24 different bases along the Adriatic Coast. Each base offers unique characteristics, and it is important to select one which best meets your needs.


If you are new to sailing and lack confidence navigating a vessel solo, hiring a skipper for your bareboat yacht charter in Croatia would be wise. Croatian law mandates that at least one passenger hold valid nautical and VHF licences.

Motorboats are an economical, comfortable, and fast option for island hopping around Croatia’s many stunning bays and islets. No high level of navigating knowledge is needed to operate one safely; motorboats make for the ideal solution!

Croatia is one of Europe’s premier yachting destinations, boasting beautiful beaches, rich history, and lively nightlife. A charter cruise in Croatia promises an unforgettable experience – whether for weekend escape or week-long exploration! There’s a range of boats available through Sailogy that is sure to suit your trip’s needs – just browse them online before making your decision and booking it through Sailogy! Don’t worry about traffic or parking either; your skipper will take care of all the logistics for you!


Catamaran tours offer the ideal solution for exploring Croatia’s islands and coastline. Spacious yet comfortable, catamaran boats provide ample room for all crew members as they sail smoothly across its waters – even those prone to sea sickness!

Catamarans are easier to maneuver than monohulls. Their shallow draft makes them capable of accessing coves and beaches where larger vessels cannot, allowing you to make the most of every minute spent aboard your vessel and create lasting memories.

Croatia offers stunning turquoise water, thousands of stunning islands, and rich history that any sailor would dream of exploring aboard a catamaran cruise. Be it visiting national parks or wandering ancient city walls – Click&Boat provides a user-friendly platform that connects you with local boat owners for safe sailing adventures; even holding onto one for up to 24 hours can help make up your mind!

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