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Catamaran Charter Croatia With Skipper

Skippered catamaran rentals Croatia are an enjoyable way to experience a leisurely sailing adventure, discovering stunning islands, picturesque coastal towns and breathtaking beaches along the way.

At embarkation and throughout your voyage, a Skipper will accompany and advise on which islands should be visited, handle mooring and anchoring arrangements as needed and help teach sailing techniques.


Sailing is one of the most beloved leisure activities in Croatia and it is easy to see why. With warm Mediterranean temperatures, beautiful beaches, and breathtaking islands – Croatia makes an ideal location for yacht charter holidays of any kind; whether you prefer relaxing getaways or action-packed adventures! But choosing your ideal vessel can be daunting with so many choices available to you.

Catamarans make the ideal yacht charter Croatia experience, providing comfort and stability while sailing. Additionally, their versatility allows you to access hidden coves and beaches that larger vessels cannot reach, along with ample space, luxurious comfort, and plenty of onboard amenities that ensure an unforgettable sailing vacation in Croatia.

Local skippers know the waters well and can assist you in safely navigating your yacht. They will show you their favorite spots as well as recommend the ideal places for swimming, sightseeing and dining – plus provide an insight into Croatian culture and history!

Chartering a catamaran with a skipper allows for greater relaxation and enjoyment during your voyage, giving you peace of mind knowing you’re safe in their hands. Furthermore, for beginners who may be new to sailing, the skipper will help teach the ropes while guaranteeing crew member safety.


Catamaran boats are ideal for travellers concerned about seasickness or traveling with young family members, offering plenty of stability when sailing in Croatia’s choppy waters. Plus, their spacious design gives passengers plenty of space to unwind onboard and appreciate its incredible surroundings.

Catamarans come equipped with a variety of comfort features, such as air conditioning and en suite cabins, to ensure an enjoyable voyage for all on board.

Catamarans offer another advantage by sailing close to shore, which allows you to access hidden coves and beautiful lagoons without venturing too far out to sea. This is ideal if you want to spend your day exploring coastal regions or swimming at their coastline, while their low draft makes them suitable for mooring in shallow bays and lagoons.

Just the way to see Croatia! Whether island-hopping or simply relaxing, catamaran charter Croatia with skipper is an ideal way to experience this majestic nation. Home to over 1,000 islands and picturesque ports steeped in history, Croatia provides many exciting yachting adventures. Take your pick between bareboating or engine-powered power yacht sailing trips; fully crewed catamaran charters provide unforgettable vacation memories.

Croatia offers stunning natural beauty as well as vibrant nightlife and fascinating history, so make the most of your yachting trip by customizing an itinerary according to your interests, visiting some cultural treasures like Split’s Diocletian Palace (UNESCO World Heritage site with bars, cafes and galleries) as a stop off point and touring this historic gem!


Catamarans are well-known for their stability, space and comfort – features which come into their own when sleeping onboard. Their spacious cabins provide plenty of natural light thanks to large glazed panels on the hulls – an invaluable feature for those unfamiliar with sleeping on open waters or who suffer from seasickness.

Catamaran yacht charter Croatia with skipper is the ideal way for families and groups of friends looking to create memories in this beautiful country. Because these shallow vessels can anchor closer to shore, catamaran charter allows you to access coves and beaches that larger vessels cannot. Their spacious decks and living areas also make catamaran sailing holidays perfect for socializing together – perfect for creating memories with one another while sailing through Croatia!

Skippered catamaran rentals have become increasingly popular for those without sailing licenses who would prefer an experienced professional to navigate their cruise. They know the local waters well and can recommend some of the finest restaurants, scenery spots and activities that will ensure an unforgettable vacation.

Click&Boat offers an impressive selection of luxury crewed catamaran yachts to rent in Croatia, such as Lagoon, Nautitech, Fountaine Pajot and Leopard models. Our skippered and bareboat charter options allow you to select one that best meets your skill level and expertise; plus our extensive portfolio features catamarans from leading brands ensuring we have something perfect to help you explore Croatia’s Adriatic coast, its idyllic coves and historic towns at your own leisure!


Cost of catamaran charter Croatia with skipper will depend on multiple factors such as boat type, location, number of people on board and amenities available. Also important when making reservations is considering when making the booking; prices tend to increase during peak summer seasons but can still find great offers during shoulder seasons such as April-May or fall seasons.

Catamarans are well-known for their stability, making them an excellent choice for sailing the choppy waters of Croatia’s Adriatic Sea. Additionally, catamarans typically sail faster than monohulls while providing more comfortable sailing experience – this makes them an excellent option for families or groups of friends looking to make the most of their holiday in Croatia without worrying about safety concerns.

No matter your interest or itinerary needs, catamaran charter Croatia has something to offer everyone. An experienced skipper will assist in tailoring an ideal journey while suggesting interesting places to stop along the way.

If you are unfamiliar with sailing, a crewed yacht charter is an ideal solution to create a relaxing vacation experience. Your professional skipper will take great care in selecting anchoring sites and steering clear of dangerous areas; plus they can assist with finding local attractions and restaurants so that your focus can remain on exploring Croatia’s stunning natural beauty and rich culture. Whether bareboat or fully staffed Crewed yacht cruise in Croatia; your time on this catamaran cruise will surely be unforgettable!


With a skipper onboard, your group’s safety will not only be guaranteed but enhanced. This professional will oversee your sailing adventure throughout Croatia and can easily resolve any issues that may arise along the way. They’ll ensure everyone onboard stays safe as well as care for both boat and its contents so that you can truly relax and enjoy it all!

Catamarans are more stable on the water and won’t tip like monohull boats, making them ideal for renting for your next holiday. Furthermore, they have natural buoyancy due to multiple decks and contain several waterproof compartments, so no worries of sinking should the boat take on water during its journey.

Hire a skipper for your catamaran charter to gain local expertise and show you all of the best swimming, sightseeing and dining spots; as well as hidden treasures such as incredible beaches or historic island villages that deserve your visit.

Due to their size, catamarans may find it harder to dock in some smaller ports than monohulls; however, your skipper will make all necessary arrangements prior to sailing so this doesn’t become an issue for you.

Catamarans offer many advantages when it comes to sailing in Croatia – so much so that many prefer them for yacht rentals! From picture-perfect beaches and charming cities to their peaceful waters and unforgettable beauty. So why wait another second – book now and experience Croatia for yourself!

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