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Costs to Rent a Boat in Croatia

Renting a yacht in Croatia can be an unforgettable adventure for you and your family, but understanding the costs involved is vital for budgeting for such an excursion.

Price of Yacht Chartering in Croatia may depend on factors like boat type, number of passengers and travel date. Read further to understand average costs associated with boat rentals in Croatia.

Bareboat charters

A bareboat yacht charter in Croatia is the ideal way to discover its picturesque islands and beaches. Enjoy complete freedom when sailing, snorkeling and discovering hidden beaches at your own pace – an option suitable both for experienced sailors as well as novices.

The cost of chartering a bareboat will depend on several factors, including vessel type, time of year and whether or not there will be a skipper present. Furthermore, additional expenses such as food, drinks and fuel may accrue – Jam Yacht Supply offers discounted grocery packages which could help lower these expenses significantly.

To rent a boat in Croatia, you need a valid sailing license or International Certificate of Competence (ICC), along with VHF radio credentials and VHF license. If unsure, reach out to your charter company for advice; their crew can help find an ideal boat that’s safe and reliable for you to charter for your holiday experience.

Yacht charters

Croatia offers miles of sun-kissed coastline, idyllic islands and ancient cultural attractions that make for an idyllic yachting destination. Calm seas, fair winds and its warm Mediterranean climate create ideal sailing conditions that attract discerning sailors who wish to cruise in style.

An idyllic Mediterranean yacht charter in Croatia offers you the ideal way to discover this incredible Mediterranean country at your own pace. Admire its spectacular rocky islets, idyllic beaches and iconic stone-built cities; indulge in local seafood and wine; and immerse yourself in Croatia’s rich cultural traditions.

Choose from an incredible selection of crewed sailing and motor yachts, catamarans and mega-yachts available for charter in Croatia. Our experienced Charter Experts are on hand to find a vessel to meet your specific needs and budget – we even create personalized itineraries so that your vacation remains truly unforgettable! Our bareboat and crewed yachts can be found in 24 marinas throughout northern and southern Adriatic.

When is the best time of year to rent a boat?

Croatia offers some of the finest sailing conditions throughout the year, but July is the best month to rent a boat for sailing adventures. Expect higher rental costs during this peak sailing season but you will experience beautiful temperatures with plenty of sunny skies, warm sea temperatures and moderate winds that provide perfect swimming conditions.

June is an excellent month to charter a yacht in Croatia, though peak tourist season means it may be more crowded. Days are long and the temperature remains warm – unlike Greece where temperatures can get unbearably hot!

August is an excellent month to sail in Croatia as its climate will be similar to July but only slightly warmer. Prices may increase slightly due to high season, however local skippers understand how to work around crowds by visiting ports at times that are less busy allowing you to fully experience Croatia without the burden of tourists.

Vessels for rent

Croatia is a beloved Mediterranean vacation spot, boasting breathtaking beaches, charming towns steeped in history, and calm seas ideal for yachting. Additionally, its climate, services and cultural and historical heritage attract visitors from across the globe.

Bareboat charters in Croatia are increasingly popular among guests with experience sailing and hold an ICC (or national equivalent) license, who want the thrill of captaining their own yacht through this beautiful region at their own leisurely Mediterranean pace.

When chartering a boat in Croatia during July or August, air conditioning should be of top priority as temperatures can soar to over 35 degrees. If your charter operator doesn’t offer this feature, an inflatable dinghy may provide more comfort while exploring the coast during the day without overheating. Furthermore, tip your skipper 20% gratuity depending on their service provided to you.

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