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Boat Rental Croatia With Skipper

boat rental Croatia with skipper

Skippered boats provide the ideal solution for families and friends without sailing experience, providing navigation services as well as taking care of other details so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the trip.

Visit Europe’s sunniest coast and uncover Croatia’s vibrant culture, stunning national parks and UNESCO World Heritage sites.


Hired yacht charter with skipper offers the most genuine way to experience Croatia’s captivating islands and coastline, and their rich maritime history. A local skipper knows all the best mooring spots, anchorages, sights, beaches, UNESCO World Heritage sites – making your sailing adventure all that much better!

Skippers are more than eager to pass on their knowledge and teach aspiring sailors. They will gladly demonstrate the ropes, teaching you how to helm or navigate a yacht while you relax and take in the magnificent sights of Adriatic Sea. Your skipper may also suggest activities such as kayaking or paddleboarding on crystal-clear waters of Marjan Forest Park or hiking up waterfalls in Krka National Park.

As an added perk, your skipper will provide valuable insights into the history and culture of the area as well as recommend restaurants and sites on either mainland or islands. Foodies will appreciate having someone share culinary highlights like octopus salad and squid ink risotto from this expert guide!

Croatia is most popular during its high season from July through August when temperatures are warm and sunny and waters remain calm and clear. You may also visit Croatia in May or September when temperatures will be slightly lower and crowds smaller – an option which offers potential cost savings as well as less crowding!

Local knowledge

Skippers are experts at all aspects of sailing and have in-depth knowledge of their surrounding areas; they can recommend great mooring places, restaurants and tourist attractions that will enhance your Croatia experience in more authentic ways than you ever could on your own. In addition, they know all of the best spots for overnighting aboard during peak seasons when all marinas may be fully occupied – ensuring an amazing sailing adventure for you and your crew!

Skippered charters offer numerous advantages for passengers and crew alike. Being knowledgeable of all boat types ensures their safety is never an issue, while knowing all safety regulations is also an advantage. Furthermore, skippers offer tips to novice sailors as they develop their sailing abilities during a sailing trip in Croatia – especially those without valid sailing licenses or who feel insecure in their abilities – making hiring one the ideal solution. Charters are available during all seasons, however for optimal sailing conditions it is advisable to visit May, June or September.

As well as exploring the beautiful Adriatic Sea and islands, Croatia also boasts many other attractions ranging from national parks to party islands – there’s something here for everyone to discover! And with NCP & mare’s expert team on hand, finding your ideal yacht rental will never be an issue.

NCP & mare offers an expansive fleet of sailing yachts, catamarans, and motor yachts available to rent with an experienced skipper. We take great pride in providing personalized attention and tailor-made itineraries for yachting vacations in Croatia. To avoid any unpleasant surprises on arrival at NCP & Mare we suggest booking at least three months ahead in order to secure the date(s) you require as well as providing optimal accommodation options on Croatia.


Croatia’s stunning islands and coast are an irresistible visual feast, boasting numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites as well as captivating local festivals that create the ideal blend of ancient and modern. No matter where you travel in Croatia – from Dubrovnik, Split or Zadar – its people are welcoming, proud of their history, and eager to show you around their pristine shorelines and islands.

With its calm waters and short island distances, the Adriatic offers ideal sailing conditions. But to ensure an enjoyable journey it is vitally important that yachters come prepared with adequate safety measures as weather forecasts may quickly change conditions on board their vessel.

Beginners would do well to hire a skipper for their charter. Skippers have been trained to navigate boats safely and ensure passenger safety onboard their vessel, assist with navigation and offer advice about optimal routes for your voyage, while taking care of sailing logistics so you can focus on simply enjoying your vacation!

Boats operating in Croatia must abide by certain safety regulations, such as carrying all the required equipment, keeping speeds under safe levels and staying away from protected areas and national parks. By adhering to these rules, boats in Croatia help safeguard marine life as well as maintain clean waters for future generations to enjoy. Also make sure that trash is properly disposed of; recycling should always be encouraged where possible and that single-use plastics are avoided while on the water.

Be sure to check the weather forecast before setting sail on your yachting adventure in Croatia; this will allow you to avoid unpleasant surprises and plan around favorable conditions. Furthermore, prepare your vessel by packing essential gear and making any repairs as early as possible.

Before setting sail, it is a good idea to complete all payments online or via bank transfer in advance of reaching the marina. This will save time at the charter base and prevent delays when beginning your cruise. When arriving, meet your skipper at their boat’s designated location; arrange for pick-up time/place/date, and embark! Soon you’ll be sailing through the turquoise waters of Adriatic, exploring hidden coves and beaches only reachable by yacht.

Ease of navigation

Skippers are integral components of boat rental Croatia, providing invaluable insights and expertise that make the experience worry-free for everyone involved. A skipper will handle navigation and sailboat handling so that you can sit back on deck and simply enjoy yourself on this vacation voyage. They also possess extensive local knowledge that allows them to recommend places of interest, dining establishments and activities suited specifically for you – including helping avoid crowds by discovering uncrowded beaches!

Your skipper will know all the best spots in the Adriatic Sea and can assist in creating an itinerary to meet your preferences. From lounging on an idyllic beach to exploring coastal towns’ rich histories and cultures, they’re there to guide your itinerary on which routes are the most suitable to your vacation experience. They can also advise which marinas offer convenient mooring.

Skippers possess not only maritime expertise, but are also knowledgeable of local customs and traditions. They will respect your privacy, cultural values, and promote safe sailing practices while making sure that all safety equipment necessary for sailing is available and aware of weather conditions. Furthermore, they ensure you have sufficient food and water during their visit – plus any additional needs they can meet during your stay.

When selecting a skipper for your yacht charter in Croatia, carefully evaluate their cost along with other expenses like mooring fees and fuel costs to ascertain if hiring one is an affordable solution. To be on the safe side and avoid unexpected surprises during your cruise experience, always ask for a comprehensive quote that details any potential fees from charter companies in order to plan your budget properly and avoid unexpected surprises along the way.

Skippers not only enhance your holiday experience, but can help prevent costly mistakes on board. As well as being experts at navigation, skippers will also guide you toward finding the best restaurants and bars on board, helping save money by avoiding overcrowded ports or finding secret spots where delicious seafood can be had without paying exorbitant restaurant prices.

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