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Boat Rental With Skipper – Experience the Magic of Croatia

Sailing Croatia offers an unforgettable experience, full of charming islands, tranquil moorings, UNESCO World Heritage sites and diverse cultures.

Skippered yacht charters allow you to experience sailing without the burden of handling or navigating. Your skipper will take care in suggesting islands to visit as well as making sure that the yacht reaches port undamaged.


An experienced skipper makes your sailing experience more pleasurable and comfortable. They know the waters surrounding Croatia intimately and can customize the course as required, also being aware of potential weather factors that affect it (for instance Bura or Jugo Winds from either direction) to advise where there are safe harbours when necessary.

Skippers boast years and even decades of experience within the yacht charter industry, having navigated Croatian waters extensively over their careers. Their knowledge can provide insights into idyllic anchorages, restaurants and activities in Croatia as well as helping uncover hidden gems while avoiding overcrowded sites.

Skippers provide logistical and marina paperwork assistance as well as sailing lessons or confidence building techniques, staying aboard during your entire cruise to ensure all nautical rules are abided by.


Croatia boasts over 1000 miles of breathtaking coastline, making it a prime location for boating enthusiasts. Rent a yacht with skipper to discover hidden coves, visit historic coastal towns or participate in watersports and activities of your own choice.

An experienced Croatia skipper will join your charter party and manage all aspects of navigation and itinerary planning, teaching you sailing skills along the way. He will also highlight any recreational spots along your route while handling mooring and anchorage duties for you.

To charter a bareboat in Croatia, one member of your party must hold a valid certificate or license that demonstrates their ability to navigate a yacht safely and responsibly. Examples of such qualifications may include an RYA Day Skipper shorebased certificate, YM Coastal Skipper certification or Powerboat level 2 certification; though this list may not be exhaustive – yacht charter operators may accept qualifications from their home country that do not feature here.


Croatia’s captivating coastline and islands provide the ideal setting for an exciting journey, offering captivating marine culture experiences to remember forever. Yacht charter escapades or exploring its rich tapestry heritage is the best way to take full advantage of everything this beautiful European gem has to offer; boat rental with skipper is the best way to do both.

Croatia’s high season from July and August offers ideal sailing boat and catamaran rental conditions, with warm, sunny days filled with plenty of activities and outdoor pursuits – but this also marks its busiest period of year.

A captain knows first-hand all of the factors affecting sailing, such as currents and tide motions, that could affect your itinerary, making adjustments if necessary. They can also recommend great restaurants, moorings and sights to see, as well as suggest the most scenic routes so that you can experience nature at its finest!

Local knowledge

If you are new to sailing and wish to experience Croatia’s coastal beauty without having to depend on your own nautical expertise, skippered charter is an ideal solution. Skippers take care in handling all navigational aspects while providing valuable recommendations of lovely anchorages and sailing spots that bring out its true Mediterranean spirit.

At any time of year, Croatia offers year-round boat rental opportunities; however, high season prices and crowds should be avoided to secure better deals and more space onboard your chosen vessel. From bareboat charters to fully crewed charters available depending on boat type.

As part of your bareboat charter experience, having a valid sailing license is key. Alternatively, hiring a skipper might be worth exploring; skippers typically cost between 150 – 200 Euro per day to hire.

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