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Boat Rental Croatia – Explore the Beautiful Coast of Croatia

Boat rental Croatia offers the perfect way to explore its stunning coast. Home to sandy beaches, national parks, Mediterranean cuisine and forested mountains – Croatia makes for an idyllic sailing getaway!

Apart from enjoying the beautiful beaches, families with young children will also love visiting Krka waterfall, an ideal family destination.

Choosing a boat

Picking out a boat to rent for your holiday vacation is a key part of planning. To ensure everyone in your group can find enough room, and ensure it will be safe to sail, consult with one of Navigare Yachting’s expert charter representatives to select an ideal vessel.

Croatia is an undiscovered gem when it comes to sailing holidays in Europe, offering ancient cities, stunning nature and friendly people in an inviting setting for sailing enthusiasts. Over 1,000 islands can be explored here including both inhabited and uninhabited ones!

First step should be visiting the Croatian Ship Register and organizing an out of water survey of your vessel. Next step will be paying registration fees and waiting weeks for your license. Bringing along a captain is advised during this entire process as they know best routes and hidden coves within Croatia.

Getting a license

Before renting a boat in Croatia, it’s essential to note that operating without a valid license is illegal. Therefore, anyone renting without a skipper must possess valid navigational and VHF licences issued by port authorities which involve training courses as well as passing an exam with both practical and theoretical assessments.

When entering Croatian waters from non-EU countries, renting boats requires filing a declaration to the appropriate customs office. This document, known as a “carinska deklaracija za pustanje u slobodan promet,” must include all relevant information as well as being signed and certified by both owner and their ID document.

Boat registration may also be necessary before sailing in Croatian waters, and can be an extensive and time-consuming process. However, it’s essential that your vessel meets international safety standards before venturing onto Croatian waters.

Getting a boat in Split

Split, Croatia offers boat rental options to explore its idyllic beaches and natural wilderness. May through October is ideal, when temperatures remain warm and dry – an ideal time for island hopping among Hvar and Korcula islands or hiking Marjan Forest Park with breathtaking waterfalls at Krka National Park.

As always, booking your boat charter through a trusted and comfortable local agency will allow for an enjoyable tour and will save time spent getting licensed while providing access to hidden sights that only locals know about.

Most sailing enthusiasts opt to rent a yacht or catamaran for at least a week, giving them ample time to discover islands and coastal towns. But you could also book a day cruise and make the most of this extraordinary coastline!

Getting a boat in Hvar

Hvar’s most popular mode of transportation is by boat, offering access to hidden coves, beaches and cliffs as well as activities like swimming and cliff jumping. There is a variety of boats available but always check if a license is necessary before renting one in Croatian waters as renting without one is illegal.

Speedboat rentals on Hvar are becoming increasingly popular and can provide an intimate and personalized experience. Fast boats such as this offer easy access to key destinations like Blue Cave and Green Cave while offering protection from wind conditions.

Boating on Hvar is best experienced from June through August, when lavender fields bloom and weather is balmy and sunny. Unfortunately, this season also draws its highest number of tourists so if you wish to avoid crowds it would be wise to book ahead if possible.

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