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Catamaran Rental With Skipper – Croatia is a Sailor’s Paradise

Croatia catamaran rental with skippper

Croatia’s rugged coast offers an extraordinary sensory experience. Roman and Venetian relics dot coastal cities while idyllic islands surrounded by crystal-clear water make for picture-perfect paradises.

Renting a catamaran in Croatia is the ideal way to explore its stunning coast with ease and comfort. When planning your vacation, making the decision between sailing without or with a skipper should be of primary consideration.


Croatia’s stunning Adriatic coast and islands make an ideal sailing destination for families, friends and groups of any kind. Boasting endless sandy beaches, peaceful moorings and national parks bursting with wildlife – there’s something here for everyone to discover. Plus there are numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites, stunning culture and the best European cuisine that await you along this breathtaking coastal splendor!

Catamarans offer spacious comfort for your Croatia yacht vacation. Thanks to their wider hulls and more stable structure, catamarans typically travel faster than monohull sailing boats and reach overnight destinations quicker.

With such speed and versatility at your disposal, more time can be spent out on the water snorkelling or exploring coastal towns. Plus, taking advantage of anchorage or buoyage options saves money and makes for an effortless journey!


No matter your experience level or knowledge level, hiring a skipper adds extra convenience and safety to any sailing trip in Croatia. They handle navigation and boat operations so that you can relax and simply enjoy yourself aboard!

A catamaran’s spaciousness provides ample privacy and comfort on any cruise. Boasting ample deck space, cozy cabins, and open living areas – you will have all of the space necessary for relaxing with loved ones while creating memories together.

Catamarans tend to be faster than monohulls, giving you more time to explore Croatia’s charming seaside towns and islands. This flexibility makes them especially suitable for travelers with limited time available for travel.

Local knowledge

Croatia’s stunning coastline of islands and clear waters make Croatian waters a sailors dream destination. Hiring a catamaran with skipper is the ultimate way to experience this coastal splendor, as your captain will advise on the optimal routes, destinations and winds depending on currents, tide movements and winds; in addition, they may make adjustments or changes as necessary.

Skippers also possess an extensive network of contacts on islands and marinas, and can arrange special offers at restaurants and party spots that could save you money during your yacht charter holiday. In addition, they will purchase food and drinks ahead of time to further reduce costs associated with cruising.

Catamarans are well-known for their stability and spaciousness, making them the ideal option for those unfamiliar with sailing or who suffer from seasickness. Catamarans can access hidden coves and beaches not accessible by larger vessels – making them the ideal luxury yacht option for couples or families looking to experience private yacht sailing!

Sailing experience

Croatia is an idyllic sailing destination, boasting thousands of stunning islands that create idyllic turquoise waters ideal for catamaran sailing charters of any duration. The coastline features numerous sheltered harbors and marinas where yachts may dock to allow exploring beaches, towns and villages on land as well as ancient relics like Diocletian’s Palace in Split or Dubrovnik’s City Walls.

No matter when or how often you sail, Croatia’s beautiful Mediterranean scenery and charming coastal cities will leave an everlasting impression. Rent a catamaran with skipper to ensure maximum comfort and expert guidance during your voyage – no need for worry-free navigation, boat functionality or marina paperwork filing; all these aspects will be taken care of for you by your skipper!

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