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Croatia Boat Rental With Skipper

Croatia boat rental with skipper

Renting a boat in Croatia for at least a week gives you plenty of time to explore all this gorgeous European nation has to offer, both land and sea. When browsing Sailo’s inventory you can filter yachts according to skipper who will join your sailing adventure.

No matter your sailing preference – luxury with crewed yacht or freedom with a valid license bareboat charter – Croatia will bring out your inner sailor.


Hiring a skipper for your yacht in Croatia provides peace of mind knowing they will take all necessary measures to ensure a safe trip and will keep all equipment well-maintained and checked so as to prevent malfunctions during your cruise.

Skippers are highly social people and love interacting with their guests while at sea. Additionally, they possess extensive knowledge about Croatia and can offer numerous interesting facts regarding the islands you will visit during your cruise vacation there.

Skippers can also assist in planning your itinerary. From visiting popular tourist spots like Diocletian’s Palace in Split and Krka National Park, to dining on delicious and fresh local cuisine – your skipper is happy to recommend places where you can dine! Your skipper needs somewhere comfortable to sleep onboard your yacht; therefore it is up to you as the owner to provide them with food and drink as they require sleep aboard too.

Local knowledge

Sailing Croatia’s coast offers you an abundance of stunning locations to discover on a yacht charter vacation. Starting in Sibenik with its rich local culture and stunning monastery is sure to get the journey going, while Korcula’s historic old town, Hvar’s lively nightlife scene or Mljet’s paradisiacal national park with massive waterfalls promise unforgettable adventures in this incredible nation.

Your skipper has spent years sailing the Adriatic sea and knows all of its best spots, restaurants and towns – depending on your personal tastes he can advise where you should visit so your trip is tailored just for you!

Sailing with a skipper comes at an additional expense, but the experience will more than justify its expense as you relax and enjoy your holiday with family and friends. Boat charter prices depend on season, group size and yacht type – prices may differ depending on when, where and which yacht type is chosen for chartering.


Your skipper on board your charter boat will be with you throughout, taking care of every task necessary. They’ll prepare the vessel for sailing, suggest places you should visit and manage all mooring and anchoring duties for you.

Skippers are experienced professionals at reading social situations aboard various charter types, so their level of interaction with you and your group depends on your request during the trip. Some invite them to join them at dinners at shoreside restaurants while others prefer not interacting at all with them.

Croatia is known for its vibrant nightlife, particularly in tourist hotspots like Dubrovnik where guests can experience traditional and modern bars. Dubrovnik also serves as the backdrop of King’s Landing from Game of Thrones; fans of this series can tour its streets and walk along its old walls to experience it first-hand.


Renting a yacht is the ideal way to experience Croatia, and Sailo lets you reserve one free for 24 hours before making a decision about which vessel best meets your needs.

Croatia’s picturesque coastline offers an eclectic blend of historical stone-walled cities, tranquil natural settings and legendary islands with UNESCO world heritage sites. No matter if your interests lie with culinary culture in Dubrovnik or leisurely exploration of Kornati archipelago – Croatia offers something for all visitors.

Your skipper will provide advice on the most ideal destinations based on your personal tastes, whether that is luxury island swimming spots, vibrant nightlife or any combination thereof – your skipper will be more than willing to assist. Skipper fees typically range between 150 euros per day to 300 euros and they require their own cabin on board the vessel; should their service meet expectations, tipping isn’t always mandatory but always appreciated!

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