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Boat Rental Croatia With Skipper

Rent a skippered yacht and explore Croatia’s indented coastline by renting one. Explore uninhabited islands, enjoy delicious fresh seafood cuisine, and embrace a leisurely Mediterranean pace of living.

Your skipper takes care in taking care of everything for you – including docking fees and fuel for the boat. They may also share their sailing knowledge with up-and-coming sailors.


Enjoin a skippered yachting experience to discover Croatia’s premier destinations. The sparkling Adriatic Sea hosts numerous beautiful islands and beaches ideal for sailing holidays – from Zrce Beach on Pag island to Dubrovnik’s ancient city, there’s a lot to see and do during a crewed charter!

Your skipper is an expert who understands Croatia sailing trips. They’ll take care in maintaining all aspects of navigational safety on board the yacht while providing local knowledge for visiting places to suit any preferences or desires.

For instance, if you’re interested in Kornati as a romantic destination, your skipper will recommend an idyllic secluded bay away from crowds, along with knowing all the best local restaurants for delicious local cuisine. Hiring a skipper typically costs approximately EUR150 per day in addition to your charter price.


Hiring a skipper takes care of all safety considerations for you; all that needs to be taken care of are meeting bareboat charter requirements and having their own VHF license (or national equivalent).

Your skipper has extensive sailing experience along Croatia’s coastline and understands all factors affecting sailing such as currents, tides and winds that affect sailing conditions. He will take extra precaution in planning your route even when weather changes arise and ensure your safety throughout.

Tipping your driver or guide should not be compulsory but is recommended at approximately 15% of your charter cost based on how pleased you were with his or her services.

Local knowledge

Sailing Croatia’s magnificent coast with a skipper is the easiest and most relaxing way to experience its remarkable landscapes. Skippers take care in managing all navigational aspects so you can sit back on deck and soak up its breathtaking beauty while relaxing into their navigational expertise. They can also recommend beautiful anchorages and destinations where you can truly immerse yourself in Mediterranean culture.

Boat crew can also offer advice on the best mooring spots, restaurants and culinary treats along the way. With their friendly personalities and attention to detail, they take great pleasure in making sure that your yacht charter in Croatia lives up to all of your expectations.

Croatia offers yachters plenty of attractions and activities on their sailing holiday, from vibrant coastal towns and scenic island coves to breathtaking watersports activities and picturesque yachting opportunities. When visiting during July-August’s high season you can also experience local festivals and events for an added experience!


Skippers provide peace of mind as they take care of all aspects of navigation for their passengers, allowing you to enjoy and relax during their cruise. Experienced skippers know all types of boats well and will expertly navigate any yacht you select for your sailing vacation in Croatia.

Professional skippers in Croatia will assist in organizing an itinerary and provide valuable advice regarding restaurants, towns and other sites worth seeing during your yacht charter journey. With them on board, your experience will be stress-free so that you can create lasting memories with family and friends during this unforgettable adventure!

Booking early is important when looking to rent a skippered yacht charter in Croatia, especially during July and August when temperatures are ideal and boating activity reaches its peak with crowds and higher prices.

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