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Catamaran Charter Croatia

Catamarans provide ample space and comfort for families, friends, or larger groups of passengers. Their two hulls allow cabins to be located at separate corners of the vessel to ensure privacy for everyone onboard.

Bareboat charters (requiring certification) allow for greater independence; however, by traveling on a fully crewed vessel you will learn even more about Croatia.

1. Comfort

Catamarans provide an enjoyable sailing experience for anyone, particularly those prone to sea sickness. Their spacious design offers ample living space both inside and out – ideal for relaxing, dining and socializing with family and friends alike.

Take an unforgettable yachting holiday on board a crewed catamaran in Croatia for an indulgent yachting vacation featuring exceptional personalized service, pleasant accommodation and gourmet dining experiences. Sail during peak summer season or spring or fall and discover unforgettable cruise memories aboard this luxurious vessel.

Explore idyllic coves and picturesque islands or discover Trogir’s Old Town – both are World Heritage sites! With a selection of powered and sailing catamarans available for charter with Click&Boat Yacht Charters, take full advantage of all that Croatia has to offer and plan a yachting vacation here!

2. Stability

Catamarans offer great stability, making them perfect for families with young children or groups of friends traveling together. You’ll enjoy sailing Croatia’s crystal clear seas while discovering beautiful bays.

Sailing monohull yachts offer another advantage – being able to anchor close inshore. Their shallow draft allows access to places inaccessible to monohull yachts.

Stability also makes catamaran easier for less experienced sailors or those suffering from sea sickness to navigate, making renting one in Croatia easy and stress-free. In general, RYA qualifications will be accepted, though you should check with the owner. You can even hire a skipper for added peace of mind.

3. Speed

Catamarans offer superior sailing speeds over their single-hull counterparts while having less of an environmental impact and providing greater stability and comfort.

Catamarans provide more space and are simpler to maneuver than monohulls, making them an excellent option for anyone seeking an enjoyable sailing adventure on Adriatic Sea waters.

Catamaran charter Croatia is an excellent way to experience its stunning landscape and culture, whether during peak summer season or more relaxed spring and fall months. Your sailing vacation will leave lasting memories.

4. Space

Catamarans are wider boats that provide ample space for guests. Multi-level decks and saloons create an enjoyable social atmosphere, while spacious cabins ensure privacy and comfort for every passenger onboard.

Catamaran are capable of sailing faster than monohull vessels, giving you more time and freedom during your vacation to explore and make memories.

Zlatni Rat on Brac Island is one of the premier destinations for catamaran charter Croatia, boasting gorgeous waters and an attractive strip of sand that offers incredible ocean and island views.

Costs associated with catamaran chartering depend on various factors, including boat type, number of people staying aboard and location. It is wise to compare pricing details in order to find yacht rental packages that suit your budget.

5. Flexibility

Experience Croatia at your own pace while taking in breathtaking natural landscapes and charming coastal towns on board a catamaran charter, with plenty of flexibility for island hopping or coastline exploration. Enjoy exploring the Adriatic Sea in style at your own pace while marvelling at breathtaking natural landscapes and charming coastal towns like Split.

Renting a catamaran with skipper is the perfect solution for anyone new to yachting or just wanting an easy sailing experience. An experienced skipper takes over navigation and safety of the vessel so that you can truly unwind aboard and experience Croatia’s beautiful destinations.

Catamarans also provide more privacy, with sleeping cabins tucked into different corners of the vessel away from salon and galley areas. Depending on your qualifications you could sail your own yacht on a bareboat catamaran charter (but please refer to RYA requirements before making such arrangements) or join an organized sailing flotilla with professional skippers.

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