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Catamaran Rental With Skipper in Croatia

Croatia catamaran rental with skippper

Experience Croatia in style aboard a catamaran rental with skipper! A skipper is an experienced professional who takes care of navigation and boat safety so that you can sit back, relax, and take in every minute of your cruise experience.

This option is the ideal solution for groups or families who would like to charter a yacht but do not possess the certification for a bareboat charter, as well as travelers who prefer shoulder seasons such as spring and fall travel.


Croatia offers crystal-clear waters, friendly locals and beautiful beaches – an ideal combination for renting a luxury catamaran. Choose from various routes and discover uninhabited islands or explore Krka National Park; costs depend on duration and number of passengers onboard.

Catamarans are larger and more spacious than monohull boats, while also being more stable on the water, meaning less chance of tipping over. Catamarans can accommodate more guests than monohulls can, with often having different sizes available.

Croatia offers ideal catamaran chartering conditions from May through September, though shoulder seasons such as April to May and October to November can offer slightly cheaper prices with smaller crowds. Cost will depend upon type and comfort level desired when renting.


Hire a catamaran in Croatia with a skipper for the best way to explore its exquisite islands and coastline, offering access to luxury yachts of every shape and size – you are bound to find your ideal vessel here!

Catamarans are much more stable than sailboats, making them an excellent choice for families with young children or inexperienced sailors. Their spacious interiors feature comfortable cabins and a well-equipped kitchen; in addition, luxurious amenities such as air conditioning and an equipped bathroom come standard.

As part of your cruise experience, you’ll have ample chance to explore secluded coves and historic towns along the coastline. Visit Krka National Park- a UNESCO World Heritage site- renowned for its waterfalls and lush forests- or let your skipper suggest some scenic spots – they will help ensure a stress-free holiday that you’ll remember for years.


Croatia is an ideal sailing destination, boasting breathtaking natural beauty and ancient relics to explore. Whether it be snorkeling off its stunning coastline or discovering Split’s Old City Walls – Croatia provides endless opportunities for adventure.

Renting a catamaran with a skipper allows you to experience your vacation stress-free. Your skipper will handle all paperwork at marinas and ensure your yacht is operating as intended, in addition to offering advice about activities, restaurants and sailing techniques.

Catamarans provide an enjoyable ride and are an ideal choice for families. Their spacious interiors and exteriors allow everyone to unwind comfortably onboard. Furthermore, these fast sailing vessels can reach higher speeds than sailboats – perfect for cruises around Croatian coastline. Consider renting one with an experienced skipper to discover Istria Island or Kvarner Gulf!


Croatia is an ideal location for catamaran charter, boasting over 1000 islands and a coastline dotted with sheltered coves. Furthermore, its advanced maritime infrastructure boasts outstanding water quality. Furthermore, nature lovers will adore Croatia as its national and nature parks provide unhindered views of its natural beauty.

Catamarans provide a luxurious experience, featuring spacious sleeping cabins and versatile living areas that provide enough room for your group to relax and create lasting memories onboard. Furthermore, these vessels are more stable than single-hull boats, making navigation through shallow waters much simpler – the skipper on board allows you to concentrate more on enjoying your cruise than worrying about navigation details!

Skippers are highly-experienced professionals who can navigate a boat safely while helping you select the optimal routes and providing recommendations of restaurants or taverns to visit along your journey. In addition, they may recommend anchorage spots where your catamaran should stay overnight.

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