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Croatia Catamaran Rental With Skipper

Croatia catamaran rental with skippper

Croatia offers an idyllic Mediterranean climate, idyllic islands and captivating history – making it the ideal location for catamaran charter. There’s something here for everyone, from ancient ruins to breathtaking natural landscapes; so take advantage of this experience and start sailing today!

Spend a day relaxing at Zlatni Rat or discovering Trogir’s captivating medieval architecture; an experienced skipper can assist with navigation of these incredible destinations to maximize the potential of your Croatia catamaran rental.


Sailing catamarans offer an ideal way to explore Croatia’s breathtaking coastline. These spacious multihulls can comfortably fit up to ten people and boast shallow drafts for accessing beaches or less-populated coasts.

Croatia offers some of the lowest costs associated with yacht chartering in Europe. As more charter companies set sail here, multihulls are now within reach for most budgets compared to other yachting destinations, giving you access to stunning culture and history without breaking your budget.

Charter Catamaran Croatia experts possess extensive local knowledge and contacts that enable them to negotiate discounts and offers for customers – saving you money on catamaran rental with skipper. Furthermore, their experts will plan everything efficiently so you can have an unforgettable vacation experience.


Those new to sailing or feeling uncertain of their boating abilities should hire a skipper as an extra level of safety and to assist in all navigational aspects of cruising, including identifying idyllic anchorages that evade tourist crowds. Catamarans feature multiple watertight compartments which may help ensure even if one part punctures, it remains safe.

Croatia’s picturesque seaside towns and lush islands make an idyllic travel destination, featuring Roman and Venetian relics while providing gourmet delights such as fresh seafood grilled to perfection and wines to delight any palette.

Charter Catamaran Croatia has contacts on every island and marina, and will obtain attractive discounts and offers at various restaurants and party spots to save you money during your vacation. Furthermore, our experts will assist in purchasing all food and beverage items beforehand in order to further lower your budget.


Croatia is an ideal location for catamaran charters. Boasting an idyllic Mediterranean coastline dotted with over 1,000 islands, Croatia makes for the ideal sailing expedition experience. Rent a yacht charter and discover hidden coves while sailing between islands!

Catamarans are increasingly popular choices for yacht chartering due to their increased stability. Furthermore, these vessels feature spacious cabins and water tanks ideal for families or larger groups as well as built-in generators or solar panels to provide independence from shore power.

Your rental of a catamaran in Croatia can either come with or without a skipper, depending on your needs and budget. Experienced sailors may wish to rent without one to save money; for beginners or those wanting an enjoyable sailing experience however, hiring one may be ideal. Prices for skippered catamaran rentals will depend upon factors like type and size of boat; location; duration; as well as other considerations such as type/size/price of skippered rentals can differ widely based on these variables.


Croatia offers stunning coastlines dotted with islands and white-sand beaches that provide the ideal setting to rent a catamaran for your next yacht vacation. With multiple starting bases to choose from, you are sure to find a boat suitable for both your needs and budget.

Catamarans offer the perfect option for families and groups of friends looking to explore Croatia. More spacious than monohull sailing boats, catamarans provide unparalleled levels of comfort. Additionally, their faster sail speeds make overnight destinations accessible faster.

Charter Catamaran Croatia provides you with an array of itineraries for your catamaran cruise, from UNESCO-listed sights to lush forests and picturesque coasts of Croatia. Their expert team can assist in planning the perfect itinerary, suggesting restaurants or party locations as needed, short-term rentals, week-long cruises or month-long excursions, with food and beverage services purchased prior to embarking.

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