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Bareboat Charter Croatia – A Paradise For Sailors

boat rental Croatia

If you want to explore Croatia, take advantage of a bareboat charter for an unforgettable sailing adventure. Croatia offers unspoiled islands, breathtaking coastal city views, and fascinating national parks that make sailing trips enjoyable.

Visit Vis, an idyllic island, or take in the sights of Krka waterfalls from your sailboat. Additionally, stop by Plitvice Lakes National Park which has been recognized by UNESCO.

Choosing a boat

Renting a yacht is the perfect way to explore Croatia’s stunning coast. Boasting over one thousand islands and sparkling blue water, Croatia offers sailors many destinations ranging from intimate coves and old towns to breathtaking natural landscapes – something is sure to please every sailor in Croatia!

Before booking a boat in Croatia, it is essential to carefully consider both its costs and type. A smaller vessel may be cheaper and easier to navigate while larger boats require greater skill and knowledge for navigation. Aside from considering boat size and amenities, take note of whether there are any on board.

If you need assistance making the selection, simply ask the charter company. They should be able to suggest boats that best meet your needs and budget, plus put a hold on it for 24 hours in order to make any necessary modifications before making a final decision. It is also wise to frequently check weather predictions prior to and during your voyage.

Getting a boat

If you’re renting a boat in Croatia, it is essential that you are aware of its requirements. These may include contracts, navigation charts, radio license and provisioning services. In addition, it would be prudent to obtain travel insurance as this will offer added protection should anything go awry during your voyage.

Crewed yacht charter offers an exciting and relaxing cruising holiday experience, featuring professional crew services as well as access to premium destinations along Croatian coastal waters. Crewed yachts come in various forms such as elegant motor boats, romantic gulets and comfortable catamarans for charter.

Before and during a sailing vacation in Croatia, always consult the weather predictions from local marinas, the Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service or online apps. It is also essential that food and supplies be on board – many marinas feature supermarkets nearby where you can purchase these supplies as well as radio communication tools.

Paying for a boat

Renting a boat in Croatia requires understanding the total costs. These vary based on yacht type and season – for instance a brand new sailboat or catamaran could range from 800 – 2000 Euro per week; alternatively most charter companies can arrange a skipper service at 150 – 180 Euro per day if that suits better.

Croatia offers ideal sailing conditions during late spring (April to June) and early fall (September through October), when calmer waters and lower crowds exist than during its busier summer months of July and August.

As well as considering the charter price, it is also essential to account for costs such as transit log and tourist tax fees that aren’t covered in your rental cost but must be paid to the charter company separately. Furthermore, fuel and moorings fees should also be covered during your cruise destination visit.

Renting a boat

Rental boats offer the ideal way to explore Croatia’s stunning coast, from yachts and catamarans to more intimate vessels like kayaks. All rentals come equipped with full amenities for an enjoyable holiday experience – for an unforgettable adventure, charter companies may provide invaluable assistance.

If you don’t possess a sailing license or simply wish to enjoy the peace and serenity of a cruise, why not rent a skipper on board? This service is ideal for exploring Kornati or Dubrovnik Islands while an experienced skipper guides them through Croatian waters.

Renting a boat in Croatia is simple and cost-effective; simply put a hold on one for 24 hours so that you have time to decide if it fits into your trip plans before booking it online.

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