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Croatia Boat Rental With Skipper

Croatia is an exceptional sailing destination, boasting breathtaking islands, captivating coast lines and charming coastal towns. To get the full experience of this Eastern European gem, hiring a yacht skipper may be necessary.

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Hiring a skipper is the ideal way to experience Croatia’s stunning islands, at between 150-300 euros per day. Skippers are typically available right in the marina when you arrive; their cabin will take care of everything related to boating logistics like meal preparation, cleaning the yacht after each use and providing all safety equipment.

Your skipper is an expert at navigating Croatia’s waters, while possessing extensive knowledge of its best mooring spots and attractions. Additionally, they’ll be able to assist with creating an itinerary tailored specifically to your interests.

Croatia boasts over 1,000 islands and an expansive coastline – providing the ideal setting for an enjoyable boating vacation. Discover its secluded coves and bays, charming coastal towns or water sports and activities; Croatia truly has something for everyone on their sailing holiday itinerary. With some careful planning you can design an exciting journey.

At its peak season, Croatia’s beautiful coast and natural wonders draw many tourists to experience its majestic landscape in all its splendor. However, visitors who wish to relax while taking in its grandeur may wish to rent a yacht with skipper from May to June or September-October and experience its magnificence without as many crowds and heatstroke.

Click&Boat offers an expansive selection of sailboats and catamarans, making renting one with a skipper straightforward. Additionally, your charter can be customized to include extras such as hostesses, food, drinks and cleaning of the vessel – perfect if you’re an aspiring sailor looking to expand their abilities while sailing Croatia’s coast!

Croatia offers both natural beauty and historical interest to make for an unparalleled sailing destination. Boasting stunning coastlines and an endless number of islands, Croatia is among Europe’s most popular sailing holiday spots. In summer months you can rent a sailboat in Split to visit Diocletian’s Palace (UNESCO World Heritage site) or its vibrant old town; or take one-way charter trips from Split to Dubrovnik via Kornati archipelago for an easier trip.


If you don’t possess a sailing license and plan on visiting Croatia, hiring a skipper for your yacht charter may be the ideal way to ensure an enjoyable journey. They will take great care to make sure it functions efficiently and is safe, providing advice when needed and answering any of your queries or answering any concerns that might arise during your voyage. They’ll even help plan an ideal itinerary and point out intriguing activities and destinations!

Professional skippers understand their primary responsibility is to protect the safety of both their crew members and guests. They are familiar with legal regulations and maritime rules, and will adhere to them during your journey. Furthermore, they possess expert local knowledge which enables them to recommend top restaurants/taverns, unique spots, and popular attractions in your destination area.

As well as ensuring your safety, a skipper will also take care of navigation and boat maintenance duties for you. They’ll make sure all equipment is working smoothly before helping plan the route of your cruise and handling paperwork at marinas so you can relax and enjoy every second onboard. Likewise, they’ll keep an eye out while diving, swimming or exploring mainland shorelines; plan itineraries accordingly and identify suitable bathing and marine delight spots along the way.

Local skippers in Croatia possess extensive knowledge of its coastline and can suggest premier destinations for your yacht tour. They will show you off to lesser-known gems that don’t make headlines and provide insight into tasty dining opportunities across the country. In addition, they’ll suggest suitable routes based on your desired destination and work tirelessly to ensure an enjoyable journey!

Though thefts do happen in Croatia, they tend to involve pickpocketing and bag snatching. Therefore, it is wise to keep valuables out of sight and mind while on land and be wary when in crowds in public spaces. In case of thefts occurring nearby, please report them immediately to local authorities and police authorities.


If you don’t want the responsibility of sailing a yacht on your own, a skippered boat charter in Croatia is a perfect solution. Enjoy exploring its breathtaking coasts and islands without being worried about navigation – skippers are experienced experts that can tailor their voyage according to your interests, as well as advise on which destinations and activities would make a perfect holiday! Furthermore, some boat owners offer all-inclusive packages which cover costs such as yacht rental price, food expenses, crew members etc – saving both time and money with your yacht charter experience in Croatia!

Skilled skippers possess an intimate knowledge of Croatia’s waters and offer an unforgettable experience that you won’t find on land alone. They can assist with selecting the ideal islands for exploration as well as provide suggestions regarding restaurants and mooring locations. Skillful skippers can also teach sailing techniques that will increase confidence on the water – adding even greater enjoyment and memorability to your holiday experience!

Croatia’s high season, which spans from July through August, offers ideal boat rental conditions: warm and sunny skies combined with calm waters are an ideal environment for discovering its vibrant towns as well as discovering its many hidden coves and beaches. But be aware that this season can also be packed with tourists resulting in higher ticket prices for boat rentals as well as crowds at popular tourist spots.

Sailing yachts and catamarans are popular choices for Croatia sailing trips, while luxury gulets offer an unforgettable yachting experience. These yachts usually come complete with professional crew members as well as fully catered meals; additionally they often boast features like boat swimming platforms, spacious seating/dining areas and beautiful staterooms for added indulgence.

If you’re planning a bareboat charter, Sailo is an invaluable tool that makes finding boats tailored to your tastes and budget easy. Place a free hold for 24 hours so that you can assess whether a yacht fits. Some boat owners charge additional fees or add-ons such as hiring a skipper; always check first with them.


Skippers in Croatia typically cost 150-180 EUR per day in addition to your charter price, and most local skippers are experts on their area, showing you all of the best itineraries while helping you explore local waters, towns and islands. Furthermore, they will ensure your safety by providing all relevant information so as to create an enjoyable yacht charter experience.

Cost of Yacht Charter in Croatia Dependent upon Type and Size

When booking a private yacht charter in Croatia, your skipper will welcome you aboard at embarkation and oversee all navigational aspects. They will also offer advice regarding where best to visit according to your personal tastes; whether that means relaxing on quiet beaches, sampling traditional fare in ancient cities or visiting lively bars and clubs – they know just where the ideal spot lies for you!

Croatia offers various types of boats for chartering, such as motorboats, sailboats and catamarans. Each has their own advantages that you should take into consideration when renting them; motorboats tend to be preferred for day sightseeing trips while sailboats or catamarans provide longer island-hopping cruises.

Keep in mind that in order to rent a yacht in Croatia, a valid boating license will be required of you. Before booking your trip, check with the boat owner to ensure they can verify this is indeed valid.

As much as Croatia’s high season is the ideal time for yacht charter, you can still have an incredible sailing adventure throughout the year. Avoiding peak season crowds while experiencing some of Croatia’s pristine beaches and coves are key benefits of sailing between months just outside.

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