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Catamaran Charter Croatia

catamaran charter Croatia

An elegant catamaran charter Croatia provides you with an enjoyable sailing experience, be it during peak summer season or quieter shoulder seasons. Here you can discover Croatia’s spectacular landscapes and abundant cultural heritage.

Catamarans feature numerous watertight compartments to help ensure that even if one area of the boat becomes punctured, the vessel remains afloat and offers more privacy as the cabins are separate from living areas.

Bareboat or Crewed

Catamarans provide comfortable cabins and social areas perfect for family charters. Not only are they faster and more stable than monohull sailboats, they can easily navigate shallow waters thanks to multiple watertight compartments that will keep the boat afloat should a puncture occur.

Bareboat catamaran charters provide you with an opportunity to discover Croatia’s stunning coast at your own pace, exploring islands, towns, and cities at will. Swim in crystal-clear water while snorkelling or diving for marine life; paddleboard around local communities for food tasting experiences or simply unwind by relaxing on the beach or aboard your catamaran charter.

If you possess a valid sailing license and desire the ultimate yacht charter service experience, crewed catamaran charter may be perfect for your holiday in Croatia. A skipper, hostess and chef will take care of all of your needs on board; giving you more freedom to explore various itineraries while exploring more of Croatian coastline while appreciating traditional Mediterranean cuisine.

Luxury Catamarans

Luxury catamarans provide the ideal way to discover Croatia’s breathtaking beaches and islands. Their larger sizes provide plenty of room for relaxation and comfort on board while their shallow drafts enable close proximity to shorelines. If you want an authentic sailing experience, opt for a fully crewed luxury catamaran charter experience instead.

These beautiful yachts provide all of the amenities of home, such as spacious cabins with en-suite bathrooms and air conditioning, making them perfect for beginners. Furthermore, their incredible stability on open waters make them the ideal sailing holiday choice. And Croatia offers over 1,000 islands to discover as you sail its breathtaking coasts!


If you were booked as a charter guest during this season, we will work to find an alternative charter date within the NEXT yachting season and keep you up-to-date on developments related to COVID-19 as they occur.

An experienced, fully qualified, and commercially approved skipper will add many advantages to your Croatia sailing holiday. Not only are they familiar with their fleet, but they’re also adept at understanding local marine weather and navigational rules.

They can teach you new sailing skills or even help rekindle your confidence at the helm, recommend dining options on each itinerary and advise mooring options and optimal times of day to visit certain destinations. In case of emergency assistance is on call 24/7; just ensure you bring along ID cards, passports and personal travel insurance as it’s mandatory in order to take over a boat.


Croatia catamaran charters can provide an economical means of exploring its breathtaking coastline and islands, but prices will depend on many variables; including size of boat and number of passengers as well as whether or not a skipper or crew members are desired.

Catamarans offer an elegant and spacious cruise experience for families and friends. Their stability makes them an excellent way to overcome sea sickness symptoms, and their faster sailing speeds mean more time can be spent exploring coastal towns or admiring ancient city walls.

Sailing Croatia’s coastal waters is the ideal way to discover its splendor, offering access to remote beaches as well as vibrant harbors and marinas that bustle with life. May through September are prime months for sailing as their warm, dry conditions tend to attract fewer crowds compared to peak summer months.

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