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Catamaran Charter Croatia With Skipper

catamaran charter Croatia with skipper

Sailing with a skipper is an ideal solution for those without sailing experience or who want to add an extra level of safety and comfort during their Croatia yacht charter holiday. A professional skipper will handle navigational matters and all related safety details, allowing you to sit back, relax, and simply enjoy their vacation!


Catamarans tend to be more cost-effective and comfortable than monohull sailing boats, offering superior stability and comfort as well as faster sailing performance. Rent one in Croatia today for your sailing adventure!

Croatia is an idyllic yachting paradise. Its sparkling islands and coastline boast gorgeous beaches, charming coastal towns, UNESCO World Heritage sites, delectable cuisine, and welcoming people – perfect conditions for an enjoyable yachting adventure!

Skippered catamaran charters offer an ideal way to explore the best of Croatia’s islands. Spend your week discovering Hvar’s idyllic beaches or basking in Korcula’s golden shores of Korcula sands.

Skippering in spring (April to May) or autumn (October to November) offers the ideal blend of warm Mediterranean climate, relaxing sea breezes and stunning scenery – plus much smaller crowds!


No need to fret over navigational issues like weather conditions when you have a skipper on board; their knowledge of all kinds of yachts allows them to oversee your vessel safely while sailing.

If you want to enjoy relaxing on serene beaches or experiencing Croatia’s vibrant nightlife, your skipper will recommend the ideal places. He may also advise on the most enjoyable sailing routes.

No matter what kind of adventurer you are, Croatia offers breathtaking catamaran charter experiences that will leave unforgettable memories behind. Boasting picturesque bays, lush natural surroundings, and numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites – Croatia truly has something for everyone to discover!


Croatia offers stunning Mediterranean coastlines, impressive architecture, rich history and delectable seafood dishes – making it one of the premier sailing vacation spots in Europe. Its magnificent natural beauty combined with friendly people make Croatia one of the top European sailing vacation spots.

Catamarans offer greater stability than monohulls, making them an excellent option for beginners with limited sailing experience. Catamarans also tend to be safer and more comfortable, especially for those prone to sea sickness.

Skippers are highly-skilled professionals who take care in managing all the navigational aspects of sailing, leaving you free to enjoy your yacht charter Croatia trip in peace and relaxation. In addition, their local knowledge allows them to recommend sailing routes, restaurants and attractions that you might like to visit during their charter experience.

On your Croatia catamaran charter vacation, you can explore Split’s historic streets and dine at its acclaimed restaurants. Spend an unforgettable day relaxing on Zlatni Rat, an idyllic beach on Brac Island boasting crystal-clear waters and panoramic island views. Finally, watch the sun go down over Trogir’s Old Town which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Your skipper has years, if not decades, of sailing experience on Croatian waters and is well aware of all the factors affecting sailing such as currents, tides and winds which will impact on your course and where best to anchor for a smooth experience. He/she can therefore adjust your route and offer advice as to where is best to anchor to ensure a safe yet enjoyable yacht charter experience.

Due to their spacious living areas and versatile accommodations, catamarans make an excellent choice for families or groups of friends looking to charter a yacht together. Their cabins offer ample sleeping space with double beds that ensure an uninterrupted slumber.

If you want a peaceful yacht charter experience, try booking a catamaran charter during spring (April-May) or fall (October-November). Crowds will be thinner, the weather pleasant, and landscapes filled with vibrant greens or golden hues will still exist during these seasons – the ideal time for visiting UNESCO heritage sites like Dubrovnik or idyllic islands with hidden coves and stunning beaches!

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