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Boat Rental in Croatia

Croatia offers an enchanting coastal allure that draws boat rental adventures, while its rich tapestry of culture promises exciting adventures.

Bareboat charters require a skipper with an active license; if this is not available to you, crewed charters offer another alternative.

Coastal towns

Croatia’s vibrant waters and medieval towns draw in sailors and yachting enthusiasts year after year. Boasting over 1,400 islands, Croatia is an idyllic boating paradise offering many coves and beaches to discover – not to mention its rich cultural history that attracts travelers.

From Pula in Istrian Cape to Dubrovnik in southern Dalmatia, Croatia’s coastal cities offer plenty of things to see and do. Explore ancient ruins and medieval fortresses or wander historic streets before dining at local taverns where you can savor delectable Mediterranean and Eastern European flavors during your vacation vacation.

Croatia offers great conditions for yacht rentals all year round. However, summer is typically considered to be the ideal season due to its hot and sunny temperatures; however spring and autumn also make great times of visit due to lower temperatures and fewer tourists; in addition, there are numerous festivals held throughout these seasons that make an enjoyable sailing trip!


Croatia offers over 1,000 miles of coastline and 1,600 islands and islets, making it an ideal location for yacht charters. Enjoy relaxing cruises or discover its rich cultural traditions; whatever your sailing adventures may be in Croatia await!

Yacht chartering in Croatia will open up a world of sparkling waters and quiet coves teeming with marine life, vibrant coastal towns, and their rich histories. The ideal time for sailing Croatian waters is late spring/early fall when temperatures are warmer and waters calmer.

If you don’t have experience sailing a yacht, renting a crewed charter with a skipper may be your solution. This option is perfect for those without sailing licenses who would like a relaxing cruising vacation; their skipper will take care of all navigation needs leaving you free to relax and discover!

Bareboat charters

No matter your sailing level or preference, bareboat charters provide an ideal way to explore Croatian islands. Offering flexibility and independence while exploring Croatia’s idyllic beaches and captivating coastline, bareboats provide the ideal way to discover them all. However, this type of cruising is best suited to experienced sailors as a valid boating license must be presented. For further clarification regarding qualifications please reach out directly to one of the national governing bodies for clarification.

Sail Croatia and be immersed in its rich maritime culture! From Venetian-influenced boutiques and vibrant atmosphere in Dubrovnik to Romanesque architecture and imperial ruins in Split – Croatia offers much to be discovered during your sailing odyssey across its blue waters.

Crewed charters

Croatia’s beautiful waters make for an idyllic yacht charter experience, from exploring hidden coves and beaches to experiencing coastal towns’ vibrant cultures – there is something special waiting for everyone in Croatia’s waters!

Croatia offers the ideal conditions for renting a boat during its high season from July to August. Weather is typically sunny and warm – making this an excellent time of year to go sailing!

Experience Croatia’s ancient ruins, islands, landmarks and traditional treasures during your crewed charter holiday in Croatia. Go on spectacular nature tours in one of its national parks for unforgettable nature trips or embark on one of our crewed charter experts can create a custom itinerary tailored specifically for you and your budget. Book at least 8 months ahead for optimal price and availability!

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