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Charter a Catamaran With Skipper

catamaran charter Croatia with skipper

Skippers are qualified professionals who provide navigation and safety, so that you can relax and enjoy your cruise in comfort. Their rates may differ depending on several factors.

Your skipper will join you upon embarkation and remain by your side throughout your charter, overseeing every aspect of your sailing vacation and suggesting which islands should be visited.

It’s a stress-free way to cruise

When chartering a catamaran with skipper, your captain will accompany you on embarkation and stay by your side throughout your voyage, taking care of all navigational aspects onboard while assuring everyone’s safety – giving you more time to admire Croatia’s breathtaking Adriatic coast and charming seaside towns.

Catamarans are renowned for their stability, making them perfect for sailing in the sometimes turbulent waters of the Adriatic Sea. Equipped with comfortable sleeping cabins, versatile living spaces, and ample deck space for lounging around in comfort or socialising with other travellers, catamarans offer ample room for families or groups of friends traveling together.

Skippers often boast years, even decades, of experience sailing Croatian charter boats, so they know its waters intimately and can suggest idyllic anchorages. Their local knowledge will help restore your confidence at the helm and enhance your sailing experience; but keep in mind that food and beverage expenses for your skipper must also be factored into your budget plan.

It’s a great way to explore

Croatia’s magnificent islands and breathtaking Adriatic coast make for the ideal Mediterranean island hopping sailing adventure, offering tranquil unspoiled islands with safe anchorages ideal for swimming, delicious local food and wine, UNESCO World Heritage sites, warm temperatures, welcoming people and warm hospitality – something for everyone in Croatia!

Skippers take care in managing navigation and safety onboard, leaving you free to relax and enjoy your time at sea. They also can offer local expertise as well as suggest routes to make sailing even more exciting.

Catamarans are renowned for their exceptional stability, making them ideal for smooth sailing even in the often turbulent waters of the Adriatic. Additionally, they’re more spacious than monohulls and can accommodate an increased number of guests – depending on your group’s preferences your skipper could even join you for dinner or drinks at restaurants and bars along the way before retiring for the night while you unwind onboard.

It’s a great way to learn

Skippered yacht chartering can be the ideal solution for those without valid sailing credentials or who lack confidence in their nautical abilities. Skippers possess years, if not decades of experience chartering yachts; therefore you can rest easy knowing they will handle every aspect of your voyage safely.

At embarkation, the skipper will assume control of your yacht and remain by your side throughout the charter. They’ll help you learn about navigation and boat operation while answering any queries and suggesting activities and places to visit. They’ll also handle paperwork in marinas to make sure your vessel returns undamaged; and should you be pleased with his/her service at the end of your voyage, tipping him/her an estimated 10%-20% gratuity is customary as a token of your appreciation; additionally provide food and drinks throughout your charter to further ensure everyone’s wellbeing!

It’s a great way to have fun

An experienced skipper can handle the navigational aspects of your yacht cruise, leaving you free to enjoy Croatia’s breathtaking landscapes and vibrant destinations without worry or stress. They will have extensive knowledge about where the best routes and mooring spots are in Croatia for an enhanced cruise experience.

Skippers will gladly share their sailing expertise, helping you discover or rediscover your skills. Additionally, they can suggest activities, recommend places for dining and entertainment on board and help ensure you make the most of your time spent sailing.

Catamarans offer an elegant way to discover Croatia’s breathtaking coast, featuring spacious interiors and premium amenities, plus faster speeds than monohulls allowing more time for exploring charming seaside towns and relaxing in the sunshine.

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