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Catamaran Charter Croatia With Skipper

catamaran charter Croatia with skipper

Experience Croatia’s beautiful islands and beaches by chartering a catamaran with skipper. Catamarans offer faster travel compared to monohull sailing boats, providing an efficient means of exploration.

Skippers have extensive knowledge of your boat type and can navigate its navigation with ease during your vacation. In addition, they know where to find secluded anchorages or stunning lagoons off-the-beaten-path.


Catamarans offer excellent stability, making them the ideal choice for new sailors or anyone wanting a carefree sailing experience. Your professional skipper will handle navigational matters while you relax and admire Croatia’s natural splendor.

Catamaran yacht charters provide ample space and elegant living areas, making them the ideal option for family sailing vacations or group excursions in Croatia. These modern vessels can comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests in tastefully designed cabins featuring ensuite bathrooms.

On your trip, your skipper will ensure you are fed with delicious local cuisine and marine treats – not to worry, though; as part of their responsibility you may need to provide lunch or dinner for him/her as well. Luckily some of the island’s top restaurants may even let your skipper join!


Croatia’s coastline is stunning from top to bottom, while its idyllic islands provide sailing enthusiasts with an ideal setting. Charter your catamaran during peak summer season or quieter shoulder seasons and experience one of Europe’s most picturesque landscapes in complete comfort.

Catamarans are well-known for their stability, making them an excellent way to explore the Adriatic Sea without risking sea sickness. You’ll have no difficulty exploring Dubrovnik or Mljet National Park without worrying about sea sickness!

Skippers know their way around Croatia well and can suggest charming anchorages where you can spend your nights. With their navigational expertise and technical know-how, skippers will also take care of every technical aspect of your yacht charter allowing you to relax and appreciate its natural beauty without worry or headache. In return, however, you will need to provide them with sleeping quarters and food.


Catamarans are well-known for their stability, making them ideal for sailing the Adriatic Sea’s sometimes turbulent waters. Catamarans also provide an ideal solution for beginners or those prone to sea sickness who wish to start sailing.

With an experienced skipper at the helm, you can sail safely and unworryingly while taking full advantage of your Croatian catamaran charter cruise without worrying about its stability. Your professional skipper has years of experience sailing in these waters; rest easy knowing your safety will be protected!

Sailing with a skipper is an ideal way to explore Croatia’s diverse landscape and unique culture. An experienced skipper will handle all navigational aspects, leaving you free to relax and soak up its stunning seas, stunning islands, vibrant historic cities and welcoming locals. Choose from various routes available on catamaran charter Croatia to tailor your catamaran charter vacation and experience this Mediterranean paradise with unspoiled coves, rich history, delectable seafood dishes and friendly locals!


One of the greatest challenges of yacht charter vacation planning is balancing costs. However, with some foresight and planning ahead it is easy to make decisions that fit within your budget and deliver an amazing sailing holiday experience.

Catamarans provide luxurious comfort and ample room for you and your guests to unwind and take in Croatia’s breathtaking coastline in comfort and style. Additionally, their versatility enables them to reach hidden bays and beaches that larger monohull sailing boats cannot.

Explore beautiful national parks, dive crystal-clear waters or marvel at ancient city walls – catamaran charter Croatia with skipper offers you an ideal way to experience everything this incredible country has to offer! Get in touch with Click&Boat now to plan the ultimate yachting adventure and we look forward to helping create memories you’ll never forget – plus, our friendly team are always on hand with any queries or assistance needed.

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