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Croatia Catamaran Rental With Skipper

Croatia catamaran rental with skippper

Croatia’s picturesque Adriatic coast boasts many charming harbors and marinas that invite exploration. These include Dubrovnik’s Old Town Harbor within its walls or Vrboska Harbor on Hvar; there are many spots for boaters and seafarers alike to moor up and spend some time ashore.

Croatia offers some of the best sailing conditions during its shoulder seasons: spring and fall. At these times, crowds tend to be smaller while landscapes bloom with colorful blooms or golden hues – perfect times for sailing trips!


Croatia offers something special for everyone – and renting a catamaran here with a skipper only adds to this experience. Dock at beautiful beaches, explore ancient ruins, hike to hidden coves, partake in water sports activities and much more – there’s sure to be something here that appeals to everyone.

The warm Mediterranean waters make an excellent setting for sailing, with numerous coves and harbors providing ample places to dock a catamaran charter. Dubrovnik Old Town Harbor stands out as a particularly convenient location set within its historical fortifications with plenty of restaurants and bars nearby when docking your vessel.

Catamarans are well-known for their stability, making them an excellent option for beginners or those prone to seasickness. Plus, with more space onboard for relaxing and unwinding than sailing or powerboat rentals can offer in Croatia. Plus they’re more affordable!


Croatia is blessed with beautiful harbors and marinas that make an ideal setting for docking your catamaran yacht. Anchor in an isolated bay for an authentic sailing experience while discovering charming fishing villages, medieval towns, and taking part in this Mediterranean country’s rich cultural legacy.

At embarkation and throughout your charter, a skipper will ensure your safety and the boat’s condition are being attended to. He or she can also advise you on which islands, taverns and restaurants you should visit as well as help create an exciting sailing route plan.

Explore Europe’s sunniest coast and take in Croatia’s intriguing mix of history, culture and gastronomy – whether sailing during its bustling summer season or its more tranquil shoulder seasons; you are certain to leave Croatia with memories that will stay with you for life!


A catamaran is an ideal way to explore Croatia’s Adriatic coast. Home to over 1000 picturesque islands and boasting an expansive coastline, Croatia provides ample opportunity for yacht charter. Additionally, this area is known for its rich cultural heritage that spans across both Balkans and Central Europe.

Catamarans provide a comfortable way of exploring Croatia’s coastal towns thanks to their spacious layouts and ease of docking in smaller marinas; however, due to their larger size it can sometimes be challenging. Don’t worry though as your skipper will take care in making overnight arrangements!

Bareboat charters give you the freedom to discover Croatia’s beautiful beaches and snorkel in places such as Vis’s Blue Cave Sea Cave or Bol’s Zlatni Rat Beach – but if you lack the necessary certification for sailing bareboat, catamaran rental with skipper may be safer and more enjoyable option.

Local Knowledge

Croatia, known for its beautiful islands and Adriatic coast, is an attractive yacht charter destination. As one of Europe’s Mediterranean nations, Croatia boasts a vast cultural legacy stretching across both Balkans and Central Europe regions.

Renting a catamaran with a skipper provides peace of mind that an experienced professional is at the helm, taking care of navigation and safety so that you can simply enjoy exploring Croatia at leisure.

Your skipper will also have extensive knowledge of local attractions and can suggest the ideal places for you to visit based on your individual preferences. From exploring Dubrovnik’s old town to viewing where Game of Thrones was shot, your skipper is an invaluable source of advice and recommendations.

Your skipper can also help arrange excursions, activities and dining experiences within Croatia. They will recommend the best routes and ensure that your catamaran charter in Croatia will be an enjoyable and memorable experience. Don’t forget to tip them if they go above and beyond in making your journey an amazing journey.

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