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Boat Rentals in Croatia

boat rent croatia

Croatia boasts a fascinating maritime history and breathtaking natural landscapes, making it a top choice for boat rentals. Enjoy swimming in crystal-clear waters while exploring hidden coves and charming coastal towns.

Enjoy a bareboat charter if you hold a license, or opt for a crewed yacht with full crew to plan excursions and prepare meals. Prices depend upon boat type and season.

Boats for rent

If you’re planning a sailing vacation in Croatia, there are various options available to make your vacation enjoyable. Choose the ideal yacht or catamaran rental to meet both your group size and budget needs, plus optional extras like skipper or hostess services.

Croatia boasts an exquisite maritime culture and beautiful natural surroundings. Boasting over 1,000 islands along its shoreline, this picturesque destination provides numerous sailing opportunities. From parties on Hvar to tranquil beach resorts like Kornati National Park – Croatia has something special to offer everyone.

Croatia boasts one of the lowest boat rental costs worldwide; you can rent a two-cabin sailboat for four people for as little as 800 euros per week!

Boats with or without a skipper

If you don’t possess a boating license, the best solution for your sailing vacation would be hiring a skipper. Your personal captain will take care in managing navigation and manning of the vessel while you enjoy Croatia’s open waters. Dinghies are inflatable boats ideal for daily charters – lightweight yet fast with excellent performance at sea; cruisers offer seating for up to 42 people on spacious steel or wooden vessels that come complete with comfortable cabins.

Croatia is an idyllic sailing and yachting vacation destination, boasting stunning landscapes and a rich history that make it one of Europe’s premier sailing and yachting vacation spots. Boasting over 1,000 islands and an exquisite coastline, its waters provide endless opportunities for exploring secluded coves and bays, visiting charming coastal towns or engaging in watersports activities and water activities. You can rent sailboats and catamaran for weekend or longer sailing excursions in Croatia.


Planning a sailing vacation requires understanding all costs involved. From yacht rental fees and food costs, it is crucial that you are fully informed before booking your journey. Luckily, Croatia offers numerous boat rentals to fit every need and budget – making your search for your ideal yacht easier than ever.

Bareboat charters in Croatia are ideal for experienced sailors looking to navigate open waters on their own, without being bound by crewed yacht rules or restrictions. Bareboat rentals tend to be less costly than crewed yachts while giving you freedom to discover hidden coves, islands and coastal towns without incurring additional costs for navigation services.

If you are new to sailing, it is advisable to hire a skipper when chartering a yacht. Skippers have extensive knowledge of their local environment and will show you some of the best itineraries; they may also assist with planning activities and suggesting restaurants; their fees typically range between 150 – 180 Euro per day.


When renting a boat in Croatia, it’s essential to take safety precautions. A skipper or hostess on board can help prevent dangerous situations from arising and provide valuable guidance. Furthermore, trip insurance can protect against damage to your vessel as well as loss or theft of valuable items that may be carried onboard.

There are various winds that can alter sailing conditions depending on where you’re located, with Hvar Town being home to one of the more notable examples – Maestral wind often blows in the afternoon during summer and offers excellent sailing conditions; other more cold winds such as Bora and Jugo may bring heavy seas and rain showers.

Before renting a boat, it’s essential that you learn how to read weather forecasts correctly in order to plan your journey more effectively and prevent unexpected surprises. Furthermore, it is wise to bring along waterproof clothing as an extra precautionary measure.

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