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Catamaran Charter Croatia

catamaran charter Croatia

Catamaran charter Croatia offers the ideal way to explore this stunning nation, providing comfort, stability, and plenty of room for relaxing or sunbathing.

With a crewed catamaran charter you can explore hidden coves and picturesque beaches, or discover world heritage-listed structures like Diocletian’s palace in Split – not forgetting stunning city walls like those listed by UNESCO!


Catamarans provide increased comfort onboard for seasick passengers due to their two hulls providing stability and smooth sailing experience. Catamarans feature large lounge areas where guests can take in the scenery while relaxing privately in privacy; perfect for families, couples and groups of friends alike (some models even accommodate up to 8).

No matter which vessel type is right for your group in Croatia, our user-friendly platform makes finding the ideal vessel easy. Connect easily with local boat owners for a hassle-free yacht charter experience and take advantage of our experts who are on standby 24/7 to answer any queries that arise – don’t hesitate to get in touch.

At we will pair you with an experienced skipper or hostess and arrange any extras such as transfers, outboard motor rental, early check-in, security deposit insurance and catering at an additional fee. We provide accurate quotations based on information given so you can book with ease and confidence.

Croatia offers over 1,000 islands for exploration. Our team will recommend the ideal destinations and create an itinerary that makes the most of your catamaran cruise time on board.

If you are new to sailing or just want to ensure you maximize your time onboard, hiring with a skipper is an ideal solution. A skipper will handle navigation and safety onboard the boat while you relax and soak up Croatia’s sights.

Are you ready for the ultimate luxury catamaran experience? Look no further; our fleet features both sailing and power catamarans designed by VPLP that will have you spellbound, from Lagoon Sixty 5 designed by VPLP and NAMASTE OF BALI to name just two – each boasting superb craftsmanship and elegance that will leave you speechless!


A catamaran offers unparalleled comfort and stability, giving guests unparalleled relaxation and socialization opportunities on its spacious decks and lounge areas, while its well-appointed cabins with en suite bathrooms ensure privacy during their stay aboard.

Catamarans also feature a shallower draft than many other sailing boats, making them better equipped to access more coves and marinas than their larger counterparts. This makes a catamaran an excellent way to discover Croatia’s stunning coastline with its idyllic beaches and tranquil lagoons.

Catamarans provide spaciousness and stability that makes them the ideal vessel for family sailing vacations and group holidays with friends. Their ease of handling ensures even novice sailors can safely experience Croatia on charter cruise.

Click&Boat offers an impressive selection of luxury catamarans that will suit any need, such as Lagoon and Bali catamarans with plenty of natural lighting, spacious accommodations, alfresco dining options and alfresco seating areas. Additional features of Lagoon and Bali models may include bow terraces with trampolines or hard decks (depending on model), extensive flybridges, exceptional cabins offering bright lighting conditions and enough room to relax onboard.

Dependent upon your preferences and budget, Croatia offers various catamaran rental options that suit you perfectly. Prices will depend upon factors like size, model year, charter duration duration and additional services offered – in general though a catamaran is usually less costly than sailing yacht or motorboat rental options.

Catamaran rentals in Croatia provide an affordable way for groups of any size to explore Croatia’s islands and scenic coves while taking advantage of the warm Mediterranean weather and breathtaking scenery.

If you’re seeking an unforgettable sailing adventure, consider sailing Croatia during its shoulder seasons of spring (April to May) or fall (October to November). These periods offer beautiful scenery with reduced crowds and lower prices; not to mention breathtaking landscapes full of vibrant blooms in springtime or golden hues in fall!


When chartering a catamaran in Croatia, safety should always be of prime concern. Catamarans offer much greater stability and spaciousness compared to other boats; plus their sleeping cabins feature comfortable mattresses for restful nights’ rest as well as versatile living areas – making them an excellent option for families or groups of friends vacationing together. Although accidents and casualties at sea tend to be lower compared to other vessels types, yachtsmen must still take precaution and be vigilant throughout their trip; the Croatian Ministry of Sea advises sailors listen closely for weather forecasts as well as keeping track of changes on the water; while skippers should regularly brushing up on their navigation skills for optimal sailing adventures.

Sailing Croatia provides you with an amazing opportunity to discover hidden coves, protected anchorages and picturesque coastal towns. Boasting over 1,000 islands, Croatia boasts beautiful harbors and marinas that make ideal places to moor, such as Dubrovnik Old Town Harbor located within its walls – offering guests the ideal setting to experience Croatia’s vibrant culture!

Croatia offers ideal sailing conditions and short island distances, making it a fantastic sailing destination for both novice and veteran sailors alike. When renting a catamaran bareboat during high season (June-August), make sure that weather reports and safe routes are strictly adhered to; with skippered yacht rentals you can rely on professional crew members’ expertise in navigating tricky waters safely.

Restocking on food and drinks should also be fairly simple when renting a catamaran in Croatia, thanks to larger islands and ports with supermarkets, ATMs, post offices, postage stamp machines, post offices, ATMs, post offices and other amenities that make resupply easier. You should still buy all essentials before embarking on your cruise journey – and consider adding extras such as transfers, early check-in (like hiring a car), security deposits on check-in (similar to car rental) as well as Skipper Hostess or Chef services (for an additional cost).


Planning a sailing vacation means understanding its costs is of utmost importance. From charter costs and travelling expenses to food costs, many factors will determine how much your charter costs. Catamarans tend to be more costly than other boats but offer unique experiences worth paying extra for. Luckily there are ways you can still enjoy all the comfort and stability a catamaran provides while remaining within your budget.

Cost of Croatian catamaran charter can vary based on boat type and size, season, additional services/amenities desired and guest count. Renting with or without crew will affect price accordingly.

Catamarans offer more space than monohull vessels, making them the perfect vessel for large groups or families that need to spread out. Their multi-hull design provides superior stability and smooth sailing experience even in rough waters, while the comfortable lounge area and flybridge provide ample seating and panoramic views for relaxing or dining al fresco.

If you’re searching for an economical way to experience Croatia’s stunning islands, renting your catamaran with a skipper could be just the ticket. A professional skipper can handle navigation, safety and other crucial duties while you relax on board; in addition, they provide invaluable insight into local gastronomy as well as offer guidance in choosing sailing routes that best suit their skills.

July and August are among the most sought-after times to sail around Croatia, but if you prefer less-crowded conditions you could also find fantastic bargains during spring (April-May) or fall (October-November). These months offer pleasant weather as well as reduced tourist crowds.

No matter when or why you charter a catamaran in Croatia, your experience will surely be unforgettable. From its crystal-clear water to breathtaking islands and vibrant culture – Croatia truly stands out as an extraordinary travel destination.

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