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Catamaran Charter Croatia With Skipper

Catamarans make for an excellent way of exploring Croatia’s rugged coast and beautiful islands, boasting spacious double cabins that ensure a restful night’s rest.

Since not everyone has experience sailing catamaran, many opt to hire a skippered boat instead. Here are some key considerations when selecting a skipper for their voyage.


Cost considerations when chartering a catamaran include its type and amenities as well as length of rental period – for instance a weekly rental will cost more than day or weekend trips. Furthermore, number of people aboard will affect pricing; usually smaller boats tend to be more cost effective. It is also wise to take note of any extras like linen towels and food that might come included with your catamaran rental agreement.

Catamarans are increasingly popular among those planning a sailing vacation, due to their increased space and capacity. Plus they boast superior stability and speed when compared to monohull vessels – perfect for accommodating more people! Additionally, thay’re great for families traveling with young children as well as those suffering from seasickness. Catamarans are readily available worldwide for rental for several weeks, months or even longer periods.

Croatia offers crystal-clear waters and stunning beaches, making it an ideal place for crewed yacht charter. The coastline boasts numerous sheltered coves and idyllic marinas; your skipper will guide you around its many islands while discovering hidden stretches of golden sand. While in Croatia you may want to visit ancient towns such as Zadar with marbled streets and uninhabited forests in Hvar; enjoy peaceful Korcula; or find solace in tranquility by itself.

Skippers play an integral role in ensuring passenger safety, managing navigational tasks, providing advice on which islands to visit, planning your itinerary and providing information about ideal mooring and anchorage sites. When satisfied with their service, tipping is customary as an expression of thanks.

Cost of catamaran rental in Croatia depends on both season and type of yacht selected. From mid-May to September, prices tend to increase significantly but you can still find great bargains by booking early with flexible dates and choosing a reliable company; this will guarantee maximum value for money.


An ideal way to enjoy sailing vacation in Croatia is renting a catamaran. These vessels are larger than other types of yachts, offering more space and safety when sailing compared to other vessels. Also ideal for beginners and families with young children alike! You can rent catamaran rentals across Croatia in various locations.

If you’re new to boat rental in Croatia, hiring a skipper is recommended in order to ensure both safety and enjoyment on the trip. Daily rates can be arranged through boat rental companies where these skippers will consider your preferences when suggesting suitable routes for travel.

One of the most sought-after yacht charter destinations in Croatia is the Dalmatian Coast, known for its picturesque sunsets and variety of quiet bays and coves that provide an escape from everyday life. Perfect for romantic escapes as well as relaxing adventures alike – this destination has something special in store.

Croatia offers the perfect sailing experience during its shoulder seasons – spring and fall offer lower crowds and better weather than during its peak summer season, not to mention beautiful blooms and golden hues throughout the landscapes.

Make sure to bring plenty of sunscreen and extra towels for swimming in the sea during your yacht charter, in addition to plenty of water and snacks. If travelling with children, ensure they bring along pens, paper, books and their favorite teddy bear. Having cards or chess on board is another fun way of keeping them entertained!

Croatia offers several renowned sailing schools where you can learn the fundamentals of sailing. Short courses provide an ideal way to acquire this new skill while practicing with experienced instructors – making Croatia an excellent way to hone your sailing abilities while having a blast in the Mediterranean!


Skippered catamaran charter Croatia offers the perfect way to experience carefree sailing vacation with friends. Your captain will guide your exploration of Croatia’s breathtaking coast and beautiful islands while keeping everyone safe and comfortable on board. They are also knowledgeable about local culinary offerings and can suggest great locally-run eateries along the route.

Catamarans make for ideal yacht charter Croatia adventures thanks to their spacious interiors and unique hull design, moving quickly through the water while remaining stable compared to monohull boats. In addition, catamarans provide superior comfort on board due to amenities like private bathrooms and an expansive deck area; accommodating up to 14 guests on an elegant charter catamaran in Croatia.

Sailing Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast offers an unforgettable combination of Mediterranean paradise and historic port towns. There are numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites as well as beautiful beaches and tranquil moorings. Hiring a skippered catamaran charter Croatia will let you discover these crystalline waters, breathtaking islands, and captivating cities of this East European nation.

Croatia’s idyllic shoreline makes an excellent playground for island hopping, thanks to the short distances between coastal towns and islands. A yacht charter allows you to dock in charming harbors and marinas that boast picture-perfect coves for relaxing tans while strolling old town streets.

Skippered catamaran charter Croatia provides an unforgettable sailing adventure, whether you are an expert sailor or just starting out. Without a sailing license or little nautical experience, it’s wise to hire a professional skipper to ensure your safety onboard. Skippers in Croatia are friendly and well-versed with local language; therefore guaranteeing you an unforgettable sailing adventure!

Croatia offers the ideal blend of ancient and modern. Its idyllic islands and crystal waters make for the ideal Mediterranean sailing playground, while vibrant coastal cities combine tradition with contemporary styles to form vibrant spots full of life and vibrancy. Croatia makes an excellent holiday spot for families, couples, or friends looking for carefree vacations full of friendly people, picture-perfect beaches, and crystal-clear waters – not to mention warm hospitality from locals.


Catamarans provide an ideal platform for exploring Croatia, providing ample room to take in its stunning coastline and marvel at its breathtaking natural beauty. Additionally, their multihull design makes navigating difficult waters much simpler while their small size enables access to uncharted beaches and coves larger vessels cannot reach. Plus, you can take comfort in spacious cabins with open living spaces while discovering Croatia’s exquisite islands!

Consider your experience level and preferences before renting a catamaran with or without a skipper. If you are an experienced sailor and feel comfortable navigating solo, renting without a skipper might be more cost-effective for you; but hiring one may ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

One of the best ways to save money when booking your catamaran charter Croatia is booking during shoulder seasons – which are between peak summer and fall when prices tend to be cheaper and crowds smaller. Selecting this route allows you to fully appreciate Croatia’s breathtaking islands without incurring high-season costs.

Renting a catamaran during Croatia’s shoulder season not only saves money but can be rewarding as it allows for access to its most sought-after destinations – from medieval towns such as Dubrovnik or Krka National Park with stunning waterfalls and lush forests, to peaceful harbor towns like Vis.

Catamarans provide an ideal platform for experiencing Croatia, including snorkeling, swimming and sightseeing activities. You can explore numerous charming islands while experiencing its culture and history – perfect if you want to relax on sandy beaches, dine at gourmet restaurants or witness ancient ruins! To ensure you make the most of your yacht charter experience be sure to hire a professional skipper and plan any additional extras with your itinerary – the easiest way of which would be booking through SkipperCity.

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