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Croatia Boat Rental With Skipper

Croatia boat rental with skipper

Croatia offers visitors breathtaking coastal beauty and natural wonder, which makes renting a yacht in Croatia with skipper a wonderful way to add an exciting sailing vacation.

Skippers possess vast expertise and an in-depth knowledge of all factors that affect sailing, so they can customize a route to meet your preferences. Furthermore, they may recommend charming anchorages and sailing spots off-the-beaten-path that offer stunning scenery for an enjoyable sailing experience.


Hire a yacht with skipper in Croatia and benefit from their knowledge and expertise as your personal guide. They’ll tailor the sailing itinerary to you and the rest of your group, and manage all technical aspects of your charter.

Sailing Croatia with a skipper allows you to spend more time exploring secluded coves and beaches, discovering historical medieval towns, and immersing yourself in the laid-back Mediterranean vibe – giving you the chance to experience everything this magnificent destination has to offer on an unforgettable yachting vacation!

Yacht rentals in Croatia typically experience their peak season between July and August when weather conditions are warm, sunny and the waters remain calm. But you can also explore this beautiful country during its shoulder seasons between May to June and September to October when marinas tend to be less crowded with lower rental costs for boat rentals – book your Croatia yacht charter online for an unforgettable journey!

Local knowledge

Croatia is an unparalleled sailing destination with stunning islands, idyllic beaches and vibrant ports – making a skipper a key asset in making sure you experience every bit of this Mediterranean gem’s brilliance with ease.

Your professional skipper has extensive knowledge of the local sailing area as well as all of its best mooring places, restaurants and attractions – and can tailor an itinerary specifically tailored to you and your preferences.

Skippers can also recommend the most interesting sightseeing spots and activities to make your cruise memorable, including recommended sightseeing spots with children or those with specific dietary restrictions. Tipping them if satisfied is also a good idea; typically this ranges from 15%-20% of charter price. Furthermore, guests are responsible for providing sleeping accommodation and food to their skipper – thus it’s wise to book private charter with skipper as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!


A skipper will take care of everything on board so you can sit back and enjoy your sailing trip without worry or stress. They are also adept at tailoring their itinerary according to the individual interests of members in your group.

Price depends on your chosen boat type and season; factors which could impact it include size and duration. In addition, an Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) could cover additional expenses like fuel, dockage fees, communication charges and food and beverages.

Sailing away to your next destination along the stunning Croatian coastline. Explore idyllic beaches, historic medieval towns, and vibrant ports on your luxury yacht holiday with skipper. A 7 day Croatia yacht trip offers you a fantastic chance to see all that this unique region has to offer – fresh ocean air, Mediterranean pulse, crystal-blue Adriatic waters… You won’t want to miss it.


If you don’t possess a sailing license or your crew cannot navigate independently, hiring a skipper when renting a catamaran, sailboat or motor yacht in Croatia is mandatory – including high-end luxury charters and gulet yachts – therefore increasing demand for skippered yacht rentals.

At high season, hiring a skipper will cost between 150 and 300 euros per day, including food and accommodation onboard the boat. To cut costs further, renting your boat between May to June or September to October would be better.

By choosing this option, you can avoid crowds and enjoy more peace on your boat vacation. Even so, this beautiful country still provides ample opportunity for sailing adventures of varying degrees!

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