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Croatia Boat Charter – The Perfect Blend of Scenic Cruising and Ancient Cultural Sightseeing

Croatia offers one of Europe’s finest preserved yachting destinations. Its rugged coast and picturesque island villages provide beautiful cruising along with ancient cultural sights that you won’t want to miss out on!

Experience idyllic sapphire waters and reliable weather with friendly locals on a bareboat sailboat or catamaran charter! Learn the costs and logistics before booking your voyage.

Bareboat Charters

An adventure yacht charter in Croatia awaits self-sufficient sailors who enjoy sailing. Under this type of yacht rental agreement, you will take on all responsibility for managing and crewing the vessel during your cruise. Bareboat yachts come fully equipped with everything needed for a relaxing and luxurious cruise; with motor yachts, sailboats and catamarans available so that there is sure to be the ideal boat for your journey.

Yacht chartering is an incredible way to explore Croatia’s sapphire waters and lush islands, from swimming in crystal-clear seas to visiting historic ruins and sampling its delicious cuisine. Additionally, bareboat yachting gives you freedom of sailing at your own pace to create an itinerary tailored specifically for you and your group’s needs; whether traveling alone, with family, friends or loved ones there’s no better way to enjoy a vacation than on one.

Croatia’s sapphire-hued waters offer some of the finest sailing conditions between May and October, during peak yacht charter season – when boat rental fees may increase and marinas become overcrowded with yachts. But you’ll find ideal swimming temperatures during this period – plus many coveted destinations can be reached more easily by yacht.

Croatia is becoming an increasingly popular yachting destination, yet this growth comes with some drawbacks. Many travelers find the crowds and hectic pace off-putting; those seeking a more authentic sailing experience might prefer another destination instead. But don’t despair just yet: Croatia still boasts plenty of unexplored islands and peaceful coves just waiting to be discovered!

A bareboat yacht charter provides an intimate sailing experience unlike that offered at resorts, while you can tailor your itinerary according to what islands or towns are most important to you. Be it island hopping or cultural exploration – bareboat yacht charter is an effective way to maximize the potential of any vacation in Croatia!

Daily Charters

Croatia’s Adriatic coast is stunning from every perspective, boasting lush islands bursting with natural splendor and cities boasting centuries-old histories and vibrant cultures. Island-hopping aboard a yacht charter is one of the best ways to experience Croatia, and Click&Boat has plenty of options that allow visitors to discover this breathtaking country with ease.

Renting a sailing yacht in Croatia gives you the freedom to discover hidden coves and snorkel the clear waters of this exquisite sea. Head for Korcula, an enthralling medieval island town once inhabited by Marco Polo himself; Trstenik for wine tasting or Elaphiti Islands which offer beaches perfect for swimming and snorkelling; or sail across to Elaphiti Islands which feature idyllic swimming spots ideal for snorkelling and swimming.

Your time and hassle can be saved when you opt to charter a yacht with a skipper, freeing you to enjoy your trip without worrying about navigation or getting lost! Multi-day cruises with this option allow you to discover multiple destinations while you relax on deck or explore shorelines.

Catamaran charter is an ideal option for families or groups looking for luxurious accommodation, both inside the vessel itself and on deck. Catamarans offer more stability than other forms of vessels while providing more sunbathing space on deck – not to mention their gentle oceangoing capabilities, making them suitable for newcomers to sailing.

Price for charter boats depends on many variables, including type and length of rental. We suggest booking early to find the most attractive rates and avoid last-minute rush. Luxury yacht rentals for your journey in Croatia provide maximum comfort and convenience, offering full-service kitchens as well as amenities to help you unwind and unwind during your journey.

To rent a yacht in Croatia, an International Certificate of Competence (ICC or equivalent) license will be necessary. We can accept photos prior to travel; however, upon check in please present the original. Additionally, keep it with you at all times while aboard the boat!

Weeklong Charters

An extended charter voyage along Croatia’s Adriatic coastline and country’s many island hopping opportunities and UNESCO World Heritage sites is the best way to experience Croatia. Sailing out from one of Croatia’s marinas such as Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Biograd na Moru or Sibenik gives visitors access to this Mediterranean paradise of turquoise waters and idyllic fishing villages as you sample European delicacies such as dramatic waterfalls or charming national parks.

An experience-rich Croatia yacht charter with skipper and onboard host/hostess makes the voyage even more relaxing and enjoyable. By having a skipper at your helm, you’re free to cruise at your own pace or set sail to explore islands and coves along the coast; an onboard host/hostess can assist with planning excursions, maintaining the boat and providing delicious meals on board.

Cost of Yacht Rental Dependence on Type, Size and Age as Well as Options Fuel, Provisions (Advanced Provision Allowance or APA for luxury motor boats), Insurance etc

Add value and reduce costs with options like transfers, outboard motor rental or early check-in and security deposit insurance (typically placed as pre-authorisation on credit card). Some yachts require full cleaning after and before charter, which usually comes included with your charter fee.

Full-service yacht charter is the ideal solution if you prefer leaving all the work to someone else, making for an easy and fun vacation in Croatia. Beginners looking for a worry-free sailing adventure should consider this option, though full-service charters tend to cost more than bareboat rentals (upwards of EUR1,000/day for skipper). To explore further this possibility contact your preferred charter company.

The Best Time of Year to Rent a Boat

Croatia offers ideal sailing conditions during its shoulder seasons of April to mid-June and late September/October; these months provide warm temperatures while being uncrowded by crowds of tourists.

If you want a truly authentic experience, renting a sailboat over motor yacht is highly recommended for Croatia boat rental. Sailing boats give you the chance to embrace your inner sailor, making this type of rental suitable even if you have limited or no previous boating experience. Furthermore, those afraid of open waters may want to consider booking a charter that includes a skipper.

Beyond boat type, consider the size and capacity of your group in order to select an appropriate vessel. If you’re traveling with larger numbers, consider opting for either a catamaran or luxury yacht; otherwise a monohull may prove more suitable.

Click&Boat offers an assortment of boat sizes and styles, providing the ideal vessel for your sailing experience. Our fleet features everything from sleek modern motorboats to traditional sailing vessels that will satisfy both experienced sailors as well as newcomers to sailing alike.

July and August are peak seasons for cruises in Croatia, so expect higher rental costs as well as many tourists around. If you plan to rent a yacht during this timeframe, make your reservations as soon as possible to ensure availability.

Early June temperatures remain warm, and the seawater is comfortably warm enough for swimming without needing a wetsuit. This makes early June an excellent time to visit beaches, explore islands and take in stunning scenery.

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