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Croatia Boat Rental With Skipper

No matter the level of sailing experience or confidence, having a skipper aboard makes your experience even more pleasurable. Skipper-equipped yachts provide an ideal way to discover Croatia with an expert captain leading the way.

Catamarans provide an ideal option for many travelers as their two hulls provide greater stability than monohull sailing boats and provide more luxurious and comfortable charter experiences.


With a skipper on board, sailing Croatia becomes easier without worrying about technical details or hidden gems of its region. They will share all they know about Croatia with you while giving tours around its hidden spots.

They possess in-depth knowledge of local wind conditions and tide movements that could have an impact on sailing. If the weather suddenly changes unexpectedly, they can quickly adapt your itinerary accordingly.

Catamarans are an increasingly popular option for boat rentals in Croatia due to their dual hull design which makes them more stable than single hull vessels and offers greater comfort to families with children or those who do not tolerate rolling motions well.

Croatia offers many opportunities for yacht rentals during its high season between July and August when temperatures are warm, sunny and dry. But you may also enjoy sailing through these waters during shoulder seasons from May through June or September when crowds are less and prices are more affordable.


With an experienced skipper on board, your yacht charter Croatia experience can become both more enjoyable and safer. Skippys are trained to quickly assess weather changes, giving shelter before storms hit and offering first-hand sailing instruction that hone your skills during your yacht charter Croatia journey. Skipper hire costs typically range between 150 – 300 euros per day with responsibility being given for providing food onboard for them.

Skippers possess excellent knowledge of the local area and will be able to guide you towards creating an unforgettable vacation itinerary. In addition, they’ll give helpful tips and advice that’ll ensure it will remain memorable throughout.


Skippers know their way around Croatia’s coastline and can provide advice about where it’s best to swim, dine and sightsee as well as knowing where anchoring your yacht safely is most secure.

They specialize in reading social situations on all types of yacht charters and will interact with your group according to what suits them best. Depending on your group size, they could even join for evening entertainment!

Catamarans offer superior durability and comfort than monohull sailing boats, making them the ideal choice for exploring Croatia. Even with their comfort, these vessels remain fast enough for maneuverability.

Croatia offers ideal sailing conditions during July and August when renting a catamaran, with warm air temperatures and the maestral wind making sailing enjoyable. Otherwise, weather remains pleasant but may become slightly chillier during winter months.


An experienced skipper knows their area well – their job involves knowing the charter regions, boat types and mooring places as well as any cultural sites, beaches or natural sights to check out during your charter.

Skippers possess the experience to tailor sailing routes based on weather conditions and personal preferences; this can take them to hidden coves, hidden bays or popular destinations along the Croatian coastline.

Skippers provide more than technical oversight; they’re there to make you comfortable on board and prepare meals and snacks to enhance the sailing experience. Tipping is optional, with most charter companies suggesting 15%-20% of daily skipper fees as an acceptable tip amount. Furthermore, ensure your skipper has adequate sleeping arrangements on board as well as food during your charter week; fees typically range between 150 euros and 300 euros each day.

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